The media avoids the biggest political story of a generation.


Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe (AP photo)

A really big tree fell in the forest this week. But the legacy media is working overtime to make sure that no sound is detected.

Here’s the story. John Ratcliffe, the Director of National Intelligence, released about a thousand pages of documents, many of which had been previously classified.

John Ratcliffe oversees the country’s 16 intelligence agencies – including the CIA. He’s held the job since May 26 of this year. Prior to being appointed DNI by President Trump, he was a Member of Congress from Texas’s 4th District, which at one time encompassed Tyler.

In a country with a normally functioning press, Ratcliffe’s doc dump would be, as President Trump would describe it, yuuuuge. It confirms beyond doubt that Hillary Clinton, with help from the highest levels of the FBI and the Obama administration, cooked up a plan to falsely tie candidate Donald Trump to Russian hackers during the 2016 presidential election. The goal was to deflect attention from Mrs. Clinton’s email scandal.

From that plot sprang the Russia collusion narrative and the Mueller investigation that roiled the country for nearly three years.

Among the thousand-odd pages that Ratcliffe released are the handwritten notes of then CIA director John Brennan. Brennan made those notes following a briefing on the scheme that he gave to President Obama in July 2016.

Ratcliffe’s documents further reveal that Brennan referred the matter for investigation to then FBI director James Comey and Comey’s lieutenant Peter Strzok. The documents are moderately redacted and it takes some concentration to follow the names, dates and events. But I’ll spare you the trouble.

All you need to know is that everyone — from Brennan to Comey to Strzok to Obama and, without a doubt, Joe Biden – knew from the jump that the entire “Russia collusion” narrative was a complete crock.

They also knew from the very start that the “intelligence” that was being used as the basis for obtaining FISA court warrants to surveil the Trump campaign was also a crock.

And yet they inflicted it upon Donald Trump – and the country — anyway. They did so in order to prevent Trump’s election and, failing to do so, to invalidate that election.

In more humid parts of the world they call it a coup.

It’s arguably the biggest political scandal in our history. But most of the country has heard little about it. Many millions of people listen to Rush Limbaugh on the radio and watch Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham on the Fox News Channel. But many millions more Americans don’t. They still get their news from legacy sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, et. al. And those outlets are actively avoiding the story – even though it’s perhaps the biggest political story of this generation.

Last month, columnist Conrad Black wrote,

…the national political media is so rabidly hostile to President Trump that they have spontaneously assumed the conduct of the Democratic campaign themselves.”

Yes they have. And it’s a national disgrace.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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33 Responses

  1. C M Solomon says:

    The Democrat Party has fully embraced Marxism (Communism) and has adopted a totalitarian attitude to smash ANY opposition to their “holy” mission to eradicate the Constitution (and all of its God-given freedoms that are enshrined within) in order to turn this country into one party rule as any third-world dictatorship would be proud.

    They have assumed this arrogance of megalomania and ruthlessness simply because they have OWNED over 90% of the media and press in this country for the last decade, at least. Hence, they believe that they can sell any LIE and mislead (brainwash) the supple public with impunity. Suppression of the Voices of Truth (from the courageous freedom fighters that still try to proclaim it at their own personal risk), are the targets of the Marxist saboteurs that will destroy anyone in their path. We have Obama to thank for the beginning of HIS transformation of this country AWAY from the Constitution into HIS vision of total domination of “collective hegemony”. It is the virulent relics of his administration that have hidden themselves into all of government to carry out this diabolical plan.

    Trump’s victory over their alien poster-creature (Hillary) has simply forced them into the OPEN where their treasonous deeds have come to light. Trump was not supposed to win! Now the nation must decide if Tyranny or Liberty is its future for generations to come. Trump’s victory in the next election will give us a brief reprieve from this debauchery; otherwise, we plunge into a future of sick darkness where the value of human life becomes a commodity for the benefit of the new ruling class of Marxist tyrants.

  2. Ron Eagleman says:

    The legacy media have intentionally avoided the story of a generation, and arguably for the century! My only question, which really confounds me, Why the heck did it take so long to appoint a Director of National Intelligence who has the onions to declassify these documents. Many thanks to Ric Grenell and John Ratcliffe for exposing this attempted coup, but this should have been done much earlier by Dan Coats or the president. If this very incriminating info had been made public before the 2018 elections, we probably would not be dealing with an idiot as speaker of the house. Please someone, “splain” this to me.

