We shouldn’t accept chaos. (Or am I crazy?)

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Somebody please, if necessary, sit me down for a reality check on what I’m about to say. If I’m wrong, tell me I’m wrong and please tell me why.

Here goes.

Any nation that proposes to call itself sovereign gets to decide for itself how many immigrants it admits, from where it admits those immigrants and the degree to which those prospective immigrants must prove, as a condition of their admission, that they will contribute to the nation’s well-being.

The citizens of that nation get to say, through their elected representatives, what the nation’s immigration laws will be.

The citizens get to demand of those employed by that government that such laws be predictably, consistently and properly enforced.

All of this seems so obvious, so completely self-evident and so toweringly reasonable that there’s no room or reason for debate.

Yet in many quarters, most particularly in the elite cloisters of our coastal cities and the media, such assertions make heads explode.

Racist! Xenophobic! Jingoistic! comes the cry.

But how is a citizenry deciding who it lets into its country any different from an individual of that citizenry deciding who is admitted into his or her home?

Nobody has the presumptive right to move into your home simply because it’s roomier and better appointed and has a better-stocked refrigerator. Nobody has the presumptive right to move into your home simply because the home they come from is falling in on itself or is located in a dangerous neighborhood.

You, and you alone, get to decide who can come into your home. And you, and you alone, get to decide how long they get to stay.

Suppose, however, that you come home from work one day to find that another family has just up and moved in. And further suppose that when you call the police they refuse to evict your new roommates, citing a policy that the mayor unilaterally decided upon  – laws to the contrary notwithstanding – requiring you to just live with and accept whomever it is that moves into your house.

Let that happen in your house and your neighbor’s house and everywhere up and down your block and it would be called chaos.

Which is exactly what engulfs U.S. immigration policy at this very moment.

A nation that wants to grow and prosper and be economically vibrant needs the constant renewal that immigration provides. But the policies and mechanisms surrounding that immigration have to be orderly. They have to adhere to duly enacted law. And they have to be reflective of the will of the people whose country it is.

We have no semblance of that currently. Which is, in large measure, why Donald Trump won the election.

All of which is to say that there can be no grand bargain on immigration until the American people are satisfied that order has been restored, that the borders are secure and that the invasion of their country has stopped.

It seems perfectly reasonable and perfectly obvious.

Or am I wrong?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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5 Responses

  1. L Miles says:

    Paul, of course you are not crazy and your arguments are brilliant. However, there is NO penetration into the brain of the diseased mind of the brain-washed Liberal, Socialist, Marxist, Left-wing Democrat and suicidal Republican that believes that the “end justifies the means”. Their goal is the importation of millions of foreign peoples dependent on welfare to secure their ultimate vote through any means necessary (legal or illegal) to dilute and overcome the historical American values that threaten their utopian vision of total domination.

    Our core American values based on the Judaeo-Christian faiths, morality, and the Constitution are the energy sources of our free Republic and merit based, free market prosperity. We waste our time trying to penetrate the Left’s universe with logical thought and reasoning based on fact. Our only hope is that those who listen to you and others with the same message will awake out of their lethargy and not let our nation and values be conquered from within by the perpetual deception of the Left.

  2. Paul, you are not crazy, I am not crazy, the millions of us, U.S. citizens all, are not crazy to expect and demand that our immigration laws be enforced. Our immigration system requires little fixing. The current laws, the laws we already have, if enforced, will resolve 90% of the problem. End citizenship for babies born to foreigners while here legally or illegally. End the immigration lottery and replace it with a merit-based system. Deny work to illegals, deny welfare to illegals, deny access to free education to the children of illegals, all of which lies within the scope of current law and common sense. Do these things and 100% of the problem will be solved. Non-citizens will have no reason to come across our borders and stay, except through a proper immigration process, a process that brings in the brightest, the best, and above all those who can and will join in and share our common culture. Such thoughts are far from crazy. It is the left that is crazy and their mindless agenda is pushing us down the road to chaos of the worst kind. Ronald Reagan was betrayed by both Democrats and Republicans when he signed the 1986 immigration reforms. Let us hope that Donald Trump will not this time be so easily tricked. May he with us, and us with him, be together in this crucial battle for the future of our nation.

  3. Linda E. Montrose says:

    The way I look at it is: if you come here ILLEGALLY, you have NO RIGHTS! Certainly no rights to welfare, OUR social security or the many other things you try and DEMAND of us. After all, Mexico has these LAWS on immigration that are strictly enforced: You are in their country LEGALLY. You have the means to sustain yourself economically. You are NOT destined to be a burden on society. You are to be an economic and social BENEFIT to society. You are to be of GOOD character, having no criminal background. That you will be a contributor to the well being of this nation.
    Isn’t that all we can expect from them if the country they came from expects it from those who go to their country??? These people know better! WE should know better than to allow such in OUR country. It makes total sense to expect anyone who comes here to come here LEGALLY and to be a benefit to this country and not a leech!

  4. Richard Beaman says:

    Most people find safety in following the tradition of the elders regardless of politics or, religion and most therefore are not willing to change because they have to step out of their safety zone. This is the danger of politics and religion, an unchangeable mind (heart). Being unchangeable in politics brings about trust in an organization that is doomed to fail, either Republican or Democrat. Being unchangeable in one’s religious views can bring eternal damnation. Age also has a factor in one’s ability to change. Things that I was so certain about at age 21, i’m not so sure about at age 78. We have the inert ability to change at any age and, some would say “I’m willing to change” but their actions are far from it. I look at my worldview today and think about how it was at my childhood and wish some things could be the same but realize that some changes have been for the better. One thing that should never change is one’s love for America and it’s Constitution. Paul’s illustration about the home and country, concerning immigration is outstanding. The laws concerning immigration have been violated for years and I’m optimistic that this administration will go a long way in solving the problems.

  5. Larry Hoppe says:

    You are not wrong. In fact you’re totally correct and your analogy of using our homes as similar to our great country is a perfect way to see through the smoke and haze of the Progressive Liberal rants. I just wish there was a forum available to reach the “intellectual” Left with this simple and accurate concept.

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