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Paul GleiserAnother point of view.

I said week before last that I hope Donald Trump doesn’t run in 2024. Many of you expressed your disappointment in me and lamented that this is the first time you have significantly disagreed with me.

It’s interesting that only a couple of you said so in the comments section at Most of you either called the radio station directly or sent sternly-worded emails.

To you who took umbrage at my lack of support for ‘Trump 2024’ I offer this.

You’re not alone.

This week at, the estimable Conrad Black responds to what can only be called a Donald Trump hit piece in the Wall Street Journal authored by Peggy Noonan (a writer I once greatly admired).

Ms. Noonan says that that while it may be true that Donald Trump was probably the only Republican who could have beaten Hillary Clinton in 2016, it is nevertheless time for Republicans to move on from Trump.

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In support of that position, Ms. Noonan goes on to say that there is no reason at all to doubt the integrity of the 2020 election; that Donald Trump tried to overturn that election by inciting a riot on January 6; that the January 6 Committee hearings taking place in the House of Representatives constitute a, “…powerful indictment” against Trump; that Trump’s sometimes disagreeable personality aside, his administration was an abject failure from a pure policy standpoint; and that people who once supported Trump are now deserting him in large numbers.

Conrad Black, an avowed friend of Peggy Noonan, disagrees with her on all points.

As do I.

In support of his position, Mr. Black points out first that the January 6 hearings are a “disgrace” – a kangaroo court in which the very last thing that is being sought is the actual truth. I agree and would add that Americans who are now paying double what they paid this time last year for gasoline and who feel as if they’re being mugged every time they buy food, don’t really give a fat damn about the January 6 hearings.

Mr. Black goes on to detail Trump administration policy successes that include a robust economy, a reversal of the decades-long decline in the fortunes of the American middle class, energy self-sufficiency, rising real incomes that for the first time in memory disproportionately benefitted those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder and a “relatively untroubled international horizon.” He contrasts those undeniable successes with the cascading failures of the current administration.

Black goes on to say that Donald Trump is the only politician since FDR that, “…tens of thousands of people all around the country will stand in the falling snow for hours to see and hear.”

He concludes his piece with this. “Barring terrible tactical errors, of which he’s capable, Trump will be back, and will return much wiser and more formidable than we remember him.”

To which I say, but for my very real fear of those “terrible tactical errors, of which he’s capable,” I would never have suggested that Trump not run.


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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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26 Responses

  1. Buddy Saunders says:

    In stealing the election as the Democrats certainly did, the Democrats sets the stage for their own downfall. Their man Biden is both dishonest and incompetent, a chip off the old Democrat block. The national disaster we are now experiencing was both predictable and inevitable.

    In stealing the 2020 election, it never occurred to the Democrats and the assorted elites who were complicit in the cover-up, that in 2024 Donald Trump could run a second time. Now fearing just that, the endless efforts to destroy Donald Trump continue apace.

    I and many millions of others want Donald Trump to return as president in 2024. Virtually everyone I know wants him back. He continues to draw thousands at his rallies. Contrast that with Biden rallies where barely enough people showed up to fill up a Volkswagen bus.

    We know what Donald Trump can do. We know he stands with us and not with the elites. We know he will deliver and will not lie.

    And I, for one, will be happy to have Donald Trump back just as he was in the first term!

    • Matthew says:

      National disaster, folks seem to be getting by in such a disaster as you call it. Going to work,running up and down the highways, burning gas sitting in park at fast food joints . Yes there’s serious inflation and serious price gouging as well, but some want you to think just one person is causing the ” Disaster “, that on its face is absurd ! But that’s the game, fan the flames, laugh all the way to the bank.

  2. Matthew says:

    Well unfortunately many seem to need something to hold on to, their religion once seemed to suffice more or less. As someone mentioned recently that ” God ” needs to be brought back into ” America “, until then the so called chaos will continue . All one has to do is watch interviews with folks at Trump rallies, sad so very sad. Hope is more addictive than opiates, those who are addicted to hope are easily manipulated, just give me hope, make me feel I’m part of something bigger and better than me, a fansical yet noble cause,with grossly exaggerated stats ( accomplishments)if not lies of such, that I am the one you should give you’re money and attention to. Beware of false prophets,and remember not to idolize men. Oh the theater, it draws some in so easily, I must say it’s good for a laugh, if nothing else. After all laughter is the best medicine. If only so many weren’t so miserable and bitter with their lives,needing someone else to blame for their own dissatisfaction with their lives they wouldn’t cling to such twoddle , and realize it’s all just a show, a grift. This country as the world is going to continue to degrade ,regardless of hope, idolizing of men,or putting God back in all things ” American ” greed is a cancer, and it’s growing at a faster rate than ever. Last but not least,the patriots as they call themselves, who allow themselves to be conned by these politicians and ex president , to apparently excuse,ignore treasonous behavior ,yes to wrongs don’t make a right,that has not changed regardless of alternative facts. The past administration was just a production made for our times,entertainment, ratings, and a huge money maker for a few,and still is. Be patient something new will come along to cling to.

