The ugliest of ends.

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And so ends, on the most sour of sour notes, what might otherwise arguably be called the most successful first-term presidency that anyone can remember. In a year of COVID lockdowns capped by the events of these two weeks, it becomes easy to forget the positive impacts of the Trump presidency.

The media, of course, isn’t helping. Quite the opposite, actually. Since the 2016 election, all pretense of reportorial objectivity has been tossed out the window. The media have proactively worked every day to discredit Trump’s election and to undermine his presidency.

The most recent example comes from last week’s violence at the Capitol. The media would like you to believe that the thousands of people who showed up in Washington last week – enraged, inflamed and foaming at the mouth on account of Donald Trump – stormed the Capitol en masse.

That’s not what happened.

Last week’s mayhem was caused by a comparatively tiny number of criminals out of the tens of thousands of law abiding American citizens who rallied in support of President Trump. If the media were honest, they would report this unassailable fact. They would also report that this is the first example that anyone can remember of violence breaking out at a demonstration for someone on the right (while violence breaks out at lefty demonstrations almost as a matter of course).

Lost in all of the chaos is the recognition that Donald Trump was the first president of either party to actually confront really serious problems facing this country. No nation that hopes to prosper can afford to start wars that it has no strategy for finishing. No nation that hopes for a bright future can allow a million or more poor, uneducated peasants to flood across its borders every year. A nation that wants to succeed can’t outsource its manufacturing to a hostile foreign power. A nation that wants to pass down prosperity to its children cannot do so if the middle class that powers and sustains the economy is allowed to shrink year by year.

The problem for Donald Trump is that a lot of very powerful, deeply entrenched Washington Uniparty elites have been getting rich from endless wars, Chinese mercantilism and illegal immigration. Never mind that all of those unremarkable state college-educated middle-class flyover-country wage earners went without an increase in real wages for 20-plus years. Never mind that when a world pandemic broke out, we learned that 97 percent of the antibiotics used in America are produced in China.

Trump addressed these problems head on, called them out for what they are and called out those who are profiting thereby. Trump said it loudly and often and was hated for it in the coastal enclaves populated by the top echelons of the media and the ruling class.

Yet Trump policy worked. The economy boomed. Unemployment plummeted – for every demographic cohort. Optimism abounded.

Yes, the Trump presidency ends terribly. But let’s not forget that what Trump did in four years needs doing and matters greatly.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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48 Responses

  1. Jerry Caddy says:

    Amen Brother

  2. Jim Lee says:

    Paul G. As always you get the point. Glad to be a friend, and a fellow HP grad. Keep up the good work sir. I plan to stop by your office just to shake your hand. This country desperately needs more patriots like you. Stay safe buddy.

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    Amen and Awoman, as the genius pastor ended the congressional prayer. The very long list of accomplishments of President Trump that Paul has enumerated is precisely the reason that removing him was the “hill to die on”. Leftist politicians, along with fellow travelers and useful idiots, were all hands on deck to make sure that this man was given no more opportunities to reverse their decades of hard work to make America a third world country (MATWC). Their tactics were without any legal or moral conscious; they were using brass knuckles against an opponent wielding swim noodles. Oh but you say, Republicans believe in law and order and behaving in a civilized manner; we do not stoop to using such unbecoming tactics. Well, that is very commendable, but just prepare to spend the next 40 years wandering in the desert. The Republican party needs to “grow a pair”, and I am not sure that the present leadership is willing to undergo such a procedure.

  4. Buddy Saunders says:

    President Donald Trump isn’t the only one skipping the fraudulent inauguration. Who wants to rub shoulders with a lot of low-class creeps? We 74 million “deplorables” sure don’t want to. Nor does our president, the man who campaigned his butt off for us on a proven record that ,in a better world, would have made him the toast of the town. Why should the man who didn’t lie to us honor the one who did, the one with no agenda who hid in his basement?

    Working in tandem, we know the Democrat and the Republicans stole the election so it is only fitting that they join hands with the media, academia, and big tech, and celebrate their special day, the day they conquered the people. This sorry lot represents the true deplorables, and we loath them more and more by the day.

  5. Michael Reagan says:

    Forgive the crudeness butt: President Trump could fart in public leading the National Media, the environmental wacko’s, and Dems to scream from the highest elevations “Trump just destroyed the Ozone layer single handed!” In their eyes and from their mouths, he can do NOTHING right.

