I sign the checks but it’s your radio station.

I do sign the checks. A seemingly endless stream of them. None of them will clear, however, if you don’t listen and, in so doing, create an audience that we can offer to advertisers. So in effect, the radio station is yours.

And while we always know that, sometimes it’s brought foursquare to our attention.

I happen to be a believer in local radio. As a talk radio manager and owner of over 30 years, I believe in radio that gives local voices a place to speak. You can hear voices-from-somewhere-else talking the same politics everyone else talks about in lots of places.

But after promos began running Monday suggesting that a change is in the works that would result in the loss of the Glenn Beck Show (actually, we are all geared-up for me, Paul Gleiser, the station owner, to do a local talk show), we got a lot of feedback.

And I hear you.

So we’re going to give Glenn Beck another six months to gain some traction in this market. It’s not like I don’t have plenty to do in the corner office. I only considered doing a show in place of Glenn Beck because I was afraid that local voices weren’t being heard.

But, like I said, I hear you on this one. So if you are a fan of Glenn Beck, thanks for speaking up. In return for hearing and acting on your input I ask only that you share your enthusiasm for the Glenn Beck Show with a friend so that we can make Glenn Beck a hit here in East Texas.

And while I have you, let’s talk about some of the other input we’ve received in the past 48 hours.

Several of you have said that if we really want to do a local talk show, the network show to replace would be the Sean Hannity Show (weekdays 2 -4 p.m.).

That’s not a decision we’d make lightly. Hannity’s is the second-largest talk radio audience in America behind Rush Limbaugh. He has a very solid audience here on KTBB.

But I’m in a listening mood so YOU TELL ME. Just click on the YOU TELL ME (or once someone has commented, the “Comments”) link below and share your comments with me and with your fellow listeners.

It is, as I said, your radio station. Thanks for having passion for it.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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44 Responses

  1. Thom says:

    Thanks for the reprieve, I happen to enjoy Mr. Beck immensely. But as for as the “another six months to gain some traction” statement I ask for clarification. Who determines whether traction has been established or not? Some eastern company that sends out questionnaires to randomly chosen folks, who hastily fill out these diaries – or hand them off to the kids/spouse – on the last day of the reporting period, for the last word in who like what? Sorry, but what an asinine method for determining ANYTHING. The only way that method could hope for any legitimacy or accuracy would be if the folks involved were sequestered and subjected to equal amounts of all contestants.

    I listen to your station daily, send me a diary. My neighbor listens just as often, send him a diary. If you want to know what we, your listeners, enjoy listening to … by God ask us. Don’t rely on a 3rd party to feed you what is possibly the most important information you could ever ask for.

    Anyway – that’s my 2 cents, you asked for it. :)

    We love the station, the site and appreciate the effort that goes into both – I wish you luck with this new blog – I shall be monitoring it.

    Take care

  2. Paul Gleiser says:

    Mr. Rollings:

    As to doing our own audience measurement, I’m afraid that wouldn’t work.

    Radio listening in the United States is measured by ARBITRON, Inc. (http://www.arbitron.com). ARBITRON is paid by the radio broadcasters in every market from No. 1 New York City to No. 297 Casper, Wyoming to conduct research to estimate the radio listening within each respective market.

    This data is used by advertisers and their agencies to formulate and execute advertising purchases. One of the good things about ARBITRON is that because they measure every market, the same metrics can be used by buyers in every market for the purpose of buying advertising. This makes the medium easier to buy and thus more attractive to advertising budgets.

    If radio stations individually conducted their own research, no one would believe it. The lack of objectivity would be glaring. Only an outside third party can be believed when it comes to audience research. When Clear Channel Communications wound up owning 1,200 radio stations in the U.S., they briefly entertained the idea of vertically integrating audience research within their own company. The idea died quickly amid a howl of protest from other broadcasters and major ad agencies.

    The methodology of ARBITRON is flawed and we all know it. But all research methodology is flawed. The only perfect consumer research would consist of asking every single consumer what he or she is doing with respect to the consumption of a product or service. Since that’s impossible, all market research is conducted using a statistical sample and then projecting the results obtained from that sample on the population as a whole.

    The diary is the method that ARBITRON uses to collect listening data. We all hate it. But it’s what the econmoics of audience measurement dictate and we therefore live with it for now.

    ARBITRON is introducing in several markets new technology called the Portable People Meter (PPM) that is aimed at curing some of the flaws of the long-used diary method. Read more about it here.

    It will be many years, however, before the PPM is used in markets the size of Tyler.

    The fact is, imperfect though it may be, ARBITRON weighs heavily, although not always conclusively, in our programmng decisions. If a program or personality does not attract an audience that WE CAN QUANTIFY TO ADVERTISERS through the ratings information generated by ARBITRON, it is likely that we will look for some other programming or personality.

