The educated v. the knowledgeable.

President Joe Biden speaks during a cabinet meeting in the Cabinet Room of the White House. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Paul GleiserThe educated v. the knowledgeable.

I didn’t go to Harvard. That would seem to disqualify me for service in the top levels of the Biden administration. Because most of the Biden cabinet went to Harvard, most notably Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm.

We’ve been told all our lives that elite, northeastern universities – such as Harvard – are the very best and that ergo sum, graduates from these universities are the very best.

I was thinking about this over lunch in a neighborhood place near my home in Dallas called Cisco Grill. Cisco Grill is family owned. The owner was the general manager for the previous owner and he put everything he had in the world on the line about a decade ago to buy the place. He and his daughters now run it. It’s the very embodiment of the American Dream.

So, what does this have to do with Harvard and the top Biden administration officials?

It knits together like this. It came to me that if any of these best and brightest, highly-credentialed Bidenites had to run Cisco Grill, the place wouldn’t last six months.

That’s because for all their hifalutin’ education, none of them has the first clue as to how a small business survives and thrives.

Unlike Ivy-educated apparatchiks in government, small business owners do not have the luxury of clinging to ideology. Eventually in small business, no matter how much you like an idea, if it’s not working, you have to let it go. It’s the only way you survive.

They apparently teach nothing about small business at Harvard which explains the unwillingness of the administration to change course even though what they’re doing clearly isn’t working.

Let’s take just one area – energy.

No single factor is impacting inflation more than energy prices. The cost of transportation gets cranked into the price of everything we buy. Yet Biden is trying to impose sufficient pain as to force a conversion to electric vehicles.

I’m not opposed to electric vehicles. But we can’t all own a Tesla and you can’t replace 200 million gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles overnight. Yet the administration is pursuing an energy policy as if that untenable proposition were possible.

President Biden should instead come out and say something like this:

I continue to believe in green energy and in reducing our need for fossil fuels. But I now realize that I tried to do too much too fast. So, I’m going to ease the restrictions on fossil fuels that I put in place at the start of my administration in order to give the free market time to catch up and to bring about an orderly transition in our nation’s energy policy.”

The Dow would go up 2,000 points the next day. Inflation would start to ease. Confidence would grow and, ironically, prospects for the Democratic Party would improve.

The guy who owns Cisco Grill knows this. I know this. You know it, too.

But if you went to Harvard and now work in this administration, you haven’t a clue.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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16 Responses

  1. Chuck says:

    And I wish their lack of understanding were the only issue. I’m afraid that the underlying problem, before you even get to the competency question, is that they don’t care. In fact you could get the feeling that whoever is really operating the switches up there does not even like most of us. For all our faults in this country, we deserve better.

  2. Tammy Blair says:

    Well, you’re right again. But I’m afraid there’s more to it. You see, the attack on fossil fuel and our economy has been intentional. It’s not that Biden doesn’t understand what he is doing, although episodic dementia is problematic for the regime. He and the “elitists” in his administration are fully aware that their Build Back Better plan is destructive. He will not stop and will work hard to convince ignorant voters that it’s not his fault. Then he will continue the planned destruction of America. It’s called the Great Reset. Look it up.

  3. Buddy Saunders says:

    A man dumber than dirt would say what you suggest Biden say regarding our energy policy. But unfortunately, even a man dumber than dirt is smarter than Biden.

  4. Matthew says:

    What I know is these mysterious restrictions that keep getting mentioned are functioning really well in our free market, record profits in energy companies. High demand for energy and refineries apparently keeping up,imagine that, CEOs and stock holders loving it ! Let’s not forget all the obvious price gouging, everyone is getting in on it ! Why not ,there are people ( Media )getting paid a lot of money to keep many looking in other directions to put the sole blame on. King Biden as he must be,since he literally controls literally all things is certainly floundering around but much of what we’re experiencing is because Corporations can do what they want , and they are doing what they can continue to get away with. Government is supposed to stay out and let the markets control and direct themselves. Capitalism, free-market ! Let the good times roll,they have their fall guy, have to make the most of it. Last I checked Government in USA does not control or dictate businesses, we’re still not a communist country. There are plenty of folks,entities etc to spread the blame around on, not sure why it’s so difficult for many to see through all the smoke and mirrors ,but it’s all politics anymore, no turning back.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Matthew, while I know nothing about your background or employment experience, what you write suggests that you have little or no practical experience in day to day business. I apologize if I am wrong. But as one with over 50 years experience running a business that grew from one person to a current 126, I can tell you that I do not see businesses price.gouging. Rather, what I and other businesses pay for labor, goods and services is increasing dramatically. And at some point that cost must be passed onto the customer.

      I can also tell you this. In my many years experience, and in my dealings with many small businesses, and literally thousands upon thousands of sellers, I have found them almost universally to be honest and reliable. I cannot say the same for government at every level and likewise most large corporations that are entwined with government.

  5. Ron Eagleman says:

    As Dan Jenkins would say: “Dead Solid Perfect”, you hit this one straight down the middle of the fairway! This once great Ivy League university has deteriorated into a woke institution that graduates inflated egos, that paid inflated tuitions to be on a food break or better stated; “out to lunch”. If these bureaucrats in the Biden administration had the privilege of attending the University of Cisco Grill, or another of the many opportunities to learn about free enterprise, they would be eminently more qualified. Most in this administration have never had the privilege of signing the front of a payroll check; they just endorse the back of a guaranteed U.S. Treasury issued check, regardless of job performance. If one of President Biden’s speech writers would insert the paragraph you offer, not only would we see the stock market go up and inflation go down, but we would see pigs flying over Tyler.

