Hey, did you hear the one about the election…?

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Listen to Hey, did you hear the one about the election…?

My dad had a great sense of humor and one of the things he taught me is that for a joke to be funny, it has to have a basis in truth.

Thus, I was interested to overhear the following at a lunch gathering on Thursday, Feb. 11, 2021 – 100 days exactly since the November 2020 presidential election. Said the jokester at the table next to me:

Hey, did you hear about the Super Bowl? Yeah, they found four mail-in touchdowns and the Kansas City Chiefs have now won it 37-31.”

Everyone laughed.

If it’s true that for a joke to be funny it has to contain a kernel of truth, the truth behind this joke is that with 100 days having passed since the November 3 election, upwards of half of voters believe that Joe Biden’s election victory is like the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl LV victory.

Which is to say, it didn’t really happen.

The Left – via its near total control of the media, academia, Big Tech, the entertainment industry and the executive suites of the biggest corporations in the country – has done a superb job of placing a tinfoil hat on the head of anyone who still dares to raise questions about the integrity of the November 3 election. The Left insists that all allegations of election fraud have been, “debunked.” Tweet something to the effect that you have your suspicions and your Twitter account is subject to being flagged, suspended or outright deleted. Press your case in certain quarters and you face “cancellation” – in the latest iteration of that word’s definition.

“The courts have found that there was no election fraud,” the lefty pundits say. No reporter ever challenges that statement even though it is demonstrably untrue. No court has made any such finding. That’s because with respect to lawsuits concerning the election filed by multiple parties in courts at every level – including one filed by the State of Texas at the U.S. Supreme Court – not a single evidentiary hearing was ever held. All of the suits were disposed of on procedural or jurisdictional grounds. There was never examination and cross examination of evidence, the means by which disputes are settled in this republic and the very purpose for which our courts were established.

It was reasonable to ask at the time, and it’s reasonable to ask 100 days later, that if the left believes that Biden’s election truly was on the up & up, why such a visceral reaction to anyone who dares even whisper a question about it?

We opined in this space six days after the election that Joe Biden would have been well served to cooperate in getting to the bottom of the concerns raised by the Trump campaign. Had he done so, the country might have been spared the mayhem at the Capitol on January 6 and President Biden might have avoided millions of voters mentally placing an asterisk beside his name.

As things stand, the asterisk remains while resentment still simmers.

And that’s no joke.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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14 Responses

  1. Richard Anderson says:

    Great column Mr. Gleiser. Keep telling the truth to a world full of journalists* (*so-called) who don’t even have the fundamental desire to inquire about what the facts are. You do, as you stated above and it’s damning to those journalists who are bent on prevaricating no matter the cost to American citizens like you, me, and 320+ million others.

    There will remain an asterisk by President Biden*, IMHO, as he is indeed ILLEGITIMATE.* It is my hope that he be even MORE loudly renounced and replaced in 2025 by a conservative governing and legitimate president like we just had for the last four years.

    Biden is a FAKE surrounded by those who control him* –*i.e. elitist leftist globalists– who care more about their own agenda than The United States of America. And that agenda is aligned with globalist communist China, NOT our own Constitutional Republic, the U.S.A., a nation of FREEDOM, LIBERTY, and JUSTICE under GOD as Founded in 1776. That’s what bugs these leftist people who loathe America. They loathe it because of our Founding Ideals as written down in the Declaration, the Constitution, and The Federalist Papers.

    We are a nation of millions of AMERICAN patriots from every walk of life who STILL cherish rugged individualism and Capitalism and will NEVER relinquish our uniquely American way of Life!

    President Trump isn’t going anywhere. Nor or those who liked what he accomplished. Things such as..

    Energy Independence (which Biden is trying hard to sabotage)
    Manufacturing brought back to the U.S.A.
    Border Wall (again Biden working against America wants wide open illegal immigration)
    Best performing economy since post WWII

    Just a few of the many accomplishments of DJT as 45th POTUS. But I believe he is going to be back in “The Oval,” sooner rather than later.

    The American People are not dumb, and are not going to be won over by the rubbish Democrats are trotting out and putting forth as new ideas. They’re NOT new, but OLD. For the green new deal so-called is nothing but socialist/fascist/Marxism in camouflage. As a result, Democrats are going to be sent home in 2022, and even more in 2024. For they are the very embodiment of EVERYTHING that is WRONG in Washington, D.C., and state capitols across America.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Richard, with you and Paul 100%. You are saying exactly the things I am saying in a new weekly blog I created a few weeks back, a blog that is accessible to all 30,000+ customers that my business sends a weekly update to regarding their hobby, comic books. In my customer email, I include a link to my political blog, that link saying,

      “Buddy’s Soap Box, where even hearty souls venture at their peril! Buddy’s conservative commentary–pearls of wisdom or raving, depending on your perspective–do not appear in this email. For my political opinion which I hide from no one, click blog link to Buddy’s Soap Box.”

      Nothing is forced on anyone this way, but even so, I already have several hundred readers and that number grows a bit each week. My aim is to put conservative views before an audience that tends to be both young and liberal. The response thus far, along with a few cranks, has been pretty gratifying. I hope to first reassure conservative comic fans that they are far from alone, and secondly to over time and with logic and reason, help others to see that conservatism offers more than liberalism.

      • Richard Anderson says:

        That’s great what you are doing. The more people are exposed to conservatism, and what it’s really all about, the more people will see that it’s better than any other alternative.

  2. R Daniel King says:

    You just shot a double Robin Hood with this comment. I really enjoy your comments. Take care.

