To drain the swamp, start in the deepest part.

Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 12/15/17


Can faith in the United States Department of Justice ever be restored? That’s a question that now hangs in the air, giving off an odor that is increasingly strong and increasingly unpleasant.

The question should never have to be asked. Going back to the Romans, statues depicting Lady Justice show her holding a set of scales – weighing the support and opposition to the case before her – while she wears a blindfold. It’s the blindfold that’s important. When standing before Lady Justice, who you are and what station you hold is not supposed to matter.

The blindness of Lady Justice is an idealistic vision that has never been, and likely never will be, fully realized. But America’s greatness is attributable in large measure to our valiant attempt toward that ideal. It is fair to say of justice in America that we have never been perfect but that we have – with acknowledged lapses – almost always tried.

As a result, until recently, most people saw the DOJ as apolitical.

That changed during the Obama years. Examples abound. Here are a few.

Attorney General Eric Holder refused to pursue a civil suit under the Voting Rights Act against members of the New Black Panthers who had engaged in unmistakable voter intimidation at a polling place in Philadelphia in 2008. The Assistant U.S. Attorney on that case resigned in disgust.

The Justice Department never prosecuted – and in the opinion of many never even seriously investigated – former IRS official Lois Lerner. Ms. Lerner, by her own inept admission, deliberately delayed or unfairly denied applications for tax exemptions by conservative political groups. When pressed on the matter by Congress, Ms. Lerner took the Fifth.

Germane to the controversies that swirl today, it is evident that then FBI director James Comey decided in advance in 2016 not to prosecute Hillary Clinton on any of the multiple charges against her for which there was ample probable cause. Based on evidence obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, Mr. Comey by all appearances shaped his investigation into Mrs. Clinton accordingly.

All of which and much more brings us to December 2017. Today as you read this, a pack of blatantly partisan hyenas posing as Justice Department lawyers – encouraged and cheered by a pack of blatantly partisan hyenas posing as national journalists – pursues a duly elected president on the strength of surveillance of dubious legality that flowed from a discredited dossier bought and paid for by that president’s political opponent.

Such a thing in America was, until only recently, unthinkable. By comparison, the misdeeds of Richard Nixon amount to an unpaid traffic ticket.

Hindsight is 20/20. It is now clear that President Trump should have appointed someone other than Jeff Sessions to be attorney general. The Justice Department is the thickest, nastiest, murkiest and most malodorous corner of the swamp. It will take someone with enormous mental toughness to drain it.

Jeff Sessions is clearly not that guy.

The president should act accordingly – and swiftly – politics be damned.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. bullish bob says:

    Your best ever!

  2. R. Eagleman says:

    Yes Paul, you have placed your finger exactly where a multitude of the problems exist, Gen. Jeff Sessions. His unnecessary and voluntary disqualification from involvement in this Russia/Trump probe has led to our president being the object of a relentless partisan investigation by a team of political hacks. When recounts and other schemes failed to prevent our duly elected president from taking office, the swamp denizens resorted to this tactic. Even if it eventually fails to find an impeachable offense, it has served a secondary purpose of distraction from implementation of his agenda. It should be terrifying to all Americans that the Justice Department is being used as a weapon against political opponents to prevent drainage of the Washington cesspool. This cesspool or swamp provides a very luxurious lifestyle for these D.C. elected and non-elected government leeches, and they will not relinquish it just because of an election. Unseating this entrenched monarchy may require a solution that the French used when they marched into Versailles with pitchforks; however, an easier and more humane approach would be to have an effective attorney general. If former Attorney Gen. Holder had the same set of circumstances, there would be a whole lot of Republicans sporting a prison wardrobe.

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    We are at this point in our history that has squarely put us in this mucky mire by allowing a person to sit in our Whitehouse who was clearly not eligible to be there in the first place. If plain ordinary people could determine this as fact by some simple searches, why did Congress not do their due diligence and verify or deny the truth? Nancy Pelosi did not vet this man at all. If she had, and was honest in her searches, she would have seen that he was NOT eligible to be president even if he had, by some miracle been born in Hawaii. He clearly did not meet the requirements to become President. His mother may have been an american citizen at one time but his father, or who he claims to be his father, was NOT. It is very clear and easily verified that his father was a BRITISH SUBJECT. Which disqualifies him immediately as only one whose parents were AMERICAN CITIZENS at the birth of the child is eligible to be President. NOT ONE PARENT, BUT BOTH PARENTS. Nancy Pelosi took it upon herself to pass this individual as eligible to run when he clearly was NOT. It was nancy pelosi who rammed obamacare down our throats. Her and harry reid. This person, by EO after EO got us where we are today. If 75% of the people did NOT want obamacare, why was it passed KNOWING the PEOPLE did not want this? This person also dug us deeper and deeper in debt. Yes, the swamp needs draining and it needs to start with those who put us in the predicament we find ourselves today. These people have attained considerable wealth being in office for 20-30 years and some even more. All at the taxpayers expense. And by the way…why was not obamacare good enough for these people who foisted it upon US??? Oh yes! The swamp needs draining and term limits need to be installed. We have a man in office now that is trying his best to put AMERICA back on track…get rid of the swamp creatures and let him do his JOB!

  4. R. Eagleman says:

    If the swamp is ever completely drained, I predict that we will uncover a creature that has used dirty politics and unethical behavior ever since he came onto the political scene as an Illinois state senator. It is interesting how he was able to be elected to office when his opponents withdrew under a cloud of unsavory sexual accusations. If anyone can tolerate the stench of how the new Democrat Party has devolved into it’s current approach to gaining political power, just read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky. This author was the mentor of many of the high profile Democrats, and his strategies will sound very familiar to the present campaign tactics of Democrat candidates. When the very depths of the swamp are dredged, do not be surprised to find our former president and Chicago politico at the bottom.

  5. Jim Lee says:

    I agree Paul with all the above comments. This “You Tell Me Texas” was your best. This swamp is very deep and nasty, and as Mr. Eagleman says, we will find our creature. Jeff Sessions seemed like the perfect choice, but not to be. Trey Gowdy would be my choice. Thanks, and keep up the good work my friend.

  6. Paul Davidson says:

    The Justice Department didn’t seem so murky and swampy when they were investigating Clinton’s e-mails for six years were they? Oh I get it, NOW they are dirty, because your dog-god is in trouble. Why don’t you just admit it, Paul? NOTHING Trump could do: no incompetent Cabinet member with no expertise in the area of hire, no vulgarity, no racist remark, no lazy work ethic, no misogynistic past or present behavior, no banana republic-worthy attack on enemies perceived or imagined, no yet-another-embarassment-for-the-USA word salad, would be too much for you, because he is a Republican, right?

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