    What they are doing is simply revenge served as cold as possible. A plaque a friend of mine left me when I took over his job at a Texas government agency read: “When people show you who they are; believe them!”

  6. Jim says:

    After voting for Trump twice, I’m left with a sadness that in spite of all the accomplishments, we’re in deep trouble and he is to blame. With just a little humility, self awareness, and control over his tongue, he would be starting his second term. As it is, the Biden camp has declared war on his policies. How long will it take to tear down the wall and open our borders, eviscerate our energy industry that gave us energy independence, pack the Supreme Court making conservative judges irrelevant, raise corporate tax rates sending companies back overseas….and a host of other policy about-faces? It will be a grim four years, and I don’t see anyone to blame but Trump.

    • “Humility, self awareness, and control over his tongue” says good things about the way YOU were raised, but “let Trump be Trump” was all we could hope for.

      All any of us can do is — in Melaniaspeak — “be best” at who we are.

      Debatable accomplishments aside, the presidency doesn’t change who someone is, it reveals who someone is.

      • Paul Gleiser says:

        “Debatable accomplishments?” The unemployment rate as reported by the Bureau of Labor Statistics didn’t drop to 3.6 percent? Unemployment among African Americans didn’t reach the lowest levels since records began being kept? The same for women and Hispanics? None of that happened? In 2019 there weren’t more job openings than there were unemployed Americans to fill them? Those numbers all come from the Bureau of Labor Statistics — i.e. the government. You love government. Yet the numbers are somehow “debatable?”

        The chaos at the southern border (something about which we Texans are much more immediately informed than you New Englanders) didn’t subside? The “caravans” from Central America didn’t stop? Mexico didn’t begin cooperating in stemming the tide? None of that happened either?

        American military forces in Afghanistan weren’t drawn down? The predations of ISIS didn’t cease? The near weekly terrorist attacks on sporting events, concerts, public markets, international airports and large public gatherings didn’t stop?

        Donald Trump didn’t confront China’s rampant malfeasance? He didn’t call it out in a way that no prior president of either party was ever willing to call it out? He didn’t frequently and consistently stand up to that malign regime’s naked mercantilism? That was just some fevered pre-dawn dream sequence that 75 million of us experienced?

        The economy didn’t boom? Any number of polls didn’t reveal a sharp reversal of the often-asked “country on the right track/wrong track” question?

        Days prior to the election there wasn’t a Rasmussen poll that showed that even in the presence of the COVID dislocations, 60 percent of Americans said they were better off than they were four years ago? That poll didn’t happen?

        What about any of this is debatable? All of it is quantifiable by readily available, widely disseminated data and reporting. As the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan famously said, “You’re entitled to your own opinion but you’re not entitled to your own facts.”

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          Amen & Awomen Paul! Only ideologues and/or useful idiots could interpret those accomplishments as debatable!

        • In order…

          RE “Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers:”

          Life did not begin 01/20/17. Ride-the-wave until the botched Coronavirus response clobbered the economy.

          RE Hasty showboat Afghanistan bug-out EVERYONE-without-bone-spurs warned-against: Stay tuned. Ya broke it, ya bought it. Texan Charlie Wilson got the ball to the one yard line before Congressional Republicans fumbled it.

          RE China: CONSUMERS, not Chinese producers, are eating the tariffs. Buzzword you’ll be hearing lots: “re-shoring,” and Joe Biden’s made-in-America initiatives don’t just cover PPE and pharmaceuticals the outgoing regime was content to outsource to China. What’s done is done, but don’t expect Congressional Republicans to squawk when China orders a bunch of 737MAXes (read: jobs, and you heard it first here). Or when that “Infrastructure Week” Trump never got around to employs millions, FDR2.0

          RE Rasmussen poll: I know Scott (and did some work 50 years ago for his dad, who invented ESPN, but I digress). I’ve followed Rasmussen data since before the company was sold-out-from-under-him; and urge you to, as science now becomes cool again, and new optimism displaces the “carnage” Trump railed-of in an Inaugural rant Dubya called “some weird shit.” And that was WHEN things were good (see graph above).

          Fast-forward to 01/06/21: Carnage which sobered those of us watching in real-time. Around an erected gallows, the crowd chanted “Hang Mike Pence!”

          WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Any Gleiser fans here who haven’t heard you are missing some great Talk Radio when you fill-in on that station in Dallas. You are busy enough that you will wince at this suggestion, but when it’s time for Rush to step aside, you taking over his hours on KTBB would be an upgrade. Local radio! But absent sudden advances in human cloning, that’s just a pipe dream.

          That said, I must confess to involuntarily, audibly scoffing when you proclaimed: “President Trump will never get the credit he deserves for rolling out this vaccine in record time!”

          As though The Donald personally whipped-up the formula in chemistry set test tubes right there in his golf cart…as though we hadn’t heard him tell Bob Woodward that the virus had gone-airborne WHILE telling the American people “one day – it’s like a miracle – it will disappear,” by April he assured us. Remember April? Dr. Fauci warns the coming weeks could be even more dire.

          “Operation Warp Speed?” Just this weekend we are learning that the vaccine stockpile the administration spoke of does not exist.

          Hope-for-the-worst all you want, but America is turning the page.

          • Oops!
            MY bad.

            ‘Neglected to respond to: “The chaos at the southern border (something about which we Texans are much more immediately informed than you New Englanders) didn’t subside?”

            Check the map. There’s a northern border too, and marauding hoards might’ve simply changed-course.

            Here’s hoping Vermonters heeded ravings by wild-eyed laughingstock Giuliani about ballots from China coming in over the Canadian border.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Yes Jim, the Queens, NY personality certainly contributed to the outcome of the election, but we cannot dismiss the effects of unlimited air and digital influence, as well as supporters that buy ink by the barrel. When you combine those forces with the willingness of the other party to use every scheme conceivable to achieve victory, the challenge was insurmountable. Let us hope and pray that the grim 4 years will not turn into a grim century (if the country survives). However, unless more is done to be proactive, rather than reactive, nothing will change. Let us also hope that all Americans will recognize and remember the many positives of Trump that Paul identified in his commentary.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Jim, I think the real reason that Trump was hated was not due to his personality but that he was able to bypass the bureaucracy (deep state) and use his skills as a businessman to get so much accomplished in spite of incredible political opposition (based on lies) by both parties. He put the typical career politician to shame. The perpetual self-centered Washington clique (mutual admiration society) was thereby threatened.

      His America First and Make America Great Again policies brought him fantastic love from the American people who had made incredible gains his first three years before the Chinese virus hit (on purpose?) and was exploited to hurt his agenda. These Americans had been neglected for decades due to selfish regulations designed to benefit the Washington fortress of public parasites who took priority over them and at their expense.

  7. C M Solomon says:

    Let’s be frank. The BIG LIE has succeeded from the Treasonous Lecherous Left in this last “election” (so called exercise in futility given the relaxed ballot rules in place) to establish the Union of Socialist States of America (USSA) and take over our country as ONE-PARTY RULERS (the UNI-PARTY), never ever to relinquish their Marxist stranglehold on the formerly (free) American people, without end.

    All you have to do is read their plans of the last 100 years as they used the BIG LIE to subvert every traditional American value by way of generating HATRED for our Founders and the “Declaration of Independence” claim of Unalienable “individual” Rights as endowed by God Himself, the Creator. In the Marxist or Fascist or Communist world of dictatorial dogma, God is replaced by the self worshiping Man-idols that relegates humanity to the beasts of the field to be “managed or coerced” to benefit the self appointed demigods who maintain their power through FEAR.

    I do not understand how any intelligent thinking person could actually hope to reverse this fact of being conquered by the UNI-PARTY since our individual Electoral franchise has been replaced by “managed” election results to benefit the “common good” as determined by the demigods in power. In fact, we are seeing incredible reprisals being meted out on anyone that doesn’t AGREE with the Leftist agenda. This is a typical FEAR tactic to demolish any opposition that is hostile to the Marxist dogma. Defamation and Debasement, not Debate, is the Rule-of-Man where the Rule-of-Law has disappeared.

    This video recording of Rabbi Spero who appeared in the first 15 minutes on the Bannon War Room Show Ep. 652 from 1/13/21, gave an amazing summary of our current state of affairs as a Nation in turmoil. I would highly recommend it at the following link.

    The Commiecrats have always been able to stay two steps ahead of the Republicans because they are willing to fight dirty and win at all costs since their end always justifies their means (their creed). Hence, the Republicans are easily put on the defensive while they struggle to maintain the status quo. This is why the Socialist agenda has continued to be advanced in spite of Republican opposition over the decades. 2020 is the year that the plunge into full strength Socialism was finally achieved with safeguards put in place to eliminate any possible reversal.