  3. Michael Reagan says:

    Thanks Paul, as always, you are spot on. Interesting experience eluding to your ending comment concerning, “As things stand, the asterisk remains while resentment still simmers.” Had to take my elderly dad to a dermatologist yesterday (Wednesday). While sitting in the waiting room, I was politely listening in on two vocal conversations by couple other patients. Man O Man were they steamed at this impeachment crapola, the election, and President Biden in general. The simmering factor seems to be at the boiling point for some. These two separate individuals independently made loud comments to the effect of, “I don’t care who hears me. I will shout it from the roof tops the election was stolen and Biden is a fraud.” I so wanted to join in those conversations but the temperature was too hot and venue not really appropriate for the decibel rating. But, case and point, these are not the only people I have run across in Tyler area that are sick and tired of the antics of the Dems. Everyone has voiced the theme of mobilizing America to vaccinate and eliminate the darn Chinese virus. I agree on that 100%. IF Biden truly wanted to “unify” the nation; mobilize and vaccinate this plague away from our shores. Of course that is not in their plans.

    Thanks again for giving us a voice.

  4. Ron Eagleman says:

    The Eagle man has been the Mourning Dove man for the last couple of weeks, but from my perspective, the essays and commentary have been dead solid perfect!! Yes, America is good! Why else would so many be risking everything to get here? True, some come to take advantage of the welfare system, but so many more come to be a part of a free and fair society. If America is racist, why do so many people of color want to come here to be subjected to bigotry? For the logical thinker, the leftist’s claims make no sense; but any wannabe dictatorship needs useful idiots to support the “cause”. However, when the “cause” is achieved, these useful idiots are no longer useful, so they simply become idiots again. They will have the privilege of chasing after the same garbage trucks as everyone else. Of course, this cabal of media, academia, big tech, entertainment, and corporate heads that Paul describes, will never admit that they were driving the getaway car for the thieves who stole our freedom and prosperity. But hold on, we need to give President Biden credit for the foresight to terminate the Keystone Pipeline project, along with thousands of direct and indirect jobs. Who would ever have guessed that it would have such an immediate and profound effect on global warming? Brrrr.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      So this proves beyond a shadow a doubt the Nevada election was on the up and up? Is that what you are saying here? Just to be crystal clear.

  5. John G. says:

    This shows that there was in fact an evidentiary hearing. Paul should really correct his article.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Judge James Todd Russell attended and graduated from Carson High School in 1965 and received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno, in 1969. He graduated from the University of Pacific, McGeorge School of Law in 1974, after serving as a 1st Lieutenant in the United States Army from 1969-1971.
      Judge Russell worked as a Law Clerk at the Nevada Supreme Court from 1974 to 1975; and as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Nevada from 1975 to 1976. From 1976 to 2006, he was in private practice in Carson City, Nevada, during which time he had extensive civil litigation experience.
      Judge Russell was appointed District Court Judge of the First Judicial District Court on January 1, 2007. He is married to Jeanne, and has two grown children, Matthew and Timothy.

      Appointed. That is about all I can find.

  6. Michael Reagan says:

    Lets see, the Supreme Court failed to hear anything from the multiple States that filed for a hearing. Huh. Not even given the time of day for Due Process.

    By the way, you know Judges are activist too; do you not? Who is to say the Nevada judge is not a Democratic activist? Can you clear that up? Was this judge appointed by a Democratic President? I will google this one; but since YOU brought it up. Help us out please.

  7. A. G. says:


    Ballotpedia’s report:

    A little more background on the judge from a 2013 article:

    Russell was appointed by former Democrat-turned-Moderate Republican Gov Kenny Guinn, deceased. (Guinn died in a fall from the roof of his home while making repairs to the roof.) If the descriptor “moderate” means the same thing to this author as it does to most of us, I think we can assume the Governor was a “RINO”.

    Sometimes a look at the one doing the appointing tells you a lot about the appointee: If you’re interested, here is more information (for what it’s worth) on the late former Governor:

  8. Colin Jensen says:

    Folks, regarding the “evidence” in the linked hearing, let me point out a few things that jump out at me as one working in that industry. First, as you see on page one, the case was filed on November 17, all evidence was due on December 2 for a hearing on December 3, and the Court ruled on it on December 4. If you’ve ever so much as contested a traffic ticket, you know that’s not a lot of time to make a sincere argument or do original research. Read into that what you will, but it ain’t science. Quite the contrary, it leads one to see the judge’s editorial as nothing more than a survey of whatever media he consumed that week. Second, even if you don’t read the document, notice one more thing on page one: this is a random city/county judge. There are 3,000 counties in the USA and therefore lots of county judges with various opinions. This is not a federal court making a binding decision; this is a guy with no more knowledge than you or I, no more training than you or I in the issues at hand, no experts to rely on or consult, and only slightly more authority than you or I to opine. I’m not disparaging the man, just dialing back the exaggerated import of his “findings of fact.” He simply does not have any data by which to make such findings, which you will quickly see if you read the document linked above. It is simply and only a summary of that week’s talking points, with the word “fact” slapped on there solely to silence discussion (which, to be fair, is what judges are supposed to do in a court case; It’s just not the path to truth.)

    “That’s my word, what’s yours, respond below at youtellmetexas dot com.”

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Amen brother; well stated! This may step on your toes a little, “as one working in the industry”, but I have always been amazed at the transformation of a political hack to a wise and impartial jurist by simply donning a black robe. It does not seem possible that the robe would have any magical powers to make such a transformation. It seems more likely that under that robe you still have a political hack. Anyway, your analysis as to how the finding of “no clear and convincing proof” could be entered is very logical and well-expressed. Thanks for weighing in on this case.

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