So Dems, what’s your coronavirus plan?

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health Anthony Fauci, left, and White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx, attend President Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force briefing in the Brady press briefing room of the White House, Wednesday, March 4, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

In America today, nothing is exempt from politicization by the Left. The coronavirus is the latest example. Because fear of this new virus is sharply impacting the markets, Democrats see in the coronavirus a get-out-of-jail-free card as it pertains to the robust Trump economy. A strong economy is the best reelection insurance an incumbent can have, and Democrats know it.

So, they’re playing the coronavirus card for all it’s worth. And they’re doing it using their tired, shopworn playbook with help from the media.

By executive order, President Trump declared a moratorium on the issuance of U.S. entry visas to non-U.S. citizens who have been in China in the 14 days preceding their proposed entry into the United States.

With the predictability of the rain in Spain, Democrats and lefty talking heads cried racist. Joe Biden piped up:

This is no time for Donald Trump’s record of hysteria and xenophobia – hysterical xenophobia – and fearmongering to lead the way instead of science.”

But what about common sense, Joe? If you have a problem, and you know the source of that problem – in this case mainland China – doesn’t it make sense to limit your exposure to that source?

And who, besides Democrats like Joe Biden, says there’s no science behind the president’s order? Researchers at the University of Washington and Johns Hopkins University said in a statement,

Some of the evidence suggests that a travel ban may delay the arrival of an infectious disease by days or weeks.”

The statement goes on to say that in an interconnected world disease will eventually cross international borders. But delaying that crossing is nonetheless valuable. It provides time for public health officials and healthcare organizations to prepare. Do Democrats want coronavirus to begin sickening Americans more quickly?

The president appointed a coronavirus task force. MSNBC lost no time in questioning the task force members’ qualifications. CNN scolded the president for the task force’s “lack of diversity.”

One has to ask; before they reflexively offered criticism, did they bother to see who’s actually on the task force? Did they not look up Anthony Fauci, MD, a veteran of 35 years studying infectious disease? Do they not know that Robert Redfield, MD, the current head of the Centers for Disease Control, has more than 30 years’ experience with HIV/AIDS, another viral disease?

Did they miss the fact that Surgeon General Jerome Adams, MD also holds a master’s degree in public health? Oh, and did they not notice that he’s black?

And if Dems and the media do, in fact, know all these things and are remaining critical anyway, is it impolite to ask them what better ideas they have and what better people they have waiting in the wings?

If they were asked, they’d almost certainly duck the question. That’s because the Dems and the media don’t really care how the coronavirus is dealt with or that it’s even dealt with at all – so long as its very existence offers the possibility of damaging Donald Trump.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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11 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    I fear the democravirus, which is easily spread by democrats, more than I fear the Coronavirus. Coronavirus will eventually be held at bay by a U.S., non-socialized, health system.
    Democravirus????? You can’t cure stupid!!

  2. This whole virus thing has been blown way out of proportion. Just the other night the president told Sean Hannity his hunch is that CDC and WHO data is wrong; and people — some of whom keep going to work — just get better.

  3. Michael Reagan says:

    I think Sean Hannity said, “If President Trump found a cure for cancer the democrats would find something wrong with it.” That pretty much sums up their entire intensions on any subject or national concern for America. Helping the American people is completely out of the question! The fanatical obsessive insanity of simply defeating Trump is paramount above all things American. That and that alone is the stated answer to everything. Time for America to open their collective eyes and see this for what it is and vote accordingly. Out of curiosity, where will that 8 billion dollars be spent and on what? Will it all be used toward the coronavirus? Forgive me if I do not trust these politicians with my money; even in light of a national disaster.

  4. Ron Eagleman says:

    The establishment media, along with their subsidiary, the Democrat party, have devolved into a horde of yapping dogs. They make no sense, but maybe, just maybe, the Coronavirus virus will accomplish what this coalition of germs has not been able to sell. You would think that “lunch bucket” Joe would accidentally get something right, but no, his comment about Trump’s travel ban, that is cited in Paul’s opinion piece, maintains his perfect record of idiotic buffoonery! If this country were not so polarized, neither of these two remaining male Democratic candidates would win even one district in one state. Unfortunately, our existing demographics will make the general election close; this is not the time to dismiss these clowns!

  5. It’s just another hoax!
    Like Impeachment.
    “It’s going to disappear one day. It’s like a miracle – it will disappear.”

    Shake hands!
    Go on a cruise!

    Don’t fear movie theaters! (Though the new Bond flick will NOT open as planned Easter weekend. 007’s debut is rescheduled for November, as theaters in several countries are closed. Sissies!)

    The Democrat’ Party is tanking the stock market to embarrass the president.
    Silver lining: Bargains are everywhere on NYSE.
    Load-up now.

    Silver lining: “I have to say, people are now staying in the United States, spending their money in the U.S. — and I like that. People are now staying in the United States, spending their money in the U.S., and I like that. I’ve been after that for a long time.”

  6. MORE silver lining…

    ‪Email from Priceline: “HUGE Flight Price Drop Alert. Thousands of routes from $45. Book now, travel later. Free cancellation.”‬

  7. UPDATE: After since-departed White House Chief of Staff scoffed at Coronavirus concerns at CPAC, Ted Cruz now self-quarantining following contact with infected people at CPAC.

  8. C M Solomon says:

    Do I detect a note of glee and celebration that this virus may take down Trump and his supporters in order to illustrate that the Democrats have a better idea without having to stipulate it! Paul, your challenge for the Leftist trolls and the “hate America first” crowd (Democrats turned full Marxist) to reveal their SOLUTION remains NOT answered. Cursing the darkness (as they define it) seems to satisfy their thirst for revenge against Trump and all of us who LOVE America and honor its rich heritage of Freedom and Liberty FROM the forces of (Democrat) tyranny that would otherwise make us their subjects (serfs) to be guided by their infinite wisdom. Shall we use Cuba and their excellent education and free health-care system as the Democrat model?

  9. Ron Eagleman says:

    It takes a real germ to celebrate a viral tragedy in hopes of doing what the other despicable attempts could not accomplish……..overturn a presidency. Yep, maybe the stock market loss will also be a valuable plank in the dem platform; hooray for anything that hurts Americans!! Maybe with damage to the travel industry there will be some deals to Venezuela or Cuba…… way!

  10. Paul is hitting-a-home run this week, filling-in on-air on 660AM in Dallas

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