    In the new UNI-PARTY administration, the Constitution is easily made obsolete (suspended or eliminated) by ANY social disturbance that threatens the USSA in which Martial Law could easily be invoked. Therefore, it seems foolish that any Republican could claim to regain a return in part to Constitutional government in any future election that would never be allowed to occur.

    So what do we do? Let us consider the fact that the States still have some sovereign power as has been demonstrated and tolerated by the Left when it comes to Sanctuary Cities or States regarding a whole host of dubious values. Why should Conservative States be treated any differently? The “Union” has very little value when entire States reject the Leftist agenda. Maybe it is time for us to accept the Double Standards that permeate the Left and use it to our advantage as well, and therefore start a peaceful propaganda campaign to gain support among those who still value freedom as we knew it. Why should the Left not support this idea of diversity for the sake of harmony in the “Union” itself?

    • CORRECT about “UNI-PARTY.”
      The big money contributes to both Rs and Ds.
      The CORPORATE Party is in charge.
      Impressive R.O.I.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Indeed Holland, impressive return on investment, especially for big tech! They no longer need to be concerned about Section 230 being repealed, which gives the social media a green light for more censorship and monopolistic behavior. Where are all the civil libertarians who were on the front line to protect free speech? When you have such a powerful ally to win elections, I guess the 1st Amendment is just another burdensome obstacle. Another fine example of integrity by convenience!

        • HAD YOU been paying attention in junior high school, you’d’ve learned that the First Amendment protects us from GOVERNMENT, not the free market private sector.

          But first-things-first: No-response-to my-reply-to your first post, up above? Or is this where chicken hawk generalities fail to produce details?

          • Ron Eagleman says:

            O.K. Mr. English teacher, let us review: 1st Amendment to the U.S.Constitution: “congress ( government) shall pass no law abridging freedom of speech or of the press”. Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (government) gives big tech immunity from liability, even when they act as the free press with editorial control. Without this GOVERNMENT exemption, I would agree with allowing free market forces to work. First things second: though I do not like to respond to NYT links, I will be happy to give a complete response…..but first, could you display a little integrity in responding to my question several months ago: DO YOU STILL AGREE WITH THE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR OF NY DECISION TO REQUIRE NURSING HOMES AND LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES TO ACCEPT COVID-19 POSITIVE PATIENTS? I cannot wait.

  8. C M Solomon says:

    One more thing, we need to understand that the Left does not tolerate diversity when it comes to traditional Conservative American values based on the Judeo-Christian ethos on which the moral aspects of the Constitution are based. Therefore, we must be careful in our support of these values of individual liberty as superior to the “collective” values honored by the Left, lest we be seen as “right-wing extremists”, bordering on being dubbed as sympathetic to “terrorists”.

    I am still learning about the proper use of speech and the vocabulary that the Left will not consider threatening in this new era of “regulated” dialog that is being closely monitored. “Reeducation Camps” are not my idea of a fun time at government expense. I’m sure the new Hong Kong members of Communist China are struggling with this issue as well. I hope “You Tell Me Texas” will remain a bastion of intelligent dialog as we move into the “cancel culture” world of polite speech that replaces the unintended harmful speech of the past. I’m glad that I don’t use social media and don’t have to worry about offending the Big Tech oligopoly and the purges to which they have become famous.

  9. Buddy Saunders says: lists President Trump’s accomplishments, real and “debatable.” It is an impressive list. I for one will take any man, flaws and all, who can do that much good for the citizen, and accomplish it all without lying to voters or pocketing millions from China. I plan to save this list (you should copy it as I have before the basement dweller takes it down from the White House web sit on Wednesday), so I can compare it to Harris’ accomplishments after four years.

  10. “without lying to voters?”

  11. Michael Reagan says:

    Something in President Biden’s speech sparked a thought; sure some of you all have thought of this as well, but it is worth contemplating given the gravity of the issue. Since the World Economic Forum war gamed this very scenario back in October 2020, probably is safe to surmise they also included a conclusion to the Wuhan Virus. Now that the WEF has their people in place to rule America, wonder how long it will actually take to get control of this viral plague? Will be interesting to watch if somehow a fairly swift end comes to this disease or will the powers to be allow it to rage on for another year? Tossing out some speculation to chew on other than Rhode Island Red’s retorts.

