At best or at worst.

President Joe Biden speaks during the 59th Presidential Inauguration at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021.(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, Pool)

Most of the talking heads in the media are waxing rhapsodic over President Joe Biden’s inaugural address. Fox News’s Chris Wallace went so far as to call it, “The best inaugural address I have ever heard.” (If that’s the case, Chris, you might consider replaying Ronald Reagan’s inaugural from Jan. 20, 1981. Or maybe John F. Kennedy’s from 20 years earlier.)

In any event, if it was the best inaugural speech Chris Wallace has ever heard, it’s because it’s a low bar. Most inaugural addresses are forgettable…this one included.

But give Biden credit. He said many of the right things – predictable and cliché as those things might be, e.g. “I will be a president for all Americans.” (And if he truly wants the unity about which he spoke, he might want to say to some of the luminaries of his party ixnay on the talk about “deprogramming” Trump supporters.)

All of the media swooning aside, if President Biden’s administration lives up to the tone of his inaugural, we at best return to governance by the same political class that 63 million Americans in 2016 believed had, for 20 or more years, thoroughly misgoverned the country.

Trump’s election in 2016 was a symptom. It was a symptom of societal disease brought about by the fact that the previous two decades under administrations and congresses of both parties were times of endless wars, the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, the stagnation of wages, the hollowing out of the middle class, the exportation of manufacturing and its middle class-supporting wages, millions of poor uneducated, social services-consuming illegal immigrants pouring across the U.S./Mexico border and the rise of a malignant, malfeasant China that was gaining economic and military power at the expense of the United States and its citizens.

Donald Trump’s election victory in 2016 was a shot to the solar plexus of the Washington ruling class. Frustrated working class and middle class voters awoke to the realization that Washington, D.C. is, as George Carlin put it, ”A big club. And you ain’t in it.”

Joe Biden’s victory – be it legitimate or tainted as you are inclined to believe– is a return to power of the political class that Trump voters rejected four years ago. At best it will mark a return to pre-Trump policies. Seventy-four million voters will be none too happy about that.

But at worst it will mark a sharp turn to the left. For the second time in as many cycles the Dem leadership had to rig the game to keep socialist Bernie Sanders from winning the nomination. Crazy Bernie’s far-left acolytes are none too happy themselves.

The Bernie Bros, together with AOC and her “squad” of radical leftists in the House, will be working overtime to pull the Biden administration to the left. Don’t be surprised when you learn that Biden isn’t really his own man.

And, though he leaves under a cloud, don’t be surprised a year or so from now when nostalgia for Donald Trump takes root and begins to blossom.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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18 Responses

  1. Ron Eagleman says:

    Precisely Paul, and your last paragraph contains the reason that they are pulling out all stops to make sure that Trump never again has the opportunity to upset the apple cart aka the feeding trough. Even beyond the MAGA doctrine, the Potomac polluters want to let any other patriotic citizen know that it is not a wise decision to try to drain the swamp. Who in his/her right mind would sacrifice family, fortune, and sanity to run on such a platform? When there are so many bureaucrats who depend on big government to support the lifestyle to which they are accustomed, it becomes a kitchen table issue. The bureaucracy includes those who, as Sen. Schumer noted, “have six ways from Sunday to get back at you”. Sadly, this bureaucracy also includes many in the Republican party who want to remain on the A-List in the D.C. aristocracy. Furthermore, as Thomas Jefferson warned: “an educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people”. When many of our graduates cannot read or write their own name, I think it is fair to say that they may not be able to filter a lot of the B.S. Sorry, I am so pessimistic…..I think it is time to go pour a nice chilled glass of Kiepersol Vit. Salute!

  2. C M Solomon says:

    I like to think ahead of the opposition, particularly when they are angry. When new rulers think they have come into unlimited power, this is how they think about YOU. Morality or Fairness is never considered. As in most Communist dictatorships, the individual is nothing more than a “statistic” on a ledger of “benefit (cooperative) or burden (uncooperative)” to the Party Overlords. For those who want to stay alive and to be able to receive meager benefits from the Party, it is necessary that they continuously prove their loyalty and service to the Party Masters.

