Should he or shouldn’t he?

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Paul GleiserShould he or shouldn't he?

The bet among most is that Donald Trump is going to run again in 2024, which begs this question. Should Trump run again in 2024?

The unfolding disaster of the Biden presidency is a gift to Donald Trump. Soaring gasoline prices, runaway inflation, rampant crime, the day-by-day catastrophe on the southern border, the shambolic withdrawal from Afghanistan and foreign policy chaos under Joe Biden are all stark reminders of better times not that long ago.

Had Biden simply taken Trump’s playbook, made a few alterations to it to appease his lefty base, and otherwise left the key elements of Trumpism in place – that is to say principally border policy and energy policy – Biden would be credited today with running a successful administration.

But Biden came into office and in literally the first hours began undoing as much Trump policy as he could. Biden’s poll numbers are now in the 30s and sinking like a stone. He’s ripe to be picked off, which suggests that a Trump 2024 candidacy would be an easy win.

But is a second Trump run a good idea?

I was late boarding the Trump train. I did so only as I became increasingly convinced that he was the one guy who would stand up to the corrupt corporate media and the entrenched Washington establishment.

The strength of America – indeed the strength now of Western democracies – is the great American invention that we call the middle class. The middle class was in steady decline prior to Trump’s presidency. The Trump economy and policy agenda reversed that decline. That reversal has now again been reversed.

Which argues for Trump 2.0.

But if Trump runs, the now hyper-progressive Democratic Party and a fatally corrupt media will align to destroy him – personally. Every day will bring some new “bombshell” revelation — something, anything – that can be stretched or bent or simply conjured out of thin air to fit a virulently anti-Trump narrative (e.g. Russian collusion). The resulting distraction will take too many eyes off the very serious problems that now confront the country.

Trump is by no means innocent in his own suffering. His penchant for personal attacks and name calling when silence would speak louder creates needless agita. Many times, even as he stood astride great policy success, Trump was his own worst enemy.

Has he learned anything? My fear is that he hasn’t.

So, for all that I appreciated about his presidency, I’m a “no” on Trump 2024. Of course, I will always admire Donald Trump for what he accomplished, despite having been screwed royally by a corrupt media, a corrupt Democratic Party, a cosmically corrupt Department of Justice and a distressing number of gutless Republicans.

Trump policy will be on the ballot in 2024. Perhaps Trump’s greatest accomplishment is that Trumpism is now well baked into the Republican Party pie.

Which is why Trump the man can and should sit this one out. For the sake of the country and the party, Trump’s proper role is now kingmaker, rather than king.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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28 Responses

  1. Mark J Mueller says:

    Paul, you hit a home run again. Keep up the great work. I always look forward to seeing and reading you comments.

    Good Luck and God Bless You.
    Mark J. Mueller

  2. Jon and Brenda Nutter says:

    Great post today. And thank you for putting it here in audio. We listen to your post on the radio each Friday but this audio helps me to be able to share it with others when we aren’t near a radio, when I’m out and about. I really appreciate it.

  3. Chuck says:

    Bittersweet, and true. I’m glad I don’t have to make the call.

  4. Elan B says:

    As a rape survivor I am conficted by the Republican party , though I did vote for President Trump. Have worked in politics, both sides of the aisle, but at this pnt have no one to vote for in the governor’s race. It is odd to me that most talk show hosts are male, who can never have children from a rape, want even young teen and pre teen girls or women to not have access even to the RU 486 pill. All of these hosts should volunteer to take in at least two babies from teens and or women forced to have children from rape. Often female athletes don’t have periods for months and even more often women onot report rapes due to the pressure involved in the exam and followup.

  5. Chris Taylor says:

    I have admired your common sense views for years and think you should be in the national spotlight. You speak for me on 99.9% of the issues and I like knowing there are those that speak up today that reflect my beliefs, certainly I don’t get that from politicians at any level.
    I would say that Donald Trump will get my vote if he runs again and I would put money on it that he will. I don’t know if that will do him any good since the swing states that led to the 2020 national election Trump loss have done nothing to correct the many avenues of apparent voter fraud. I’m skeptical about everything American now as I don’t recognize this country anymore.