    • Linda M says:

      My Granny had a lot “isms” in her down home Country ways that fit just about every possible problem that came along. But she had a few she would repeat many times during her life and every one of them was based in her religious beliefs. One of her favorites was “If you have the faith of a mustard seed anything is possible”. Now, FAITH is quite different from HOPE. Do I hope that President Trump comes back…yes, but more than that, I have FAITH he will. Just as I hope the evil that has been unleashed on this Nation will soon be revealed for ALL eyes to see, I have FAITH that GOD will not allow such travesty to keep going on. BUT first, we have to ALLOW GOD BACK IN. Hope is good but FAITH makes it happen!

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    I remember evenings in the officer’s club, as we stood at semi-attention in deference to the fighter pilots who would swagger (not stagger) in with chest out and head held high. It was a loud and sometimes crude-talking group, who did not really worry too much about the subtleties of Emily Post’s etiquette rules. But they loved our country, and tirelessly demonstrated that love by risking everything to defend her. The analogy is not perfect, but definitely there are similarities with our previous president. Granted, he has certain behaviors that offend some people, and sometimes he is his own worst enemy, but can’t we just be grateful if he is willing to get back into the cockpit? Donald Trump had enormous accomplishments, even as he was involved in a dogfight every day of his presidency. As Conrad Black opines, he may be be wiser and more formidable in another term, and who knows, his tactical errors may turn into tactical maneuvers that pull us out of this downward spiral.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Thanks for a great analogy! And, Ron, I am indeed the same Buddy Saunders, back again after having recovered from a major stroke.

  4. C M Solomon says:

    Thanks, Paul, for your clarification I was getting worried that you had fallen a little bit into the corrupt Media Marxist bubble that you have to deal with as a Media Mogul that normally resists their propaganda war on ANYTHING that supports the America first agenda that is NOW on “life support” and that must be REVIVED if we are to survive as a sovereign and prosperous Nation. I personally don’t care about the “optics” that are driven by the Media and Political “Never Trump” crowd. I am totally impressed by RESULTS as you have referenced by Conrad Black! I take the sharp edges of Trump as meaningless as compared to his accomplishments. I mostly despise the squishy Republicans that act like they care more about avoiding criticism from the corrupt Marxist Media than they care about the American people they are supposed to represent!

    • Matthew says:

      Media Mogul ? Ha Ha ! That’s a good one ! Clarification, sure , it’s business ! What ever works for ya, smh.

  5. Jean Bammel says:

    I am very sorry to hear that some of your followers are unhappy with you over your thought that Donald Trump should run. I also believe that Mr. Trump should not attempt a second run for president. He did so many good things for our country, but he makes liking and admiring him so very hard. Why can’t we have a president that solves problems, rights wrongs, loves The USA without kicking everybody close to him?

  6. Mike says:

    Let’s ALL keep a few critical aspects in mind and in context of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. We are ALL created equal, we ALL have the ability to choose our own paths in life, we ALL can (for the moment) express our thoughts at will both verbally and in writing, we ALL can choose whether to run for an office in our respected geographical area or not. We ALL have the Right to Choose whatever our hearts and minds tell us to do. That is why our forefather’s and mother’s risked all to establish this Grand Experiment of a Republic. We can ALL agree on that, can we not? So, with all that in mind; why shouldn’t former President Trump run for the office of his choosing? The Primaries will decide if the majority of the People want him or not. Does not matter he put his foot in his mouth or put his entire leg in his mouth; it is his choice. We choose to vote Yes or No to that. Same as Crooked Hillary or Sleepy Joe or whomever runs on the Democratic ticket. Our votes still count and EVERY vote is important; especially in Texas (keep this close to home).

    • Matthew says:

      So upholding the constitution and protecting it is still of utmost importance and priority for any government official and “President ” of course ? So this still applies to what conservatives ( Republican Party ) stand for because it’s sure awfully blurry anymore, examples are rampant, but of course it’s either fake news or some FBI CIA BLM look alike in these news clips of Jan 6th investigation,emails, texts. Well I guess inflation is more important according to some and not price gouging and record corp profits I might add are not important to many either, and last but not least upholding the “Constitution “. This is a clear message being spoken loud and clear, by many Republicans, Americans are not concerned about any constitutional violations, or people seeking pardons just prior to ” The Riot”. Never thought I’d see the day when this ” Oath to Constitution ” would not at least be of equal importance as inflation, but apparently it’s not, unbelievable to say the least. As always two wrongs don’t make a right for those who are desperate to worm around.