    This is a business. And audience research generated by ARBITRON is one of the important metrics used in this business.

    Therefore, no matter how much anecdotal information we get as to the popularity of a program, in the end, if it doesn’t do well in the ratings produced by ARBITRON, chances are it will be replaced. Such is the case in my statement that Glenn Beck needs to “gain traction” in Tyler.

    I’m now hoping (and betting a not inconsiderable sum) that he will.

    Thanks again for your comments.

    Paul L. Gleiser

  3. Jackie says:

    I am also one who enjoys Glenn Beck. I find that he gives out information that I don’t find anywhere else. By the same token, I would really be disappointed to not be able to hear Sean Hannity in the afternoons. If you drop these shows, I will simply go to other stations or the internet to find them. Thanks for asking for my opinion.

  4. Darby Kane says:


    Removing Glenn Beck? Bad idea, he is a rising star. Sean Hannity is the one to flush.

    Darby Kane

  5. Dorothy Kelly says:

    PLEASE keep Hannity and Beck!!

  6. Norma Graves says:

    NO, NO, NO do not take Sean Hannity off the air but rather run the 3 hours. If his show lacks audience it is because you do not run the whole show.

  7. Bob Cloos, Jr. says:

    I was devastated when you took Roger Gray off to begin with, and when I heard you were considering putting a live local show back on, I had hoped we would be welcoming him back. But I think I agree with the majority in saying that Glen Beck should stay. Get rid of Hannity, who seems to prefer the act of insult over the art of persuasion, and replace HIM with the live local show; but PLEASE have it be hosted by Roger! He may not hold an extreme right or left opinion, but he is NEVER afraid of pissing off the local establishment by questioning their actions with OUR tax dollars. And while your at it, get some real ENTERTAINMENT back on the air for those of us who work the night shift amd get George Noorey on the local air so we don’t have to spend the late-night switching between KLIF and WOAI as the signals wax and wane… it may not be news, but it sure is fun!

  8. Greg says:

    Sean Hannity is the man first of all. He makes me laugh and he has the srongest opinions. Conservative talk radio is what we need more of. The liberals try to take over everything else. Sean has the voice for a better America. I say cut the sports, or push it back a hour ot two, if you want to have a local talk show.

  9. Rodger says:

    I listen to talk radio daily and enjoy your line up. Beck, Hannity, Rush are all outstanding national entertainers but I can see the need for a local talk show with local issues. However, here in East Texas, an hour should be sufficient.

    One talk show person that I have enjoyed but cannot get around here is Neal Boortz. He is quality entertainment with a little different slant than Beck, Hannity and Rush. Sometimes a little controversal (libertian) but it keeps people listening.

    Food for thought: I live between Longview and Tyler and listen to KTBB mostly. However, another local station plays Hannity and Rush at the same time as KTBB. Suggestion: give a different line up with Beck, Boortz, Hannity and Rush in that order. Delay Hannity and Rush so people can catch them at seperates times rather than the same as your competitor. With a different style of line up it would be a stand out line up rather than a similiar copy. Beck and Boortz will bring about a new idenity to your station that people will be talking about.

    Thanks for listening

  10. randall says:

    keep glen, hannity, and rush. Cut sports talk back to two hours and use two hours for a local host. Try not to get a host that agitates. amy glen was inflammitory and so was roger. Get someone from here that isn’t a lib.

  11. Eddie Luce says:

    I really like the Glenn Beck program. Please leave it on as I listen to it often. However, I would enjoy a local view, and I would be more than happy to have the local view replace Hannity who I do not listen to anymore. I feel his “Schtick” has gotten old.

    Speaking of programming, lets discuss ESPN radio. “Mike & Mike” are very entertaining, and I listen to them early, but afterwards the rest of the ESPN lineup is “not worth a bucket of warm spit” as John Nance Garner used to say. Colin Cowherd makes me turn off the radio, and Stephen A. Smith who is replacing Dan Patrick is as articulate and well spoken as nails on a chalk board. I refuse to listen to 1490 after 9:00 AM. You might as well have dead air from 9:00 AM until Smoaky’s show comes on. I get tired of listening to Rush, and would like a better sports talk show during this time. Any options? I do have to say that Smoaky’s show is the best that there is. Top notch guest, columnist, athletes, and host. No program on ESPN can touch it, not even on TV. It is a goldmine as far as I am concerned.

    Thanks for hearing the voice of the little people.

  12. Jon says:

    I enjoy KTBB!

    Please leave Hannity in place!!

    Not hearing Glenn Beck prior to being aired on KTBB, I enjoyed his show for a couple of weeks. It was different and I gave him a chance. Not anymore. He comes across as irrogant and over dramatic. I would much prefer a local show addressing local issues – something similar to the Roger Gray Show. You and Bill would make great co-hosts.

