Obamacare turns two.

President Obama signs the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act into law on March 23, 2010.

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Neither one of my kids’ first birthdays was a big deal. They were both too little to know what was going on and the efforts of the assembled adults to get either one of them interested in the proceedings yielded only minimal results. My younger daughter slept through most of her first birthday.

Second birthdays, however, are usually a different story. By the second birthday, the honorees are old enough to understand and be understood. A two year-old has a clearly discernible personality. The birthday parties for two year-olds are, therefore, a bigger deal. There’s more real celebrating going on because the two-year old is a part of it all. He’s coming of age.

Which is why it is remarkable that the two year birthday of Obamacare is coming and going almost totally uncelebrated. Proud father Barack Obama had everybody over to the house on the day his namesake was born. But today he, and Obamacare’s mother, Nancy Pelosi (who was anxious to get the birthing process over as soon as possible so that we could all see little Obamacare for ourselves), aren’t saying a word. No cupcakes. No ice cream. No funny hats and party favors.

The second birthday of Obamacare passes unobserved. It’s almost as if mommy and daddy don’t love the little guy anymore. In fact, it’s as if they are actually ashamed of him.

Especially daddy.

Perhaps the grumpy old Congressional Budget Office – the CBO – has something to with it. It seems that the CBO hasn’t had much nice to say about Obamacare lately. In fact, just last week, the CBO said some downright mean and hateful things.

One such criticism coming from the CBO is that Obamacare isn’t living up to the promises that daddy was making on his behalf before he was born. When we were anxiously awaiting the birth of Obamacare, we were being told that once here and on its feet it would deliver high quality health care to every single American.

But now the CBO says that by 2022 – Obamacare’s 12th birthday – 27 million Americans will remain uninsured. You might recall that we were told that one of the reasons we needed Obamacare in the first place was because of the 39 million Americans that were at the time uninsured. But some people reading the CBO’s report today are apparently being rude and are asking why it’s acceptable that the most sweeping social program ever enacted will only be 31 percent efficient in achieving its principal goal after 12 years. Daddy Obama doesn’t seem ready to answer that question.

Obamacare was going to “bend the [health care] cost curve downward.” Yet two years later according to the CBO, the $940 million ten-year projected cost of Obamacare on the day of its passing now stands at $1.76 trillion from this day forward – almost double. The accounting gimmicks used in the Obamacare birthing room, such as showing ten years of revenues against only six years of implemented cost, are now being seen for what they were. Again, not the kind of stuff for which party hats and streamers are ordinarily broken out.

And as if the mean old CBO wasn’t bad enough, there’s the Supreme Court. Just a week after Obamacare’s second birthday the nine robed jurists will hear vigorous arguments in favor of making sure that it doesn’t live to see a third.

So Obamacare’s second birthday goes by with no cake, no cookies, no ice cream, no balloons being twisted into animal shapes by Chuckles the Clown and, most notably, no proud parents.

It’s hard to get up for a birthday party when so many people would rather be at the funeral.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. Linda Johnson says:

    This is brilliant!!!! I keep praying to God that this legislation is defeated. That is one funeral I want to attend.

  2. Rick Armstrong says:

    Even the Left Wing extreamists don’t want any fanfare as they know that the plot to destroy America was HURT and hurt badly by Obama Care. Nasty Nancy, Dirty Harry and the Obummer all realize that they got caught making the back room deals, twisting arms and being totally corrupt to get this passed and want the news to just forget about it while it bankrupts America. They also know that there will be a funeral for this Bill once the election is over. If not, than maybe the Republic of Texas needs to be…once again.


  3. Chuck G says:

    (Did you mean according to the CBO, the $940 Billion ten-year projected cost…)

  4. Tim says:

    Socialism is nothing to celebrate!Obamacare was the greatest federal power grab in American history

  5. Eric Holdren says:

    Obama will win again. republicans have yet to put out a candidate that theparty will unite behind. Check back in 8 months, sadly.

  6. C M Solomon says:

    On the whole, we are a unique nation of normal American citizens that are God-fearing, honorable, and believe in the Constitutional superiority of individual rights of God-ordained liberties to live without overbearing government taxation, regulation, or micro-management by self-worshiping government officials who want to control every aspect of our lives.

    What do you call a person that has little or no respect for the above citizen and does not honor the Constitutional sovereignty that we should all enjoy? What do you call a person has been trained to believe that this nation has been founded on greed and the capitalistic profit motive that forces others into poverty? What do you call a person that will lie and misrepresent his pet government programs to destroy personal responsibility while promising a better life for all as long he is in charge of rules, regulations, and benefits as provided by the brilliant masterminds in Washington bureaucracies that he controls? What do you call a person that believes that achievement of his goals (the Ends) justify ANY methods, policies, dictates, or lies (the Means) to get his way to control society, no matter what?

    The answer is, a Marxist/Communist who hates this nation as founded and is so arrogant, so egoistical, and so wicked that he will use every evil tactic of Satan (the Great Deceiver) to beguile, fool, betray, and delude his victims into believing a lie and leading them away from the Truth of personal dignity and responsibility, but instead, leading them into slavery to serve the collective State.

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