The media avoids yet another big story.

FILE – This Dec. 4, 2013, file photo shows U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, left, arriving on Air Force Two in Beijing, China, with his son Hunter Biden, right, and his granddaughter Finnegan Biden. As the Vice President travels to Ukraine Saturday, June 7, 2014, his youngest son, Hunter, 44, has been hired by a private Ukrainian company that promotes energy independence from Russia, but is commercially active in the breakaway Russian-backed state of Crimea and owned by a former government minister with ties to Ukraine’s ousted pro-Russian president. (AP Photo/Ng Han Guan, Pool)

The New York Post published a story Wednesday saying that according to emails found on a laptop computer that Hunter Biden took to be repaired and then never picked up, Hunter sold access in 2014 to his dad, Joe Biden, who at the time was Vice President Biden.

The customer was a Ukrainian businessman and advisor to the board of directors of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. If the name Burisma rings a bell, it’s because it’s the same company that paid Hunter Biden $50,000 a month to be on its board – even though Hunter has exactly zero expertise in the energy industry.

When asked about this in September 2019 by a Fox News reporter, Joe Biden said:

I’ve never spoken with my son about his overseas business dealings’

He then rather angrily tried to turn the question back on Donald Trump:

I know Trump deserves to be investigated. He is violating every basic norm of a president. You should be asking him the question. Why is he on the phone with a foreign leader? Trying to intimidate a foreign leader?”


Assuming that the emails found on what is believed to be Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop are legitimate – and it’s rather easy to validate them – Biden’s denial is pure hogwash. Biden could not have not known that Hunter was making big bucks selling access to his dad’s vice-presidential office.

There are similar allegations, backed by similar evidence, that much the same that was going on with the Biden family in connection to Ukraine was also going on in connection to China.

It’s corruption of staggering magnitude at the very highest levels. As Joe himself once said, “This is a big effin’ deal.”

But there’s a story wrapped inside this story and it, too, is a big effin’ deal. Two weeks before a hotly contested election, the legacy media and social media – the two having joined forces to become the Ministry of Truth for the Democratic Party – are contorting themselves to quash all of this.

At this writing, not a word of the Hunter Biden email story has been spoken on any of the Big Three legacy networks. Not a molecule of ink has been expended in the New York Times or the Washington Post. If you don’t watch Fox News or listen to KTBB, you know nothing of this story.

But worse, Facebook and Twitter are actively blocking any sharing of the New York Post article that broke the story. That includes the Twitter account of White House press secretary Kayleigh MacEnany. When she tried to Tweet the Post’s story, she got a message saying that she is permanently banned from the platform.

Do me a favor and close your eyes for a minute. Close them tight and clear your mind. Then, try to imagine what would be happening in the media – picture the media’s white-hot incandescence that would be detectable by instruments on Mars – if the shoe were on the other political foot.

Just imagine.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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38 Responses

  1. Brenda B says:

    media’s white-hot incandescence … an understatement.

  2. “AND NOW,” what the late, great Paul Harvey used to call “The REST of the story…” from the voice we heard filling in for him many times on KTBB, Gil Gross:

    “First of all, no one cares, anymore than they did about Billy Carter and Libya or Nixon’s brothers getting cash for themselves from what Bebe Rebozzo claimed was a ‘campaign contribution.’ These things just don’t move the political needle.

    That said, the Post story, written by a former Sean Hannity producer, is pretty hilarious as ‘journalism.’

    Supposedly, a guy walks into a computer repair shop in Wilmington with a laptop that has a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it, drops it off, and never comes back for it. So, of course, the computer repair guy does what anyone would do in such a case, which is call the FBI.

    The Post protects this ‘source’ by not publishing his name, but accompanies the story with pictures of Trolley Square, so in 5 minutes, every reporter on the planet figures out it is The Mac Shop, the owner of which admits it was him.