    I thought you were going away Red? What’s the deal man?

  12. Architecture of this page is such that we exhausted available Reply tabs above, where Eagle Man was dodging my question by replying:

    “…could you display a little integrity in responding to my question several months ago: DO YOU STILL AGREE WITH THE DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR OF NY DECISION TO REQUIRE NURSING HOMES AND LONG-TERM CARE FACILITIES TO ACCEPT COVID-19 POSITIVE PATIENTS? I cannot wait.”

    Release Caps Lock.

    It’s unclear why-you’ve-been-waiting, since I replied, months ago, to-the-effect: “What’s that got to do with ME?”

    Feel free to refresh-my-memory by pasting-in the link to where-I-did weigh-in-on what happened in New York state. Still not sure why I have standing in whatever-that-issue-was to begin with. I don’t even live there…though I sure do applaud how MY governor — soon to be YOUR Commerce Secretary — has managed the pandemic response that our golfing president left-to the states.

    SHOULD WE WAIT for a translation of “grow a pair” as you bloviated above?

    While we do, this freebie, and its a staple of radio’s better days,a BUMPER STICKER!

    Bring this artwork to Kinkos and print a pile for any sorehead amigos whom today’s stirring moments eluded:

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Not comparing apples to pumpkins with your Gov. and Chinese virus response. I have been through your tiny piece of real estate several times from Mass border to Watch Hill from Providence to Connecticut. The last two counties I have lived in are as large or larger than RI. Saying Texas or Montana or XXXX has managed the Wuhan virus worse than RI is disingenuous at best. Trump can drive a tee shot across RI in three swings.

      • RI is best-COVID-tested state (grab the arm rest) PER CAPITA. This virus preys on people, not acres.

        • Michael Reagan says:

          Maybe I need to rephrase my comment this way: The diversity of the population of Texas that is experiencing a mass migration of Californians, New Yorkers, Oregonians, Illinoisians, and other blue state refugees presents a large problem with getting a handle on vaccinations and what they bring with them disease wise. Toss in the Mexican border issue with illegals crossing everyday of the week, and there is no equal comparison to Rhode Island’s population and ours. The dynamics of fluid populations of the two states cannot be equally stacked up against each other. So YOUR Governor has a bit of an advantage I would think with a lesser population and a state than not many are kicking the doors down to get into.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      If you will recall, the subject of the commentary was the blue state governors’ response to the Covid pandemic. So, I simply asked your opinion about the decision by the governor of New York to require nursing homes to accept Covid-19 positive patients. Since you were defending the wisdom and administrative acumen of the governors of blue states, your opinion on that very cruel and ignorant decision was very relevant to the discussion. “What’s that got to do with ME?. Try this…..your opinion has everything to do with you! Even though you do not have the integrity to state clearly your opinion, let me address your lack of understanding about my statement that Republican leadership needs to “grow a pair”. No Holland, I do not think Ronna McDaniel can or will try to “grow a pair”, but the crux of the recommendation was to be more proactive than reactive. In other words, be more like the Democrats, who have mastered the art of proactive lawsuits, etc. to change voting laws, even if unconstitutional. The “all hands on deck” proactive campaign to get rid of President Trump was a thing to behold, even if shameful. As far as the Republican reaction…..if I hear the terms: “double standard”, “hypocrisy”, “its not fair” again, I think I will be reactive. I will puke! Does this settle your obsession with “a pair” and growing them?

      • ‘Still vague on how I’m accountable to you for public policy decisions in a state where neither of us resides.

        And your stake in whatever happened/didn’t in a nursing home in New York is unclear. For all I know, you may have lost an elderly relative there. If so, I’m really sorry that happened.

        I’m just not read-into the situation, and don’t have an opinion. If ya wanna talk Flint Water — which I have covered, there and since — I can put a whole dinner party to sleep.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          I never implied that you are accountable to me or anyone else “for public policy decisions in a state where neither of us resides”. What I am implying is that you are not a serious person, if you cannot express you opinion on something of such importance. If Governor Abbot or any red state governor had made such a terrible decision, I would have no problem opining that it was a terrible decision. A political party to me is a political party…..not something to be worshipped. Please do not let your political ideology trump your integrity (small t)!