  7. Elaine says:

    I just don’t care at this point. Am thrown by the ruling today on abortions as I’m a rape survivor and a cousin was an incest survivor. It’s interesting that so many talk shows have male hosts who can’t be raped or victims of incest rape. Texas no longer has RU 486 access now. Back to back alley abortions…I remember these

  8. Lee says:

    My 71-year old wife of 51+ years was raised in a labor liberal household. Her Dad climbed poles for the power company in Dallas and was active in the labor union. Her Mom worked in the offices of several local, state, and federal Democratic politicians. My wife voted for the Democratic candidates until 2016. She voted for Obama twice. In 2016 she decided on her own that the Democratic Party no longer aligned with her values. She voted for President Trump in 2016 and 2020. Millions of others just like her did the same. Only Donald J. Trump could have accomplished that. We continue to support President Trump. We need political outsiders with strong business experience to completely drain the Swamp and save our Republic. We don’t need career politicians as POTUS. Accomplishing real change requires someone willing to fight for what’s right, not a go along to get along compromiser as POTUS. Other than possibly DeSantis, I don’t see anyone besides Trump who meets that criteria.

  9. Christopher clarke says:

    Tell me Texas, who else other than Donald Trump will stand up against the corrupt media, Democrats, justice system and intelligence agencies? The political inbreds of the Republican Party do not have the courage and guts to do so. Yes, he is the ultimate loose cannon, but give me another option for someone who puts country first instead of their own interests.

  10. Matthew says:

    Country first rather than own intererests, Wow ! That’s quite a conclusion with all his behavior ( evidence) if you will, is definitely to the contrary. Actions speak louder than words I’ve heard. He sure talks a good game, talks. I realize that’s politics, and behind the curtain it’s a different game altogether. As an example; estimated $250 million dollars to help fight against election fraud ( donations)received from everyday people having not been spent on such, kinda makes me question his authenticity, love for country. Of course the list goes on,but you just gotta believe despite it all, hope you just have to love hope. Good stuff.

    • Christopher Clarke says:


      • Matthew says:

        It doesn’t matter really, ” Don’t stop Believing ” as said by “Journey ” back in the day. The truth is a lie and a lie is the truth. Alternative facts, the damage that has been inflicted is irreparable, it’s a descent into madness,but the bright side for a few is a lot of money to be had. And sad to say, it has entertainment value, it’s all come to this. Not wonder the word ” ratings” seem to come up in conversations regarding such important issues, oh well so it is. The little guy still trying to believe and hang on to hope, while it’s all just a game and business to those propagating the theatrics of it all.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        I think Matthew is actually Professor Irwin Corey reincarnated. If you are not familiar with the good professor, google some of his routines. After you get off the floor from laughing, then you will know WHAT?

        • Matthew says:

          Oh Ron ,I’m sure it’s getting harder each passing day, but you too, ” Don’t stop Believing ” ! Inconvenient truths are never easy for any of us.

          • Ron Eagleman says:

            Oh Professor Evans, Thanks to you, I will not stop believing. When I saw the polls that 88% of the people feel that our country is on the wrong track, I could not believe that 22% of the people think we are on the right track. After trying to read some of your posts, I now believe that it is possible that the polls are correct. It is an inconvenient truth, but I am a believer! Thanks

          • Ron Eagleman says:

            Sorry about the typo, only 78% feel we are on the wrong track. However, I am still a believer!

  11. Matthew says:

    Presidents don’t control direction of a country. They can set the tone on some things naturally. Our forefathers setup our government that way,remember ? But in politics as always now more than ever you’d think folks were talking about a King or Dictator. Although our last President obviously fancied himself a King or maybe Dictator I’m sure he would have settled for either.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      I do indeed remember Professor Irwin Corey and Matthew does indeed remind me of the professor. Thank you, Ron, for that insight

  12. Rusty says:

    Jimmy Failla needs to go to the Limbaugh institute and get an education. He is the same program everyday and seems to do zero research. There will never be another Rush, but can we at least get someone with a research staff and that is able to espouse true conservatism entertainingly. Example, Rush always said never letthe drive by media choose our candidate. Paul you and Jimmy are falling for exactly that. You say this or that is not true about Trump but the media will say it about him so we need to choose an candidate they cannot say ugly things about. We need an educated articulate entertaining conservative voice. Jimmy is not there yet.

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