    He, amazingly, turns out to be a hard core Trump supporter given to believing things like the wholly discredited Seth Rich story, a story also in an amazing coincidence pushed mainly by the former boss of said reporter (a reporter who has done exactly 3 stories since joining the Post, all of which are about Hunter Biden and Ukraine. That’s some specialty desk for a NY tabloid).

    The store owner tells a bewildering array of conflicting stories of whether he called the FBI or the FBI called him. He tells 3 conflicting stories to the reporter from The Daily Beast alone.

    He says he tried to call the person who brought the computer in and could not make contact, which make a no sense, especially if he thought it was a Biden, because finding a Biden family member in Delaware is like finding a Smith in a Motel 6 guest register, which is to say, pretty damn easy.

    The story itself is so full of lies and inaccuracies that it could have only been edited by an out of work department store mannikin.

    The store owner also claims before giving the computer to the FBI, he copied the hard drive and gave it to Rudy Giuliani’s lawyer, because, of course he did.

    Among the utter nonsense in the Post story is that Joe Biden was trying to get Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin fired because he was investigating Burisma, the energy firm Hunter Biden represented.
    In fact, it was exactly the opposite. Then Veep Biden, along with every other Western leader giving aide to Ukraine, wanted Shokin fired because he refused to investigate Burisma or any other alleged corruption in the country.

    The story also claims Hunter Biden introduced his dad to a Burisma official. The claim, easily checked because all such meetings are a matter of public record, has zero evidence, nor is there any in the story.

    As for Giuliani, he has continued to be an associate of Russian intelligence agent Andriy Derkach (I didn’t deem him that. The U.S. Treasury Department did) so you can guess where this is all coming from.

    At one point when the computer store owner, John Mac Paul Isaac, referred to Rudy Giuliani as his ”
    ‘lifeguard,’ a reporter asked Isaac about his personal relationship with Giuliani and Isaac said ‘ah, shit’ realizing he had given the game away and, I suppose, realized he was metaphorically out of his depth.

    One could go on, but this cock and bull story is one of the most hilariously desperate and poorly pulled off I’ve ever seen.

    I wonder if Donald Segretti, still alive and as far as I know, well, is chuckling to himself and saying “amateurs.’”

    • Paul Gleiser says:

      AGAIN you miss the point of the piece.

      Given the EXACT same set of facts save for changing the name of Hunter Biden to Donald Trump, Jr., and the media would lead EVERY newscast with this story. (“The walls are closing in on the Trump campaign…,” “Another bombshell revelation in the Donald Trump, Jr. Burisma saga…”)

      And sure as hell Twitter would not be blocking re-tweets of the story.

      Donald Trump has been hounded by the leftist hyenas in the northeast media complex for four years over MUCH flimsier evidence.

      Pick the store owner apart all you wish. Assail the Post’s story all you wish. Dredge up Bebe Rebozzo and Billy Carter all you wish. None of it changes the fact that BEFORE the Post’s story on Wednesday, it was well-established that Hunter Biden had been paid millions of dollars by foreign actors for performing the service of being the son of the Vice President of the United States. That simple fact alone stinks to high heaven, all of your criticisms of this recent revelation in the NY Post notwithstanding.

      And nobody cares? Were you asleep in 2016? This episode is the very embodiment of the Beltway-insider, DC-elite self-dealing with which voters in the heartland were sufficiently disgusted so as to take a chance on a complete outsider like Donald Trump. This is the very kind of crap that made a Trump candidacy viable in the first place. You may not care. But middle class and working class Americans who went 20+ years without a raise while everyone in NY and DC media, midtown Manhattan, the Hamptons and Martha’s Vineyard all got rich care a whole lot.

      And back on the subject of the Post’s story; have YOU heard Hunter Biden or Joe Biden denounce this trove of emails as fake or fraudulent? Because I sure haven’t. Did YOU hear George Stepahanopoulos ask a question of Joe Biden that would have afforded him the opportunity to swat this story down last night? Because, again, I sure didn’t.

      • Richard Anderson says:

        Great piece Mr. Gleiser. You sir are spot-on and over the target with your analysis.