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      While you are applauding your governor, could you stop for a moment, and then give your opinion on violating her own rules about congregating during this pandemic? I know this is another “What’s that got to do with ME?” answer, but give it a shot. This is just the type of leadership we need in the Commerce Department. Should we mention the budget deficit she presided over? This even makes her more qualified to be a part of the new administration?

      • Gina rocks!

        Deficit? Pick-a-state, any state, lately.

        But as General Treasurer she plugged a HUGE hole when she stared-down the unions and capped state employee pension COLAs.

        Stuff like that — and her venture capital background — cause some to wonder if she’s a DINO. ;)

        RE “congregating:” Guilty, if you count her imploring, in person, 10,000 BLM marchers to keep-cool.

        More recently, fake news accused her of dining-without-a-mask at a restaurant (!) NOT-socially-distanced, a telephoto lens made it seem. So your POV is understandable.

        RE Commerce: Who’d you have in mind? We can compare resumes:

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          Care to comment on the previous post? Ideology vs integrity?

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          Now that is what we need….a strong person who will “implore (beg), in person, 10,000 BLM marchers to keep-cool”. I can picture 10,000 BLM being “marchers” playing fifes and drums, being scared stiff and intimidated by such a powerful reprimand! I hope that she immediately apologized for such bullying!

          • From Senate confirmation hearings for Commerce Secretary nominee RI Gov. Gina Raimondo:

            Ron Johnson (R-WI) was fishing for Section 230 smackdown. Raimondo: Social Media companies “need to be held accountable for what they put on their platform” because “misinformation hurts people.” But “reform would have to be balanced against the fact that these platforms require user content and create many jobs.”

            RE Plans for broadband expansion?
            “Every American deserves access to high-quality broadband.”
            “COVID has shown that broadband can save lives.”

            RE Census: “I commit to taking the politics out of Census and relying on expertise to rebuild people’s trust in the Census.”

            RE Climate Change: “Biggest threat we face.” Battling it “will create jobs.”

  13. C M Solomon says:

    George Orwell once stated, “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Someone who has spent a lifetime immersed in the “situational ethics” of Marxist dogma is simply operating with a diseased and illogical mind based on “jello” logic of interpretation and deduction and is unable to have a rational discussion with normal thinkers who value and seek truth over fantasy.

  14. C M Solomon says:

    I often imagine myself as a flaming Liberal, Marxist, or Communist ideologue in order to learn how they think about the world, humanity, and the individual himself and how they would treat the opposition that hold Conservative or Constitutional values. There is no question in my mind that these Communists have always thought of us as ENEMIES (a true existential threat) that are less than human and that must be vanquished from the face of the Earth by whatever means that they can get away with. I refer you to the History of EVERY Communist dictatorship that started out as a Socialist government that sold the benevolent BIG LIE to the conquered masses. The same goes for ANY dictatorial ideology, Fascist, Islamic or otherwise in which the population is subjugated to a level of partial or complete slavery to serve the Will of the State.

    On the other hand, we Conservatives believe in Liberty and the Rights of “individual” Humanity and Sovereignty on which this country was founded as stated in the Declaration of Independence, and therefore, treat ANYONE that hates our beliefs as political OPPONENTS, not ENEMIES (at least until our lives are threatened). That is why we should be alarmed at the new regime that has taken over this country, given their attitude to those they have designated as domestic enemies. They have adopted a new language of deception to redefine ordinary political OPPOSITION as ENEMIES of the State.

    I submit the following link as evidence of this “change in the dialog” that should frighten all of us. We should want to know the TRUTH, no mater how painful it may be to accept. There is an old saying from the 50’s that circulated in our country when the Nuclear threat from the USSR was discussed, i.e., “Better Red than Dead.” Can this be a reality today; given the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) which seems to be interlinked with the new radical Commiecrat Party and the Biden family, in particular? Is “Peaceful Coexistence” (another 50’s phrase) also being considered?

    If the Commiecrats put in place a dictatorial (disenfranchised ballot/voter) system where it is IMPOSSIBLE for a Conservative Representative Republic to lead this Nation again, then we will KNOW that our ENEMY designation is complete and we will NEVER recover as a Nation that reestablishes the principle of: “The Consent of the Governed.” This is the fundamental idea of the foundation of our country in that a government’s legitimacy and moral right to use state power is only justified and lawful when consented to by the people or society over which that political power is exercised.