  6. Howard Ferguson says:

    While He draws the ire of the Adam Kinzingers fixed and dilated , he could well make way for a Nikki Haley or Ron Desantis . King maker it is !

  7. Matthew says:

    King maker rather than king ? Interesting choice of words I must say,surely you jest. No previous policy or current policy would make much if any difference in the dominoe affect of rebound from a global shutdown that occurred due to Covid and all the uncertainty on how best to handle things. It’s amazing how much it’s not mentioned. You would think it never happened when listening to many conversations, political that is. Yet with much advertising of companies etc they’re constantly reminding consumers of the lingering affects, even in conservative arenas it’s readily mentioned, funny how that works. So again like so much,when it’s convenient there is a supply shortage due to rebound ( global) supply, when it’s about gouging at the pump, big donors contributions, votes, it’s one man who is causing all the problems apparently world wide. It’s all absolutely incredible, that one man apparently indirectly controls the world’s economy, according to rhetoric it suggests that is whats happening and many seem to believe . So much nonsense, lies, and yet so many seem to not care, one team speaks only the truth,the other is all lies, does that even sound right,well I guess for some.

  8. Greg R says:

    Paul, as a staunch Trump supporter I have to agree with you. Even though I know in my heart that the 2020 election was stolen from him I hope he puts all his chips behind Desantis if we can convince him to run. Hopefully his wife conquers her battle with cancer so he can focus on being the next POTUS. Ted Cruz would be my second choice

  9. Ron Eagleman says:

    Even though there are definitely some negatives regarding the Queens, NY personality of President Trump, I still think he has the best chance to turn this country away from the abyss on which she now is perched. I do not know of anyone else, including Gov. DeSantis, who has the fortitude, management skills, and personal wealth to withstand the onslaught that is coming for the next Republican presidential candidate. The Trump administration, in spite of the unprecedented headwinds, was able to accomplish an amazing amount of progress for our country. When he was a candidate, I was skeptical about his sincere conservative values, but he proved to me that he would work non-stop “to make America great again”! If he still has the fire in his belly, even knowing what is in store for him, I would like to give him a chance. America truly needs a fighter with sharp elbows to get us back on track; not one that will get cold feet at the first critical article in the NY Times, and is anxious to “reach across the aisle”! You never know, the House of Representatives may also be more supportive, and will not have articles of impeachment ready every time he utters a mean word. The fact that the Democrats are in a full court press to disqualify him, tells me that they also see him as a significant obstacle to their leftist march.

  10. Linda M says:

    Give people some credit in not falling for the left’s slimey tactics they pulled in President Trump’s first term again. The left has a way of wearing things out if something works once, they just keeping doing it, such as the race card, until people get a belly full of it and start ignoring their lies. What the left hates most about President Trump is the fact he showed the American people what can be accomplished when promises made are kept. And what happens when America is put first instead of last. President Trump put out there for all to see all the failure of democrat policies. Which has been demonstrated profoundly by the person occupying the Whitehouse at the present moment. With President Trump, you have to look beyond the part of his personality you don’t like and look at the things he accomplished DESPITE what he was put through. This man endured what no other man could have or would have…and WHY? Because President Trump LOVES AMERICA and the AMERICAN PEOPLE. If he was in this just for what he could gain, do you think he would have donated his salary to charities? Name one other President who has done the same. I’m for President Trump again!

  11. Matthew says:

    Pence for President ? I seem to hear little talk of that. I do realize there is a lot of people that are shielded from information ( on video ) not hear
    say) if you’re so called news is from certain outlets, maybe I’ve missed it . After all he was Trumps right hand man . Maybe a Pence and Gohmert ticket ,or Pence and Green, or Pence and Gaetz,after all these folks are the new future apparently of the Republican party, to name just a few,let’s not forget Pence and Cruz,just a thought.

    • Linda M says:

      Have you forgotten WHY we are in the mess we are in now? It lay squarely on pence’s shoulders. He tried to make us believe he was just “doing his job” but it was his JOB to see that the election was on the up and up. It wasn’t and he knew it. pence would NEVER have my vote!