        The NY Post is no insignificant newspaper having been established by Alexander Hamilton of Founding Father historical fame. It should be noted that not only is Biden’s integrity in serious question, he has very dangerous policy views to boot, and even more troubling is the evident mental incapacity of Mr. Biden to run anything let alone the most complex nation on earth.

      • I’m missing the point?
        Paul: YOU know better.
        And you know Gil.

        Pandering to the resentment of the aggrieved — and leveraging that attention to advertisers’ benefit — is a thriving industry.

        Where there’s a buck to be made, my capitalism remains amoral. Every time I hear my doctor snap-on that rubber glove I’m reminded that we’ve all made our career choices.

        But fake news is fake news, And, if only for an hour on Sunday mornings, remember that, ultimately, He will judge each of us on our truth-to-lies ratio.

        And, as Gil might, I reckon that few here may be old enough to know “Segretti.”

        • Paul Gleiser says:

          So you’re saying that the media WOULDN’T have taken off and run as hard as they could with the story if the principal name were changed from Hunter Biden to Donald Trump, Jr?

          And you’re saying that Twitter would then block anyone tweeting the story containing Donald Trump, Jr’s name the way that Twitter blocked those tweeting the story containing Hunter Biden’s name? You’re saying they would have been equally fastidious if the story was potentially damaging to the Trump campaign as it is currently potentially damaging to the Biden campaign?

          Is that what you’re saying?

          You may believe that, even though you avoid saying so one way or another in your comments (leading to my assertion that you missed the point of my piece).

          But I sure as hell don’t believe it. Not for one second.

        • Paul Gleiser says:

          If it’s such a bogus story, why would Joe Biden answer a question about it the way he does here?

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Tip for Mr. English teacher: “verbosity is not the mother of reality or credibility”. Now for a brief rebuttal: #1) The laptop has been positively identified as belonging to Mr. Hunter Biden. #2) There are incriminating explicit photos of Mr. Hunter Biden documented on the hard drive. #3) Wouldn’t you think the Biden forces would be jumping up and down refuting the authenticity of the laptop and the information contained if they thought it could be discredited? Finally, #4) Never make such a verbose defense of the indefensible; when all the evidence is in, it could make you look like a partisan hack, or worse…..gullible. If future evidence proves my rebuttal wrong, I will apologize. Will you do the same?

      • “Verbosity?”

        Compare my word count to others’ here.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          You win the word count! However, I was humbly referring to your exhaustive and vacuous reply to Paul’s essay. Tip: try less wording and more common sense. Where is the red pencil when you need it? By the way, would you like to modify your declaration that any suggestion that the laptop was owned by Mr. Hunter Biden is “cock and bull”?

      • Michael says:

        How do we know the laptop belonged to Hunter Biden? The owner of the repair shop admitted he couldn’t be certain Hunter was the person who dropped it off.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      You WILL CARE if this country does go Democrat. Watch what you ask for bleeding heart liberals. You just might get it at everyone’s peril.

  3. C M Solomon says:

    Paul, one cannot have a logical, legitimate discussion (debate) with a Marxist Media Sock Puppet (a willing apologist for the Left). Please notice that there is NEVER ANY DIRECT CONDEMNATION of the ILLEGAL activity carried out by his Leftist team members, no matter the murder, mayhem, and property destruction that continues to wreak havoc in one-party Democrat ruled cities. These are Sanctuary cities that camouflage this behavior as “peaceful protests” while illegal activity goes unpunished. Hence, this betrays their acquiescence by default. We all know of the idiot journalist that reports on the “peaceful protest” while images of the burning city are visible over his shoulder.

    Again, as I have stated previously, the Marxist Media, as the voice of the Marxist Democrat Party, will always LIE to cover up any malfeasance of their members and they will expand (deflect) their LIE with boldness and impunity, knowing that there will NEVER be any accountability. We have just endured 4 years of this behavior and it will never stop. The formula is clear. Marxists never take ANY prisoners and until their activity is punished as Sedition and Treason AGAINST the Constitution (Supreme Law of the Land) by our Chief Law Enforcement Officer (President of the United States), this Tyranny (in waiting) will never cease.