    • vix liddell says:

      it took so long because this is fake news. Funny how all these news items are coming to light 3 week before an election huh? fact check it people. Lies! all lies.

  3. As the USA pandemic death toll approaches a quarter-million, this particular story is the biggest of a generation?

    • Paul Gleiser says:

      The headline as originally posted would have been well served to have included the adjective, “political.”

      With your criticism duly noted, that error has been corrected.

  4. Buddy Saunders says:

    I need not repeat what Mr. Solomon has said. He hits the nail on the head and so does Mr. Eagleman–and Paul as well. That leaves Holland Cooke, our de facto court jester. While Mr. Cooke and his brethren, in their eager embrace of socialism, and yearning for the Communism that follows, disingenuous suggest Covid is the bigger story, conservatives should not swallow such an absurdity. Covid will pass as do all natural disasters. But Communism, the madman-made disaster, has killed many millions more, vastly more than Covid ever will. Once installed by the left (with media connivance), the slide from socialism into full throttle Communism will come quickly and be irreversible.

    Thus, for those of us who cherish the constitutional republic we have, and prefer not to trade it for a Communist dictatorship, the exposure of the Democrat Party’s effort to destroy the man who beat them at the polls, now fully revealed and unarguable, and going right up the chain to Obama and Biden, effortless liars all, IS the most important story–possibly the story of the century– at least to those of us who cherish freedom and democracy.

    • Roy G. Biv says:

      Speaking of socialism, the records show that your company (Lone Star Comics) received a PPP loan of at least $350,000. Have you paid that loan back yet, and if not, when do you plan to do so?

  5. Ron Eagleman says:

    Granted, the pandemic is a huge story. However, I must agree with Buddy, the implications of using government law enforcement and intelligence resources to influence the election, and then to attempt to overturn the results are much more significant. If the investigation is allowed to be completed, we may also find that the sitting president during this coup attempt was an active participant, which will make it an even bigger story. Who knows, the biggest story of the generation may yet to be told. Stay tuned.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      We haven’t needed the loan thus far, but do plan to return it once we are sure we won’t need it. If government imposes another shutdown, our employees will certainly need it, With that in mind, we’ll for sure hold on to the loan until we see President Trump into his second term. To quote the elder President Bush, “It is the prudent thing to do.”

      Just so you’ll know. When Gov. Abbott first shut down the Texas economy, we were ordered to be closed for all of April. On the Governor’s order, we furloughed all our employees for April, but with 75% pay and 100% health care paid by our company. However, I wrote a letter to Gov. Abbott (as I’m sure many other businesses did), suggesting that I was sure he wanted as many businesses open as possible, issuing paycheck and thus keeping unemployment down. I also sent my letter to Michael Quinn Sullivan’s Empower Texans. They ran it as an open letter to the Governor. Three days later, Gov. Abbott sent out a new directive listing additional businesses that could remain in operation, including mail order business, such as ours, that were not open to the public.

      Unfortunately, we were already shut down and restarting business operations doesn’t happen with the snap of a finger as anti-business liberals think. Two weeks lapsed before we could get enough people back to work and reopen. Even then, we were shorthanded, and weren’t fully operational until May 1st. For the two weeks that we were closed, we lost sales well beyond the loan amount.

      Lone Star Comics, with 115 employees, has now gone almost seven months with no employee coming down with Covid and in those seven months we’ve kept 115 employees from having to draw tax dollars from the unemployment office. I hope that records of healthfulness and tax savings stands until later in this year when Trump’s leadership brings us the first of many vaccines. In the meantime, everyone at LSC understand that their paycheck depends on every one of us following the proper procedures and we do.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        When I was in elementary school, I remember that Roy G. Biv was taught as an acronym to help remember the sequence of colors in a rainbow; isn’t it interesting that a parent would choose such an anacronym to name a child? Regardless, I would be surprised if the actions of Buddy in protecting his company and employees would be understood, unless one has actually had to make such difficult decisions. I have no idea what Roy does for a living, possibly the CEO of a giant corporation? But from the tone of his post, it would appear that there is little understanding of the risks and responsibilities of being an owner of a business. In this very difficult time for private enterprise to survive, I especially admire those who are actually in the game, as opposed to those who are “riding the pine” (sitting on the bench).