  12. Ron Eagleman says:

    After trying to understand one of the previous posts, I must admit that I miss Holland Cooke’s contributions to this platform. Although I disagreed with most of his politics, he always communicated his positions clearly and respectfully. I must confess that his arguments made me reconsider some of my opinions, and that is what is so important about this forum. We benefit from those who can effectively make the case for a different viewpoint. I hope he is well, and would chime in occasionally.

    • Matthew says:

      I suggest watching the Jan 6 ,proceedings, why not , one might learn something interesting, but then again. The end justifies the means apparently for many anymore. It’s probably just all lies and political theater. Not sure what the ” End ” is , maybe just a romantic fanciful state of mind for the most part. It helps many to hate and blame others ,regardless of political affiliation. Sign of the times, very sad.

  13. As usual, you make a very good point – and Trump will probably live longer if he is kingmaker rather than face the rigors of the Presidency. I differ with you on the “all Biden had to do was” part of your piece. It frustrates me to hear that kind of thing as if the Democrats did not have a complete “war gamed” strategy that started with what was an obvious skewing of votes – the video and recount information has proved that happened. But Obama, the Consortium of Behavioral Scientists, Craig Fox of UCLA and various other new world order types have been working since Obama first took office on a plan to retake our government and transform it. Sasha Issenberg’s Book The Victory Lab is one of their primers for how it all works, its not even a new book. Our team is still playing with checkers and the gentlemen’s rulebook on everything. These people are cutting every corner to win. Winning is all they are about – they, sure as death and taxes, don’t have a plan to govern by the Constitution. They do have a plan to rule.

  14. buddy says:

    Paul, rarely do I disagree with you, but in this case I absolutely do. For years, the Republican Party has been little more than the Democrat party in slow motion. As the Democratic Party drifted further to the left, so did the Republican Party leadership.

    The Democrats have lurched toward full-blown socialism, which inevitably takes nations into a mix of communism and totalitarianism. If the Republican Party continues with the leadership we’ve endured since the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency, the party’s shift to the left will continue.

    Voters, middle class and poor alike, have endured the leaders of both parties that lie to us, while getting rich through pork barrel deals, insider-trading trading, general self-serving graft, and above all, pocketing millions from corporations, and even enemy nations.

    Donald Trump changed all of that. Against enormous odds from all corners of the establishment, including the Republican Party, Donald Trump delivered. He did what he promised to do. He did not lie to us. And as a consequence we prospered and were the better for it!

    All the lying came from the other side. And Donald Trump did indeed win election.

    I do not give a hang if Trump’s occasional behavior and comments disturb the very people that constantly attack him without justification. Some of those people, especially those in the media and Hollywood, are among rude and crudest in the land.

    Judge Trump on his accomplishments. He has delivered, despite effort from every direction to tear him down and to block the agenda he promised us.

    Paul when you say, “I was late boarding the Trump train. I did so only as I became increasingly convinced that he was the one guy who would stand up to the corrupt corporate media and the entrenched Washington establishment.” I’m with you there

    But when you say, “So, for all that I appreciated about his presidency, I’m a “no” on Trump 2024. Of course, I will always admire Donald Trump for what he accomplished, despite having been screwed royally by a corrupt media, a corrupt Democratic Party, a cosmically corrupt Department of Justice and a distressing number of gutless Republicans.” It pains me to see you in essence run up the flag us surrender.

    If President Donald Trump elects to run for a second term, he will have my absolute support and if nominated I will contribute heavily towards his election.

    And if it becomes clear that the Republican establishment attempts to undermine Trump’s reelection efforts and they succeed, I will not vote for the publican candidate, whoever the party elites select

    • Linda M says:

      Buddy I agree with most of what you say. President Trump not only had to endure the badgering from the left but the rinos in the republican party. Hard row to hoe but he did it like a true ole War Horse…the kind we need to get us back on track!