    This “pay-to-play” political actively of Joe Biden by using his family members as (illegal) proxies is simply the extension of the Clinton and Obama traditions that the Marxist Media has continued to ignore and LIE about by using their legendary Deflection, Distortion, and Deception schemes that have proven to be so successful. What’s worse is that they have multi-billion dollar Social Media monopolies willing to scrub Free Speech (at will) on their billion user platforms, free of the constraints (liability) required by ordinary print publishers.

    The Left is ecstatic for the “kill” on the horizon. Billionaire sponsored ballot fraud and ballot harvesting along with suppression of Free Speech by Social Media is essentially an illegal “in-kind” political contribution of billions of dollars worth of support to the Marxist Democrat Party. I believe we are within 3 weeks of a possible completion of the coup d’état started by the Left four years ago in which we will become a One-Party Communist ruled country as the Left suppresses and destroys ANY opposition by ANY MEANS NECESSARY to carry out their mission. Goodbye to all of the Freedoms and Liberties that our magnificent country has fought and died for since 1776. Confiscation of guns, wealth, property, religion and conscience is sure to follow as we become the Medieval Slaves of the State as were our ancestors for thousands of years. God help us all; we need another Miracle!

  4. C M Solomon says:

    The best clue that a debate is not in good faith is when your opponent abandons logical reasoning and resorts to belittling you as a person, for example, accusing you of systemic racism or being a climate denier or being a religious right-wing Bible totin’ fanatic that can’t think for himself and also believes in absolutes such as the Ten Commandments.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Color me Deplorable! C.M. you are dead on. Last debate, Trump was asked something in the number of 42 questions by the contentious moderator compared to approximately 10 by the town folks who were supposed to be asking the questions in the first place!!!! The Fix is certainly in when that happens.

  5. WHY WAIT for Election Night?
    Sulk now.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Deplorables do not sulk. We prepare, pray, and trust in our Maker.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      If the Biden/Harris ticket is elected to the executive branch, and the legislature turns Democrat (God please forbid), there will be a whole lot of red AND blue voters sulking. After about 6 months into this administration, there will also be a whole lot of weeping going on, wondering what has happened to the economy and their retirement plans (401K, IRA, and other pension plans). However, I am sure that these self-hating progressives will still be blaming Trump, or maybe even Dubya. One thing for sure, they will never admit they elected a corrupt and inept swamp creature!

    • Richard Anderson says:

      I firmly believe that President Trump will be re-elected by “We The People” of The United States of America for many reasons. But perhaps the most important reason is illustrated by the person in the following link…

      • Michael Reagan says:

        Thank You Mr. Anderson for this powerful sermon. Does not matter if one is Catholic or not, this message should be shouted from the roof tops; everywhere.

        • Richard Anderson says:

          Your kind acknowledgement is appreciated Mr. Reagan.

          IMHO, Joe Biden is not only an affront to GOD, he is an affront to AMERICA as established by our Founders in 1776.
          Biden rejects…
          our national motto IN GOD WE TRUST
          our Declaration & Constitution, and,
          he rejects
          Capitalism and FREEDOM
          and “if” he were elected he will continue destructive lockdowns which are being touted by longtime democrat sycophant Dr. Fauci which are wreaking havoc in peoples lives, livelihoods, and our children’s schooling.

          Dr. Scott Atlas equally eminent OPPOSES lockdowns which are causing businesses to fail and tremendous economic damage across the U.S.A.. As well, The Great Barrington Declaration is OPPOSED to the wrongheaded lockdowns being touted Biden/Harris.

          Americans LOVE Freedom. And cannot, and will not tolerate being confined “just existing” cowed in fear — that’s not the America I know.

          Open things up! And we are and can by doing it safely as the President is doing. TRUMP is RIGHT!

          • PLEASE DO provide citations for: “Biden rejects our national motto IN GOD WE TRUST…our Declaration & Constitution…and,he rejects Capitalism and FREEDOM.”