    There are no Laws that can be trusted, only the ability of the individual “statistic” to keep his Master happy in order to stay on the “good” side of the ledger. Your freedom to think for yourself and plan your life is not important or to be tolerated. You have NO property. You have become Service property of the Party itself. Get used to it; you have NO escape (ballots don’t matter anymore). This is the Utopia that guarantees harmony for the Masters to lead a happy life as Party managers of “statistics” for the common good and THAT is all that matters, keeping the Master happy and secure in his position of ultimate authority. If you don’t believe me, read up on their draconian plans of subjugation of the masses to benefit the collective dogma.

    Practically speaking, the Union of Socialist States of America (USSA) is now a new country as of Jan. 6, 2021. The Constitution has been superseded by the Rule of Man where the Party dogma is paramount. In the last 24 hours, 60-80 thousand jobs have been eliminated by executive order, with more to follow. All it takes is for our new Commiecrat Party Masters to fear a rebellion is underway in which they would invoke Martial Law where ALL property is nationalized along with the population, itself. In this new regime, beware of poking the Dragon or YOU may become surplus and left to suffer, alone.

    The only way around this dark future of heartless tyranny is for the State of Texas to assert its ultimate authority as the superior and Lawful power having been granted its sovereignty by “The Consent of the Governed,” the foundation of a State government’s legitimacy and reason for existence. Don’t forget that if Texas were a nation, it would rank as the 10th largest economy in the world based on GDP. Why should we accept tyranny from the Commiecrats as our inevitable fate? The USSA has not asked or been given our consent to be governed by this new form of tyranny. There is NO common ground on which we can coexist together without forced external domination that we should legally reject based on moral grounds, alone! The time to protect our Liberty has arrived – there is no time for delay!

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Amen Brother! The war on us Deplorables, the war on fossil fuels, war of population subjugation by viral weaponry, war on our sovereignty as a nation a.k.a illegal mass migration with the goal of citizenry for all and dissolved borders, war on our nation of laws (the elite can do whatever they wish; we the little people do as they say period! ) and constitution, war to silence ANY First Amendment speech with cancellations galore, war on the streets via antifa and BLM, war on law enforcement, on and on. I would think we are at war domestically huh? Seems to me an awakening needs to happen pretty darn quickly before 100 days of tyranny has stomped us into submission. We better be in contact with our State Reps and Senators now! DO NOT FORGET YOUR SHERIFF, that person is the last line of defense against the Feds. YOU NEED TO KNOW where they stand; that is incredibly important.

  3. Buddy Saunders says:

    Paul, Ron, C..M, I’m with you all in thought and we will be together in deed as well. There is much we can do. All is very far from lost. We are just getting started. For example, one thing I am doing as a business person is sharing my thoughts and ideas with my customers, via a weekly blog that is accessed (for those who want to read it) via a link in my weekly (every Tuesday) email that goes out to 30,000-plus customers. I’ve been doing the blog for several weeks now, refining it, very much a works in progress, but doing something is important, and thus far I’ve received excellent feedback. Sure, I’ve gotten a couple of really nasty email, and several customers in typical other-side-rage have said they will no long order from me (I tell them my country is more important to me than their next order), but the vast majority of feedback has been very positive both from those who share my political views and those who do not (and if anything, our already sold sales are more solid than ever). And I have been very clear in where I stand. I am polite to everyone, even the most nasty, and I print every email received, verbatim, in the name of free speech. Also working with my employees. Once the Chinese Virus is better controlled, I plan to take three or four employees to lunch once a week, starting with conservative, then adding the more liberal, with them mostly talking and me mostly listening. It is easier than you think to get a liberal young person to see that both political parties need to be held to account.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      America definitely needs more patriots like you! Your actions exhibit the big difference in talking the talk and walking the walk. I always enjoy and am inspired by your posts. Thanks for being our blogging buddy, Buddy!

