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Paul GleiserCrisis on the Vineyard.

Martha’s Vineyard, an island south of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, is quite the place to be if you’re rich, liberal and white.

Really rich. Really liberal. And really white.

(That is unless your name is Obama. In that case rich and liberal will suffice to qualify you to buy a 7,000 square foot home on 29 acres for just under $15 million.)

Because Vineyard residents are such good liberals who care so much about the “less fortunate,” those residents are down for the struggle of illegal immigration. That is until illegal migrants actually show up in the flesh. That’s when things start to change.

Fifty such illegal migrants arrived on the Vineyard thanks to Florida governor Ron DeSantis. DeSantis collected them in San Antonio following their apprehension on the Texas-Mexico border by U.S. Customs & Border Protection, who then turned the migrants loose into the country. All 50 went to Martha’s Vineyard voluntarily.

Listen to Lisa Belcastro, the coordinator of the Martha’s Vineyard homeless shelter, as she stammers to the media about the “crisis” that suddenly befell her wealthy liberal enclave.

The difficult challenges are…uh…at some point in time they have to move from here to somewhere else. Right? We cannot…we don’t have the services to take care of 50 immigrants. And, we certainly don’t have housing. We’re in a housing crisis as we are on this island. And…so that …we don’t…we can’t house everyone here that lives here and works here. We don’t have housing for 50 more people.”

I have the Liberal-to-English Translator app on my iPhone. When Ms. Belcastro says, “We’re in a housing crisis,” it means that there aren’t enough multi-million-dollar homes available on Martha’s Vineyard to satisfy the demands of rich, white liberals wanting to buy one.

The very, very rich on Martha’s Vineyard own more than mere homes. They own compounds – compounds that can easily accommodate 50 overnight guests, so long as those guests are of the right sort. But poor, illiterate, social services-consuming migrants from third world hellholes don’t meet that description. Thus, according to Ms. Belcastro, their arrival on the Vineyard means they will have to be “moved from here to somewhere else.” (Read: anywhere else.)

The hypocrisy is just breathtaking.

If one of the wealthiest enclaves in the western hemisphere can’t feed and house 50 impoverished migrants, how do they imagine that a poor town like, say, Eagle Pass, Texas deals with thousands of such migrants every single week?

Small towns in Texas and Arizona have been forced to turn over essentially their entire annual municipal budgets to feeding, clothing, housing, medicating, educating and incarcerating the flood of illegal migrants that has swamped our border from the first days of the Biden presidency. All while the pasty white denizens of places like Martha’s Vineyard preen themselves about how much they “care” about the poor.

How does this make any sense?

Oh wait, I remember. It’s because there is no greater hypocrite in the Milky Way galaxy than a rich, white liberal.

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