            When this campaign is post-mortem’d, Trump-trashing-Dr. Fauci will easily be among the Top Ten blunders. Meantime, follow advice from that quack Atlas at your own risk. Hopefully YOU won’t end-up in the hospital like Trump did.

            As for that sermon, which was thoughtful-if-windy…

            Seven years as an altar boy taught me a skill that would come in handy later-in-life in Washington DC: yawning-with-your-mouth-closed.

            For those scoring at home, it took Father until 7:57 to say “abortion.” Admittedly-dated-reference: Like the duck dropping when Grouch hear “The Secret Woid,” that will always be the third rail.

            I was interrupted before I could hear all TWENTY FIVE minutes, but by the second time he spoke of “the sanctity of marriage,” I wondered which candidate he was touting.

          • Richard Anderson says:

            RE: In reply to Mr. Cooke.

            No man or woman can truly TRUST or hold GOD in awe, high esteem and love who is wantonly PRO ABORTION* *i.e. Biden / Harris. In case you do not know, pro abortion is de facto anti life. Not just bad, evil.

            All through our Founding documents, of all our RIGHTS as AMERICANS two are paramount… LIFE and LIBERTY. As Biden and his fellow democrats have made clear, “court packing” is something they are not opposed to. Such a position is diametrically opposed to what the Founders desired in three branches of government with checks and balances on the other. In short, to safeguard LIFE, LIBERTY, and FREEDOM of our citizens.
            It should be noted also, both Biden and Harris are vehemently opposed to the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to The Supreme Court. Why? Because she is an Originalist, meaning she will vigorously adhere to the true meaning of Constitution as written, not legislate from the bench. This does not suit their leftist low opinion and view of The U.S. Constitution.

            As for Dr. Scott Atlas, MD,.. he is a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University. And Special Assistant to The President of The United States. Dr. Atlas received his medical degree from The University of Chicago School of Medicine. He has been named by his peers, every year, one of “top doctors in America” should suffice to rebut your “opinion.”

            Lastly, in regards to “the sanctity of marriage” I understood this to be more fundamental.* *i.e. meaning marriage is one man and one woman. I share that view. The American people overwhelming share that view. And President Trump shares that view.
            Biden/Harris do not.

  6. “Truth be told, I am a pro-life, pro-Second Amendment, small-government, strong-defense and a national-anthem-standing conservative. But, I also believe that black lives matter, that the Dreamers deserve a path to citizenship, that diversity and inclusion are essential to our national success, that education is the great equalizer, that climate change is real and that the First Amendment is the cornerstone of our democracy. Most important, I believe that America must lead in the world with courage, conviction and a sense of honor and humility. I voted for Joe Biden.”

    – Retired Adm. William McRaven, the former commander of the U.S. Special Operations Command, is perhaps best known to Americans as the Navy SEAL who oversaw the 2011 raid that killed Osama bin Laden.
    Op-Ed in that lefty rag The Wall Street Journal

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Wow! A cherry-picked retired military officer who does not like Trump! There are many of these who do not like the idea that Trump is against never-ending pointless wars, and wants to bring some of our men and women back home while they still have arms and legs. The admiral made a very illogical vote to equalize education, as Biden is against school choice, which would allow inner city parents to equalize the opportunity for education for their children. Maybe we should listen to the brave SEAL who actually “neutralized” bin Laden, instead of the one who “oversaw” the operation. Please do not forget, the admiral’s vote went to the individual who was AGAINST the raid. None other than his candidate, Joe Biden.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          With all due respect, you make no sense. Please reply to the pretzel logic that the admiral thinks education is the “great equalizer”, yet he votes for someone who opposes school choice. You trumpet the fact that he “oversaw” an operation to kill bin Laden, yet the admiral voted for someone who opposed the operation….huh? I repeat, maybe you would be better served by citing Robert O’Neill, the brave Navy SEAL who risked his life to kill the terrorist. In my opinion, he has more credibility than an overseer, but you probably would not like his political views. P.S. it has no relevance, but I served as a Captain in the USAF.

