This isn’t cute anymore.

Paul GleiserThis isn't cute anymore.

On a certain level I find lefty-greenie, environmental whack-o activists amusing. It’s entertaining to listen to them make idiots of themselves yapping about “environmental justice” and the “sustainability” of things like electric vehicles and wind and solar electrical generation.

Never mind that the mining of cobalt, lithium, magnesium and other rare earth metals used to make electric vehicle batteries is profoundly disruptive to the environment. Never mind that the U.S. electric grid is nowhere close to having capacity to charge electric vehicles in sufficient numbers as to bring about a meaningful reduction in the use of gasoline and diesel fuel. Never mind that if the electric grid were to somehow be made magically capable of accommodating a hundred million electric vehicles, the vast majority of that incremental power generation would be fueled by natural gas or coal. And never mind that wind and solar will never generate more than a single-digit percentage of the country’s electricity demand.

In lefty-greenie world, you flip the switch and the lights come on. So clean. So carbon neutral. Magic!

So, like I say, I usually find lefty-greenies mildly amusing.

But maybe not so much anymore. The whole greenie thing is about to become a lot less amusing – particularly if you happen to live in Europe.

It’s going to be a long, cold and very expensive winter in Europe. After pursuing a blindly green energy policy for a couple of decades, Europe’s greenie chickens are coming home to roost. Plain and simple, even the most optimistic projections of winter energy supplies in Europe make it clear that there’s not going to be enough energy to meet projected demand.

Said French president Emmanuel Macron in a speech last week, France has come to “the end of its era of abundance.”

The citizens of Germany are actually hoarding firewood.

Europe’s winter looks grim. Utility bills for average working Europeans are going to go through the roof and many will struggle to pay those bills. High energy costs and projected energy shortages are expected to have a profound impact on European industry and manufacturing. Higher costs for just about everything are inevitable.

The lefties will try to pin all the blame on the war in Ukraine and the resulting disruption of energy supplies from Russia. Those disruptions are a factor.

But the fact is, the looming energy crisis in Europe is a textbook example of a politically driven self-inflicted wound. Europe is paying the price for listening to the likes of Al Gore and Greta Thunberg. Greta Thunberg, at age 15 managed to radicalize Sweden’s energy policy – a radicalization that spread across Europe.

The left’s aversion to oil and gas has gone from being merely silly to potentially deadly. If you don’t believe me, ask Elon Musk, the undisputed king of electric vehicles. He summed it up nicely, saying, “…without oil and gas, civilization will crumble.”

Watch what happens in Europe very closely this winter. Absent a change in direction here, Europe will serve as a preview of things to come.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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13 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Interesting follow on here…..the large European energy companies (BP, Total, Shell) have created a race to see who can give up their capability to produce oil and gas in favor of setting up mostly useless renewables development and marketing groups. Billions are being spent without a clear roadmap on how to make money with this folly. Look to the stock analysts….they know! While energy prices spiked this year, the BP share price moved not a bit. Don’t look to these companies to be any help to cold Europeans this winter.

  2. G A Walters says:

    Absolutely dead solid perfect! Any nation that would listen to the rantings of a 15 year old with mush for brains (or the same from a N Y bartender) deserves what happens to it.

  3. Greg R says:

    Some people just have to learn the hard way Paul

  4. Linda M says:

    THANK GOD I had a teacher in High School who was HONEST and taught us right. Of course that was back in the stone age…so what do I know? I know a whole heap more than these brainwashed kids that came behind me! Since COMMON SENSE is a rarity today, you can not convince these little robots of the truth. No use trying, they will have to suffer the consequences of their stupidity IF they ever are able to see it. You see, their brains are like one way roads which they enter only from one way… the way they they were indoctrinated to believe. Not much help for them I’m afraid.

  5. Don’t care about the post I am a senior citizen living in a “senior apartment low income complex”.. The city is now putting homeless men and women in the complex free of charge. They get everything provided. Rent, utilities, phone, food, clothing, furniture, cookware, appliances….

    Paying tenants get nothing. Long time women tenants have been approached by males from the street still on drugs and alcohol. I’ve been approached by a man wanting a hug and smelled like booze. City does not care, media here doesn’t care (I’ve contacted three TV stations and two radio stations). Also the Mayor and city council person in my area.

    Guess enough seniors will have to die in this situation to be any coverage. I don’t care about other countries. Right now I’m afraid to live where I am. Lease not up till January. WHY not get Mark Davis or your media friends to cover this. TENANTS are very afraid here. Phone works but voicemail not clear at times. Text better

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      You didn’t name the city where you live. Just curious.

    • Greg R says:

      May I ask what city you live in? I’m guessing Dallas. I might add that these younger generation’s wouldn’t give two hoots if all of us seniors died tomorrow. Most are just waiting for the inheritance. SURPRISE, I’m spending their inheritance. LOL

  6. Buddy Saunders says:

    If stupidity were a crime, all these greenies would be locked up for life. They might as well try to make the sun rise in the west. Such people are, in my experience, impervious to reason and common sense.

  7. Pete A Fasanello says:

    Biden and his cronies getting rich at taxpayer expense

  8. Mike says:

    Lately my East Texas neighborhood has been visited by several door-to-door solar panel alleged salespeople. One was most likely legit and local; but the others were identified by their seemingly homemade identification tag on a lanyard hanging from their necks. First thing I asked for was their business cards; of which none had. So, my question to them was, “What is the most renewal resource on planet earth?” They all failed in their answer, which is TREES. Given that fact why do YOU not have a business card since you are a greenie? They were perplexed at best. In further pushing the advantage over these frauds; I asked why they were not pushing to plant more trees and grasses since all plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere? Got to tell ya’ll; they did not know what to say or how to answer. Promptly asked them to depart from the area least I sic my pet Gecko on them.

  9. Edwin L Portier Jr. says:

    Spot on !
    People will accuse the truth of being a lie if it contradicts lies they want to believe are true.

  10. C M Solomon says:

    The green energy model is INCAPABLE of providing the power needs of any modern civilization that CAN NOT function without DEPENDABLE electric power being available. “Base load, continuous duty” supply of electricity is the fundamental reason that we are not living in the Stone Age. If you want to understand the FACTS that the “lefty-greenies” are incapable of accepting, then please view the 8 minute video that will expose their folly at the following link. You will get a brain boost in the fundamentals of electric power generation and distribution that is NECESSARY for all of our Nation’s commerce and civilized family life that is based on proven science that will last you a lifetime. Please remember that the LEFT is on a religious mission to DESTROY America and Western Civilization in order to RESET the World into a DICTATORIAL Utopia of Slavery where they are determined to replace God Almighty and the Freedom that He intended for His “created humanity” to enjoy, i.e., “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”.

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