      • Matthew says:

        He didn’t endure anything, he loves it . It’s all just one big theater performance for him. Very much like those TV evangelist. That’s why he got in front of the camera so often .He loves telling ( constantly) how smart he is,and how incompetent everyone else is,especially when he has no more use for them, you know that loyalty thing,willingness to be the fall guy. He has used and still is some of the old tried and true “Propagandist ” tactics there are. Repeat over and over again, same thing his boy Shaun does on his shows. And yes he’s been taking everyday people’s money still to this day. I can only imagine how much his fans haven’t seen and heard ,because it’s intentionaly not reported on where they get their information.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      I do not know if you are the same “buddy” who has opined and inspired so many times on this platform, but regardless, let me just give you a big Amen to this post!

  15. Chris Clarke says:

    Despite al his political accomplishments, I believe his greatest achievement was the exposure and continued denigration of the corrupt media, fellow politicians, justice and intelligence departments. So no matter if he is re-elected or another Republican, they will all remain in place with the same goal-destroy the opposition. I agree that Trump can be his own worst enemy, but there are very like him that put country first and are willing to fight for it despite unrelenting criticism and legal challenges.

    • Matthew says:

      He didn’t expose it, unless one was living under a rock. He just kept talking about it constantly, that over and over and over again tried and true get in people’s head,game, just setting the stage for the show. Therefore regardless how things seem, it would never be him, regardless of his personality ( narcissistic) ways,talk about the pink elephant in the room. It is really time to move on from King Trump.

  16. Matthew says:

    Promises made, Promises kept ? Replace and repeal Obama care , Border wall paid by Mexico, bring troops home, ban of Muslims, deporting all illegals, rebuilding infrastructure, ditching nato, torture ( water board ) etc, prosecuting Hillary, these things essentially abandoned, nothing. Just something to think about or ignore I’m sure.

  17. Mike says:

    Absolutely President Trump should run. Why shouldn’t he? With over 75 million votes in 2020 and the trouble we are in now; it is imperative he run. America needs his ability to continue to expose and worry the radical leftist agenda. Plus, who really wants another career politician as President? I certainly do not. He could immediately start reversing the mayhem of the climate extremist and cleaning up the corrupt agencies in our government. I do believe he would clean house and THAT is exactly what is needed. Never mind the message to the Chinese, Iranians, Russians, and other fringe groups out there waiting to cripple us. To hell with the media; how many of us really watch them and listen to their twisted lies. MAGA all the way!

    • Matthew says:

      The corrupt cleaning up the corrupt ? Fox in the hen house for sure, unbelievable, but we all have an opinion . Yea all media right ?Shaun , Bannon, Tucker and the like ?

      • Mike says:

        Actually, I prefer Blaze TV and all their hosts if inquiring minds must know. Never mind I listen to Paul, KTBB news, Hugh Hewitt, and Mark Levin. Why shouldn’t President Trump toss his hat in the ring again? Still a semi-free country, isn’t it? In an election of this magnitude America needs to see all comers. Don’t you agree? Even old Bernie, crazy Elizabeth, and AOC if she wishes to run. Let the voters weed them out.

  18. Matthew says:

    Agreed ! Speaking of Bernie, he put the ” Bern ” on phony , ” Butt kissing ” no shame Lindsey Graham the other day in debate. At least Lindsey was honest for a rare change recently when he said if they ” Republicans ‘ get control ” entitlements” will have to be looked at,imagine that ! Steel from the poor and give to the rich, Conservatism at its core. Well maybe he means improving entitlements,yea right.

  19. Matthew says:

    If the law allows a ” Traitor ” to our country and the ” Constitution ” to run for President so be it. The more information ( video ) not hear say, that is coming out its looking more and more clear our previous President expected folks especially Pence to change the rules ( law ) and meaning of our Constitution to suit his desires,it’s so grossly obvious ,the truth often is never easy. ” Want to Be King ” Trump needs to do our country a favor and go play golf, I’m sure Putin and ” Rocket Man ” would be happy to join him.

  20. Carl Sartain says:

    You were spot on in your assessment of why Trump should not run in 2024. Conrad Black has got it all wrong. I myself have been saying the same thing about Trump running for a second term. We do not need the chaos that another Trump presidency will bring. There are just too many serious issues that need to be addressed without being distracted by the constant attacks that will ensue from a Trump presidency.

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