      • Michael Reagan says:

        Do not forget the elementary, Jr. High, and High Schools! Replacement of the 1776 educational program with this 1691 project will be disastrous. Education Commissars are kicking this into overdrive to brain wash our kids. Two of my nephews who go to school in Florida have already had a teacher tell them they were Democrats! One believes it strongly. I gave him a lesson this last summer in free markets and communism. As long as I was in the room he was acting as a free capitalist but later the other nephew told me forget trying to change him, that will not happen now. Thank God the other nephew understands; but batting 500 ain’t going to help in this struggle. We must force ourselves to attend school board meetings and talk to these board members about this garbage being taught to our younger children.

        Also, here in Tyler a certain company that sells natural gas has already introduced “white superiority deprogramming” training. One employee told me they have attended two such sessions. It’s here folks!

        Yes, way to go Buddy! Great job indeed!

    • Michael Reagan says:

      NEVER underestimate the State of Texas. We obviously are doing things right and have been for some time. We definitely are not ignorant or stupid. And we will stand up for our God given rights; unlike some states that are populated with sheeple.

      • Buddy Saunders says:

        There will never be any “white superiority deprogramming” training at my company. We have 120 employees, white, black and brown, and we all get along just great without any of that progressive nonsense–nonsense intened to divide people rather than bring them together.

  4. C M Solomon says:

    I really wasn’t ready to post until I had compiled an additional set of facts to illustrate the march towards Marxism that is moving at a frightening pace in this country that is currently under “cancel culture” transformation. This video I am recommending below is a great exposure of the problems at hand and I am afraid that it may be purged because it contains too much TRUTH about the many issues we have raised. Please catch it before it disappears. It should be worth every minute of your time and it illustrates that some Patriots are willing to stand up for our American values in spite of the risks at hand.

    Law Professor responds to WOKE University
    122,627 views, Jan 10, 2021, 31:07 min
    David K. Clements

    • It’s still there!
      Now 144,300 views.
      “The Cancel Culture” is slipping…

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Amazing to watch the faux police move the barricades and leisurely step aside for the crowd to advance; or wave the crowd on toward the Capital building. Never mind the buses of Antifa being escorted there???? What the hey! Democrat Party standard response is to deflect, lie, and bait and switch. How in the world did you find that video? Great job C.M.

      • C M Solomon says:

        I’m so glad that Paul is giving us this forum to trade ideas on current events. Free speech is so wonderful! It’s too bad our “opponents” don’t honor the Constitution and will try to dehumanize us as a “danger to the public” and justify censorship as a result. I have additional “educational” material to post but need a little more time to prepare it and keep it brief and on the subject at hand. I just hope the video evidence doesn’t go away in the meantime.

        The Commiecrats can always be counted on to be guilty of all the horrors that they falsely blame us for, particularly since their free propaganda pukes will vomit it 24 hours a day and fool 45-50% of the population.

        Thanks for your appreciation, Michael!

      • I watched this twice, and lost count of the splices. What was cut-out? Suppressed? And by WHOM?

        Stick with it to the very end. Agree-or-disagree with this guy, but why isn’t his entire testimony intact?

        • C M Solomon says:

          OH Please! He made his own novice video to cut out pauses or allow for restatement of ideas that he wanted to convey. What’s wrong with YOU? Have you hit bottom, yet?

          • THANK YOU for asking.
            I have.

            And THANK YOU Paul, for
            That name alone is genius.
            The best radio talkers are great listeners.

            And now, my YTMT finale, which will end with the two words it began.

            THANK YOU, everyone here, for your participation.
            Though few here were kind, some have been curious.
            WHY have I welcomed scorn as your undaunted YTMT court jester?

            Simple: Sheer capitalism!

            Your attention is my clients’ inventory. Like any business, media grow by earning additional traffic from existing customers.

            And y’all are one loquacious focus group, articulating pleasure and pain in words and phrases that are GOLD…triggers MOST-useful to shaping messages for my clients, typically Conservative media platforms. The grassroots research I’ve accomplished here has helped us keep pace.

            In a succinct, temperate Inaugural Address — punctuated by a Garth Brooks “Amazing Grace” I’ve downloaded for keeps — our new president asked “those who did not support me,” only to “Hear me out as we move forward.”

            Calling this “our historic moment of crisis and challenge,” the president pledged that “unity will move us forward.” Moments later, Rush Limbaugh was hollering that “Biden is not serious about unity!”