  6. Richard Anderson says:

    Excellent column Mr. Gleiser. You are so correct!

    The current administration is filled with far leftist ideologues of which many come from the likes of Harvard and other Ivy League schools.. universities where once upon a time in our country these institutions “were” places of learning.

    Now, they seeming have become safe harbor bastions of socialist/fascist/Marxist doctrine that is ANTI or counter to our AMERICAN Constitutional Republic as Founded in 1776.

    The United States of America has prospered mightily from the beginning because of its belief in GOD and its being deeply rooted in free enterprise Capitalism which is all about that which is good and practical and that which has proven it works.

    Americans who know, know that Faith, Freedom, Family, and God are ALWAYS in vogue. And if considering a college or university to attend, choose one that places the highest priority on these ideals, the ideals of America’s founding 246 years ago have never been more right for a time such as this.

  7. Linda M says:

    It seems like they are “educated” far beyond their ability to comprehend and we are the ones suffering for it. But then, what do I know???

  8. Elaine says:

    I built a career on three days of classes in 1975 at AT&T. Never had
    to worry about a job afterward. Only three positions from1975-2015
    with great companies and great leaders

  9. Mike says:

    Cal Berkeley Law Professor Khiara Bridges testimony before a Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the legal impact of repeal of Roe v Wade was quite the epidemy of this topic; educated versus knowledge.
    I do hope many of you all saw this exchange between Missouri Senator Josh Hawley and the totally out to lunch professor. Senator Hawley asked, what 99% of us would think would be a straight up question on who can get pregnant; females (unless you incorporate a flatworm in the category of a person). The good prof. said some females can get pregnant but some cannot; which is true due to medical conditions or possibly a birth defect which falls under medical conditions. But, when the professor starts in on Trans men and Non-binaries can get pregnant and then goes off on a tangent of Senator Hawley’s questions causing violence against transgender people? Seriously?!?! And the educated professor keeps going in a very radical democratic playbook strategy of “shouting down” the Senator (although she really did not shout but she did not allow for rebuttal). Holy Female Cows Batman!!! So not a law professor is teaching that transmen and non-binaries (what the hell is this?) can get pregnant. I have a degree in Wildlife Biology, minor in Chemistry and Forestry and have never in my life and mixing with other science related folks have heard of all this “woke” nonsense in all my life experiences. I have explained DNA on this thread and that sticks. Who are these people that have somehow received degrees but have zero common sense or knowledge of basic biology that was learned; or should have been learned, in High School. Being naive is one thing; but completely ignorant and in this case moronic; is another.

    • Matthew says:

      Hawley is a ” Traitor” , and a goofball, who would even care what he says at this point, I mean really, his purpose is simply being a distraction, regardless of this professor and her comments. Fixating on Transgender and abortion doesn’t put food on people’s table.

  10. Mike says:

    Such harsh words Matthew from someone who supposedly “knows”? The question asked by Senator Hawley was completely legit and one soon to be Supreme Court Justice K.J. Brown as asked and did not answer as well. In this ever perplexing political and perverted law-making environment we live in YOU may find you are NOT a male after all? And fixating on Transgender and abortion IS the topics of today or are you tone deaf? Did you not see the business rankings of Texas according to MSNBC? Texas is now ranked 5th overall due to the lack of “inclusion”. THAT does determine jobs and putting food on the table more and more in this twisted convoluted world we all walk in. Or are you not educated on this topic?

  11. Matthew says:

    All these knuckle heads are doing is subtly mocking these issues, and trying to create ” gotcha moments ” , it’s so obvious they’re not interested in accomplishing anything . The only inclusion their interested in is including their donors money to the balance of their account. That professor let situation get to her, played right into his hands, although she made a point, all this stuff is helping to stoke hate.

    • Paul Gleiser says:

      Matthew, your comments on this forum would carry more weight if they were a.) cogent, b.) on point, and c.) not laced with spelling and grammatical errors.

    • Mike says:

      There IS NO subtly mocking of these issues. They are clubbing us like a baby seal over the head with this “woke” garbage and covid. Are people getting rich over climate change and fear? Hell yes they are; look at Al Gore. But, if you missed the memo; there is a heavy attempt going on currently for a One World Government to dominate us all. If you do not believe this; wake up buddy. That Berkely Law professor is as ignorant as a pet rock. A man, no matter if his who whos are removed and replaced with female anatomy CANNOT have a baby. You really believe that? Please say NO. What the hell is a “Non-Binary”? Or calling someone “Them or They” in the place of Mr, Mrs, or Ms. Dude, woke is stupid and a cancer. All this so-called woke/crt educated nonsense is anything but what many of us attach to the word education. Come on Joe, tell me it ain’t so!@! Lastly, just how many variants of covid are there out there? Will the World Health Organization start naming covid like hurricanes to exhaust the alphabet with covid xyz? Come on man, smell the coffee burning in the bottom of the pot on this faux education of today’s Utes. It all ramped up with the Chinese virus; one does not have to educated to know that bit of knowledge. Which, by the way, was forecast by the World Economic Form in the fall of 2019 when they war gamed just such a scenario; google it. I am dang sure educated and knowledgeable on that subject!!!

  12. Matthew says:

    Sure Paul ! You had to go there ? That’s what you come up with. SMH And may I suggest the same to you , since you opened the door. The weight of my comments are apparently doing just fine,quite heavy at times. The fact that you’ve resorted to making you’re previous comments. I’ll be more than happy to take you’re comments as a compliment of sorts . Although a compliment from you is much like a birds feather. Doesn’t carry much weight.

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