  15. Since you insist, THIS pretzel logic deserves a salute:

    “Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (government) gives big tech immunity from liability, even when they act as the free press with editorial control. Without this GOVERNMENT exemption, I would agree with allowing free market forces to work.”

    With last month’s birthday flipping both digits, it’s easy to feel like the-oldest-person-in-the-room. And “I REMEMBER WHEN Republicans wanted LESS government regulation” of private industry.

    (And HELL YES we trudged thru snowstorms…unless a grandfatherly voice on AM radio told us “No school!”)

    However Proud you Boys are of didactic spitballs posted here, SOME of us are actually working by appearing here, as I will explain my YouTellMeTexas farewell, responsive to Paul’s next post.

    As previously offered, I’d’ve bid y’all adieu around Christmas…but ya seemed intent on not-quite-explaining whatever reason you’ve lost sleep over my imagined complicity in whatever happened/didn’t in a nursing home in New York.

    Though that topic is losing the room here, I will explain, with genuine gratitude, how your beating this hobby horse to death has actually had value, in my sincere farewell.

    Look for it, responsive to Paul’s forthcoming take on our new president’s call for “Unity.”

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Sorry you were never able to understand the difference between an accusation of complicity, and seeking your opinion on the wisdom of requiring nursing homes to accept Covid-19 positive patients. Seems like a simple question, but evidently it goes over your head and/or integrity. Again, I would have no problem condemning Gov. Abbott or any red state governor for such a cruel, (or hopefully uninformed) executive order; however, so goes the difference in the altars at which we worship. As you roll the drums for your exit, there are 2 messages I would like to leave for you to consider: 1.) With all due respect, in my opinion, you have a gross overestimation of your intelligence and importance. and 2.) This old redneck from Texas wishes for you, your family and future endeavors the rich and enduring blessings of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

  16. C M Solomon says:

    Where are the establishment Republicans in their (missing) defense of Trump supporters (at least 74 million voters – a Republican record) against the Democrat attacks claiming that these Trump Republicans are “potential terrorists”? Don’t they appreciate the loyal Conservatives that worked (in vast numbers with effort and funds) to help secure past Republican victories against the Democrats, specifically the 12 year Bush administrations and in subsequent failed campaigns through the 16 year Clinton and Obama administrations? Don’t these establishment Republicans understand that 87% of the Republican base (most recent poll) supported Trump just before he left office?

    I think the answer is simple. The establishment Republicans are more loyal to the Washington swamp of the Republican and Democrat “good old boys network” (in collusion with corporate lobbyists) than they are to the hard working voters that have supported them through thick and thin. One of the most important successes of the Trump administration is the revelation of the TRUE loyalties of establishment Republicans and their hypocrisy that has NOW been revealed to the Republican base in spades. The elephant symbol for the Republican Party members is appropriate in this case since we will never forget how the establishment Republicans refused to defend us against the vicious charges claimed by the Commiecrat Party. A word to the Republican Party: “Please save your postage costs for solicitations of contributions and leave me alone.”

    • This GOP “Civil War”/identity crisis/call-it-what-you-will is more-broad-than-deep.

      If he weren’t so sly, McConnell’s vanity plate would read SWAMP1.

      He’s been waiting to throw Trump under-the-bus for 4 years, during-which ex-POTUS served-up judicial nominees and other useful items on Establishment Conservatives’ wish list.

      But — sing it with me — when you’re hot, you’re hot; when you’re not you’re not. And when you lose your second consecutive Popular Vote…by 7 million, double the margin you lost by last time…well, do the math. MAGA2020 gear is now discounted deeper than Ivanka’s made-in-Chi-nuh ensemble; and for MyPillow, enter the Promo Code “Who?” because it’ll be hard to find retail.

      On Wednesday afternoon, Mitch & McCarthy were tripping-over each other to push framed flags and framed swearing-in photos in front of TV cameras now following POTUS & VPOTUS.

      And now, as Washington resumes it’s functional “Tip & The Gipper” mode, WATCH INFRASTRUCTURE, a selfie EVERY Congressional Republican wants-in-on, and work and JOBS the USA needs.

      When so-called “Trump tax cuts” exploded the deficit, the do-the-mi wasn’t there. Now — even as Republicans dust-off their fiscal hawk costumes — that money will just…appear. “like it’s a miracle…by April.”

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