The real party of the rich.


My grandfather – Lewis N. Carrell – was a tradesman. He learned to set type in a printing plant during the days when type was set by melting lead and pouring it over metal slugs containing the characters of the alphabet. The Linotype machine was the industry standard and it required a skilled tradesman to operate it.

Later in his career, he removed his blue collar and replaced it with a white one as he moved from the print shop to the front office as a printing salesman.

My grandfather was hardworking, honest and principled. He earned everything he had, found a way to keep his family fed and a roof over their heads during the worst of the Great Depression and wouldn’t have accepted government relief even it were offered.

He voted for Democrats his entire life.

My grandfather’s hard work earned him membership in the middle class in a time when Democrats could plausibly claim to represent him. Texas Democrats like Earl Cabell, Sam Rayburn and John Connally looked a lot like him, sounded a lot like him and came at the world a lot like him.

But like my grandfather, that Democratic Party is gone. It has been replaced by a party whose marquee names and supporters are all rich, elite liberal snobs. The Democratic Party would be unrecognizable to my grandfather. It is populated by academics, media personalities and Hollywood celebrities who cannot imagine anything worse than living in my grandparent’s 1,200 square foot home or earning a living doing anything that required the wiping of one’s brow or one’s hands.

The grandees of today’s Democratic Party ride around in private jets and are driven to their appointments under the protection of heavily armed men. Liberal media celebrities and Hollywood stars are paid enormous sums of money and are supported in their daily toil by a small army of staffers, assistants and go-fers.

They live in cloistered, fenced and gated communities that are intended to protect them from stalkers, lookie-loos, paparazzi and ordinary folks – all while maintaining that fences don’t work when it comes to protecting the border.

Their high incomes insulate them from the consequences of the policies they promote. Higher medical deductibles and higher home energy prices can wreck the family budget of an auto mechanic while going unnoticed by Gwynneth Paltrow. Tom Hanks’s pricey lawyers and accountants insulate the millions he makes for a few months work on a movie from the same high tax rates faced by the man and wife who own a car wash that nets a couple of hundred thousand in a year.

Unlike when my grandfather was alive, today’s Democrats have next to nothing in common with the huge middle class that lives in the huge middle part of the country that identifies itself as being in the middle part of the political spectrum.

Based on the November midterm results, Democrats should worry that middle class voters have finally figured that out.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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4 Responses

  1. pk says:

    I think that the main difference between GOP vs Dems. is the thoughtful examining of issues & acting accordingly.
    At one of Clinton’s Soirees around the time of his vote from Congress & losing his law license ..I saw all the Kennedy clan sitting quietly in a box together but not cheering. If I…or anyone I knew or am related to was sitting there in attendance thus showing tacit acceptance of Clinton & his impeachment, I would have been keenly embarrassed at my attendance let alone all my relatives on TV.
    But they weren’t ipso facto.
    The thinking behind this small incident ,to me, shows no thinking.

    That is the difference right there.

    My family had many loud arguments of issues pro & con at the dinner table Very instructive to us kids Surely these arguments were based on logic of positions not public perceptions & keeping face there-of.

  2. C M Soloman says:


    As you have described these elite, they are nothing more that the REAL fools that constantly ascend to their heavens of sanctimonious, self-worship in which they consider themselves wiser than the masses that they have decided to rule over without their consent. It is called the “Fatal Conceit” that is aptly described in the Biblical reference as: “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” I accuse these egotists as suffering from the devastating mental and emotional illness of arrested development that most of us citizens grew out of given normal exposure to the rigors and trials of life. They are examples of irrational beings that can best be described as a parasitic disease that civil societies throughout history have had to overcome to keep from slipping into, or escaping from, slavery (serfdom) – – – the common legacy of most civilizations.

    Nothing has changed in human history. Evil always masquerades itself as wisdom where foolishness is allowed to reign. It is so unfortunate that these FOOLS have had an irrational influence on this great country. The Founders wisdom, as embodied in the Constitution, has been hijacked by these parasites as they have promised for 80 years that BIG Government with its astronomical corruption and debt could violate the natural laws of economics and bring about prosperity without discipline, personal responsibility, ethics (honesty), and hard work.

    The fact that we give them one nano-second of consideration is our fault. Hopefully, you are right and the general populous and particularly the Democrats in the middle class have seen through their fog of deception. Needless to say both Democrats and Republicans in the ruling elite suffer from this “Fatal Conceit” as they dismiss with impunity any accountability to those of us that put them in office.

    Today, the entrenched (false Conservative) leadership of the Republican Party in the House and Senate is a perfect example of this as they still consider the Conservative base as inconvenient rabble-rousers. I re-learned this as I tried to convince several so-called Conservative Congressmen to vote for a NEW House Speaker that has some courage to fight the Liberal elite establishment, without success. I am truly fed up with the lazy, the liars, the incompetent, and those without integrity in government that pretend to represent us.

    If accountability doesn’t penetrate this putrid fortress of corruption in the Republican party, then I fear a third party will arise and dilute any Conservative voice remaining and turn us into a Liberal/Socialist/Marxist autocracy that will doom us for a hundred years as we join the rest of the third world in a state of hopelessness. If that happens, the Light of Liberty will take another miracle such as 1776 and those men of integrity and wisdom, to be resurrected, again.

  3. Tom King says:

    There are two classes of wealthy, the working rich that progressive socialists want to take from to give to the poor and the pretending-to-be-working-but-aren’t rich over whom those same progressive socialists fawn and go all atwitter.

    It is a sad fact that nothing elicits the admiration of the masses like someone who looks down on them. We are endowed by our creator with a natural desire to love and adore Him who is greater than ourselves. Sadly, too many of us have chosen earthly gods for ourselves and that natural tendency to worship that which is greater than ourselves has been co-opted. I blame Satan, of course, but I also blame the short-sighted “masses” who have chosen to worship something more like themselves rather than someone who is so beyond them they can hardly comprehend Him. The original temptation Satan offered in the Garden of Eden was that we should seek to be gods ourselves. Failing that, we’ve elected gods for ourselves and elevated them to airy heights where, apparently oxygen-deprived, they go all stupid. That’s all I can figure as a way to explain the monumental dim-wittedness of the idle rich. I mean really. What are these guys thinking?

    Well, actually, I suppose the question should be more like, “What are these guys NOT thinking?”

    Just one man’s opinion.

    Tom King

  4. Linda E. Montrose says:

    There is not a party anymore that is FOR THE PEOPLE. The people in office are concerned with one thing and that is keeping the status quo so that they don’t lose one little feather out of that soft cushy nest they have built for themselves. Both parties have become parties for themselves, not this country or the people they were elected to serve! They see it as we are to serve THEM! Until we stop this behavior, we can continue smell the rotting flesh of this country!

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