        • Buddy Saunders says:

          Thank you Ron. There is a lot more to my story that I’ll not bore you with. Suffice it to say I’ve not lost a minute’s sleep worrying about Covid, Your generation and mine learned from our parents, part of the great generation, to face things as they come and make the most of it. We do not whine.

          But what government is doing to our economy and the long term effects to follow, now that DOES worry me a lot. Businesses supply the nation the vast array of goods and services we’ve come to count on. Killing businss so they never come back is not smart. Businesses even in the best of times are often at risk, but government, far more than any virus, is making the future far riskier than it has ever been in the past.

          I’m at a point in life (after working 60-hour-weeks for decades) where I can afford $10-a-roll toilet paper, but most people (including my employees) can’t manage nearly as well under that kind of inflation. But that’s what we’ll get if the socialists win in November and remake the U.S. into the next Venezuela.

          Never has the conservative vote mattered more than now.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Ron, There is not doubt in my mind that Obama orchestrated the attack on the incoming president, an attack that continues to this day. The Democrat leadership hasn’t simply become a weird curiosity, they are downright dangerous to the Republic.

      • Roy says:

        I’m most definitely not the CEO of any corporation. I’m just a lowly computer engineer. At no time have I ever questioned Mr. Saunders’ business acumen. I’m mostly concerned that Mr. Saunders feels as though he has the right to take my money and use it for purposes that benefit me in no way. And I will concede that Mr. Saunders has every right to feel that way. But let’s go ahead and call it for what it is. Socialism.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          So, let me see now…..when government makes available funding to help businessmen like Buddy and others to retain employees and KEEP their business, this is Socialism? I always thought that Socialism is the form of government that takes control, and ELIMINATES private enterprise. If the CARES ACT/PPP is Socialism, it just seems that helping private ownership to KEEP their business is counterproductive. Am I missing something? Help me out here.

          • Roy says:

            You are correct, the proper term is “welfare state” for this topic. In reality though most people equate the two. Even though “free college” doesn’t meet the classical definition of socialism (the nationalization of the production of goods and services), most people would classify it as such. Even Paul agreed in his article “Leftists and their delusions” from August 9, 2018. Putting our dictionaries aside though, the scariest part of socialism is that it always seems like a good idea when you are on the winning side. Since it appears I am outnumbered on this topic, I guess I’ll go have a beer and fondly remember the days when fiscal conservatism was in vogue.

        • I think you’re being a little tough on Buddy.
          Any boss who’s ever had to meet a payroll can identify.
          And his explanation is detailed and transparent.

          And it’s not entirely true that relief payments to others benefit-you-in-no-way. Those salary dollars bounce multiple times on Main Street USA, fueling the local economy, and helping other struggling businesses keep the lights on.

          Arm-wrestling over the term “Socialism” in this time of crisis helps nobody. We should all wish Buddy and his staff well.

  6. “Let freedom ring!”

    And “Second Amendment remedies!”

  7. Richard Anderson says:

    Happy Columbus Day! A part of U.S. tradition since it was first celebrated in 1792 on the 300th year anniversary of the discovery of America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus. This day October 12th and all the other historical days we celebrate are bound up in America as Founded 1776.. The United States of America all citizens of goodwill know and love.

    Martin Luther King Day, Lincoln’s Birthday, Washington’s Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day and others are all an inseparable part of AMERICA. But are under attack by the radical Marxists leftists Democrats* *i.e. Biden/Harris and their fellow Dems.

    The only way to stop this is to bring the crooked cabal you note in your above news piece to JUSTICE and then continue with voting all Democrats OUT and voting all Republicans/Trump IN to finish the job of rooting out this corruption.

    Long live our Blessed Constitutional Republic, One Nation under God

  8. C M Solomon says:

    I’m confused. The cry for: “Let freedom ring!” And “Second Amendment remedies!” from the LEFT seems to be targeted to so-called, “Red-Neck” Conservatives as a racist, sarcastic, condescending taunt.

    Aren’t the BLM and Antifa rioters simply exercising their 2nd Amendment rights as originally encouraged by Obama when he said the following? “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun” “Get in Their Faces!” “I don’t want to quell anger. I think people are right to be angry! I’m angry!”