            Having heard-out the new president, and Paul’s reply above, and digesting your chime-ins, my work here is done.

            When 5 died as Trump supporters desecrated the U.S. Capitol, the Cold Civil War already underway went-hot:

            Even as January 6 perpetrators are being apprehended, dark conspirators continue plotting. The FBI is earning our tax dollars. As we’ve said of foreign terrorists: “We have to get-it-right every time. They only have to get-it-right once.”

            For cooler heads content to relegate the USA’s first Civil War to history, this offer, an objet d’art I part with wistfully:

            In closing, PLEASE KNOW that my contributions here have not been yanking your chain. Though provocative-by-design, viewpoints I’ve offered @YTMT are my heartfelt personal beliefs, if not my professional narrative.

            So I do respect your counterpoints; and I applaud whatever curiosity you can muster. As our dear, departed colleague demonstrated, curiosity is a gift:

            As I depart this particular platform, your views will continue to be welcome @HollandCooke on Twitter, and I’m on Facebook.

            Though science tells us a dark winter looms, there ARE brighter days ahead. So, to quote Shep,’ #FollowTheFauci, and stay safe.

            Be of-good-cheer.
            At least try, willya?
            And THANK YOU.

  5. C M Solomon says:

    Thanks to YOU, H C, as well. It has been great to see into the mind of how the opposition thinks about me, a Conservative Constitutional American Patriot that values Liberty over anything else. Rule by an authoritarian oligopoly of elitists that see me as a “statistic” to be managed as cattle in a field (since I am too dumb to run my own life with Freedom at the core) is not my style of the Unalienable Rights and the “Pursuit of Happiness” as my Creator established and ordained for me and the World at large. My earlier comments below seem appropriate at this point.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Mr. Cooke (and Mr. Solomon please forgive me for replying to Mr. Cooke as our “replies” have run their course) as you are well aware, New Hampshire folks subscribe to the motto, “Live Free or Die”. A really strong statement by anyone’s measure. One that is abrupt and intimidating to say the least; indicating far more than just bodily harm, agreed? Texans, and I mean born, bred, and blooded Texans live by a motto similar to that but much more polite. Do you remember Charlie Reese? I do miss his editorials. He wrote an editorial that quoted , “Southerner’s will be polite to you, right up to the point you make them mad enough to kill you.” That pretty much describes all the true Texan’s I have had the Blessing and pleasure to grow up with and be around. Live free or die; but be polite first. Biden, the Democrats, and their handlers do not subscribe to that. Nor does Washington general. Do I know the future, of course not; no one really does. But I do know what the World Economic Form (Counsel) or whatever these Globalist are called want to do to the USA and Texas. You do too or you are being disingenuous to the rest of us. I know you can read and interpret correctly what you read; right? Well, this election was about two major talking points: A. Beating President Trump because he is the one gigantic obstacle to implementing Globalist policy. B. The march to a One World Government and subjugation of the masses of sheeple to be turned into worker bees. Good and evil defined. Man’s laws versus God’s Laws.

      Again, fortunately Texas maintains a conservative base and a base that will go to bat for it’s citizens. Also, Texas is gaining conservative people from all around the country to combat the growing tide of knuckleheads bent on destroying our traditions and history. They are leaving their Blue states in mass to escape the insanity and oppression the Left brings to the table. DO YOU REALLY WANT CHRISTMAS AND OUR OTHER TRADITIONS TO BE REPLACED WITH AN ALTERNATE FORM OF WHO KNOWS WHAT? Seriously and no nonsense; that is where we are headed. Do you deny that? Do you deny the changes of school names, destruction of historical statues, altering of historical texts, and outright fundamental change of America is a myth? That Fundamental Change of America, Barack H. Obama droned on about is what we are seeing today. Say a lie enough and it becomes the truth. NEVER let a crisis go to waste. Fundamental change America. Change America to what? I think we already know that by now and so do you.

      Sorry you are going to leave us. Hate for “your clients” to miss out on us “Good Ole Southern Boys and Gals”. Message is really simple and Thank You New Hampshire for the motto: LIVE FREE OR DIE. But, be polite first. Peace.

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