          • Sure.
            That settles it.

          • Ron Eagleman says:

            O.K. Ron, you raise a couple of questions about the logic of Admiral McRaven’s vote for Joe Biden, but what about his support of the 2nd Amendment? Oh, I forgot, Biden wants to make Beto O’Rourke his “gun czar”, who said “hell yes, we are coming after your guns”! Oops! O.K., then Ron, how about the admiral’s pro-life position? Well, cut him some slack, it is possible that he did not realize that his candidate is firmly in the pocket of “Planned Parenthood” and the infanticide that it practices! Sorry, but this cowboy just doesn’t have the genius to unravel the logic of such a vote. Please ‘splain it to me.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Your citation of the admiral’s op-ed keeps getting better and better! Not only is this “well-considered” vote a contradiction to almost every policy he says he supports, one of his most important prerequisites is “sense of honor”! Considering the revelations by Lt. Bobulinski, I wonder if he regrets the vote he has already cast for the “big guy”? I doubt it. I also wonder if you regret using this person as an example of an “enlightened” voter for Chairman Biden? Again, I doubt it.

      • C M Solomon says:

        It is frightening to know that we have a bunch of generals and admirals that are so blinded by the propaganda from the Left that they would essentially abandon their oath to defend our Constitution “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Is this pure ignorance or deliberate acceptance of ANY alternative due to their hatred of Trump?

        I can’t imagine hatred so “hot” that they could align themselves with Marxists that have been proven to LIE their way to Impeachment of the President given the treasonous activity of the deep state Commie-crats in the FBI, DOJ, CIA, and State Department. If these “patriotic generals” are this deranged, I fear that they would support a “military takeover” of our country in order to establish a Globalist-Marxist tyrannical government run by the deep state itself which is the published goal of the Commie-crats; the Constitution be damned!

  7. C M Solomon says:

    At the risk of repeating myself, I quote: “The best clue that a debate is not in good faith is when your opponent abandons logical reasoning and resorts to belittling you as a person – – – .” It is futile trying to have a fruitful discussion with the advocates of the Left when they have no empathy with our fidelity to the American miracle that was founded on the Constitutional rights that we hold Sacred. The Left is saturated with brain-washed pro-Marxist followers that hate America as founded and in their righteous indignation also hate us who oppose their goal to overthrow our Love for our way of life and all the Liberties and Freedoms that we were granted by God Himself. That is the nub of the matter.

    A Communist society built on subjugation of the (deemed ignorant) masses, must be ruled by the sanctimonious Commie-elite that KNOW BEST how to run (and ruin) our lives. The Left worships at the Marxist altar of their tyrannical ideology. You can expect their Communist idolatry to suppress ANY ability to reason when they totally reject the eternal truth: “And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.”

    The bottom line is that there is NO argument one can make that can dislodge the irrational and illogical beliefs of the Left when they use the BIG LIE as their argument against the TRUTH, no matter the proof that we offer. ALL of the miserable tyrannies in history were fueled by the successful suppression of TRUTH by overwhelming propaganda of the BIG LIE. Don’t expect the Left to change their stripes, ever!

    The Left has made incredible progress in creating followers in every institution in our country to the tune of at lease 40% of the population and 80% in some one-party (Commie-crat) States. Only a MIRACLE will overcome this 50 year conquest by Evil in our country when the Globalist Marxists control the vast majority of Media, Press, Academia, Career (deep state) Government [FBI, CIA, DOJ]?, Globalist Career Military, uninformed Americans, and Phantom citizens that vote via illegal Ballots harvested by the Comie-crats.

    If the Commie-crats win on November 3, 2020, our America will cease to be the “Land of the Free and Home of the Brave” if Communism is allowed to take power to dismantle the Constitution. Since the Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, do we have an alternative to reject potential Commie-crat Marxist rule (from ANY source) if it blatantly violates the fundamental foundations of our Rights from God as protected by the Constitution itself?

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