    I think the LEFT is using their deceptive “deflection game” again by falsely condemning (taunting) the Conservatives (in advance) by covering up what they are already doing by self-justification as well as by subterfuge.

    Where is the condemnation of the BLM and Antifa rioters by those who pretend to be our “conscience?” By distorting the Constitution (in order to destroy the Constitution) is evidence of the Marxist “faith” that assumes the American people are stupid and can be fooled!

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      All very true.

    • “Redneck:” YOUR words not mine.

      The Second Amendment — like the First — enshrines rights we ALL enjoy. So don’t squawk when black people are as-heavily-armed as those Michigan nutjobs.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Maybe you have not been observing what is going on in Chicago and many other cities. Methinks the Blacks have something that is propelling all those bullets that are causing many, many people to assume room temperature. Could it be guns? Just guessing.

  9. C M Solomon says:

    Do the deflective, deceptive, diabolical LEFT actually believe that the BLM and Antifa movements are using justifiable actions while exercising their First and Second Amendment Rights while they inflict billions of dollars of cost to our country with their “peaceful protest” versions of mayhem, death and public-private property destruction? I thought “Law and Order” was fundamental to peaceful life in a Constitutional Republic based on INDIVIDUAL, GOD–GIVEN, FREEDOM and LIBERTY, regardless of political persuasion.

    Again I ask, “Where is the condemnation of the BLM and Antifa rioters by those who pretend to be our “conscience?” Where is the condemnation of corruption in the haughty halls of the guardians of “Law and Order” in our government that concocted the subject of Paul’s topic: “In more humid parts of the world they call it a coup. It’s arguably the biggest political scandal in our history.”

    I think the obvious is clear; I rest my case.

    • RE “Where is the condemnation…?”

      You’ve not heard the condemnation because you’re not listening.
      You dismiss what-Biden-has-said on the matter without having heard it.

      It may be rhetorically convenient to parrot the narrative equating peaceful protestors with the out-of-towners who seize-upon sad situations — rolling-in those U-Haul trucks fulla mayhem, and rolling-them-out fulla looted goods. But it’s ignorant.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Whatever you do, do not believe your lying eyes! I do not remember Biden, Harris, or anyone in the Democratic convention condemning Antifa or Black Lives Matter. Even though he may be a little cognitive deficient, Biden has been warned not to anger those “peaceful protestors”!

      • Richard Anderson says:

        Read the article Mr. Cooke. But something is glaringly amiss. The wrong word keeps being used by Biden/Harris leftist Democrats and their sycophants in the MSM.

        Over and over these destructive lawless activities over the last several months are referred to as protests. They were not!! They were wanton violent RIOTS by RIOTERS of the Marxist fascist communist BLM/Antifa groups, who don’t give a flying hoot about black people or justice or America!

        These individuals are about one thing and one thing only: the OVERTHROW of The United States of American as founded in 1776* *i.e.this means President Trump as he, along with Republican men & women, and everyday Americans of goodwill, are the only thing standing in the their (the radical leftist Dems) way.

        In closing, it’s about a choice of good or evil. The good choice is Donald J. Trump.

        God Bless The United States of America.

          • Richard Anderson says:

            Yes Americans needs to be better armed.. with accurate news and information with integrity from the Fourth Estate. But for some reason either on purpose, or apathy, many if not a majority in “the Press” as Mr. Gleiser has pointed out by this piece are negligent and our citizens, our country are the poorer for it. In short, it has placed our nation in unnecessary peril.

      • Michael Reagan says:

        Your posted article is nothing more than pandering. Just because Biden was dipping in the poles he changes stripes quickly to say he is now against what he was for? I learned very long ago: “Silence is consent”. Both he and Kamala are silent the vast majority of the time on all the violence in our country.

        But how about getting back to the original topic of the Obama administration being busted for their coup efforts? Where is the media outrage at this incredibly treasonous exercise over the last 4 years?

  10. “Where’s the media outrage?”
    Have y’all abandoned Fox News?
    And Newsmax?
    And wherever O’Reilly landed?
    Shep’ is now ROCKING 6P CT on CNBC.
    Simply choose the channel that affirms you!

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