    David and Bill are superb!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my view.

  13. Glen H says:

    I am a 45 yr old male, professional, and a talk-radio junkie. I love music too, but I tend to listen to talk radio more often. I like Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck. I like Beck MUCH more than the local R. Grey show that it replaced (I even liked Amy Glenn better than the R.Grey show – remember her?). I would like to hear a local show hosted by yourself, but I’d hate to see one of the 3 above have to go to make room. How about this – ditch the madman Savage and have your local show in the evening. The moment I hear Savage’s voice, I turn to music (any).
    Thanks for asking and keep up the good work. You have a fine station program.

  14. Greg says:

    Keep Sean Hannity on the air!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Joe. D. Murray says:

    I am a faithful listner to your raido station. I have the radio dial set on KTBB in my shop and hate to think of changing it to another station. I think it would be a mistake to remove Hannity or Beck. Please leave it just like you have it: BECK, LIMBAUGH AND HANNITY

  16. Doug Kitchens says:

    Please leave your current programming. I work 8-5 and am a news junky (so I listen to talk radio). All three of the programs give excellent coverage. Glen tells it how it is regardless of party lines, Rush gives new insight, and Hanity is a Genieus!

  17. Bruce says:

    I\’ve listened to KTBB for part of the day for over 10 years. Only since you added Beck and started carrying Rush and Hannity live have I been listening nearly ALL day long.

    One reason Hannity may have disappointed you in the local ratings may be because you cut him short. I switch stations at 4:00 when you go to the local sports show. Some people may just listen to Hannity on another station for all three hours so they don\’t have to switch.

    It\’s very frustrating to hear Hannity tease for two hours about guests or stories I really want to hear, but when he brings them on in the third hour, KTBB has moved on to Junior High Volleyball or something…

    KTBB has been reluctant over the years to carry all of the big hitters live. I suppose if you\’re determined to keep manipulating the schedules of the hosts I want to hear, I\’ll just have to put up with a little static and hear advertisers from somewhere else.

  18. Kathy says:

    I visited with one of your great sales reps regarding advertising on KTBB. It was mentioned that you were taking Glen Beck off the air. I almost flipped and so did my husband!
    Please, keep him right where he is. Glen Beck is not only informative, he is hilarious!
    As far as spreading the word about him…we do.

  19. Russell says:

    I like the idea of a local radio show discussing local issues. I was very upset when you canceled Amy Glenn, even though I often disagreed with her stance on issues. My normal listening times are on the way to work, lunch time, and after work. I like listening to the conservative talk shows, but of the three majors, Glenn Beck is by far my LEAST favorite. He is abrasive and obnoxious. I am tempted to change the dial every morning when his show comes on. Dump Glenn Beck and start you own show, as planned.

  20. Dr says:

    Ok, Paul, you asked for my comments regarding your station’s lineup…

    Keep Beck, keep Rush, and keep Hannity. How about less sports? The world does not revolve around sports, especially local sports. How about keeping Hannity on for the full 3 hours instead of cutting him short. I tune to a Dallas competitor to listen to Hannity, because I want the full 3 hours.
    A show to focus on local issues? Fine, that would be great. Put them on right after Hannity, or on the weekend. But make sure it is someone willing to take on issues in Tyler that is not afraid of the local establishment. Too many issues are white washed in this area because of the old ‘who you know’ bit……

  21. Bo says:

    Well Well Well,

    Thinkin\’ Of Take Away my Glenn Beck Are ya? I hate to tell ya this, but Glenn Beck Is the Highlight of Humour on Your station, If it weren\’t for his Humorous yet value centered Insight, I\’d probably only listen to Rush, and Sports talk, So SCRAP HANNITY! NOT BECK! I almost started the \

  22. Bo says:

    I almosI almost started the “Tyler Tea Party” whenever you said you were gonna change his slot to a local talk show…and suddenly had horrible nightmares of that Roger Grey Guy, and his liberal slant…wait….they’re not making you do the fairness doctrine….ARe They?!!! Ok On the serious note…Glenn Beck appeals to your younger audience…and if You start off the broadcasting day with someone extremely serious, that cant make jokes…everyone in Tyler and surrounding areas would probably start burning tires in the streets and starting riots with Wiffle bats…or maybe thats just me. Another point though is he appeals to the younger audience too. And by the way, how would a local talk show get better traction than Glenn Beck? Roger Gray…Glenn Beck…Roger Gray…Glenn Beck, I’d have to say keep Glenn Beck…Well Mr Gleiser, Keep Glenn SCrap Hannity…Please?

  23. Glen Smith says:

    I use to listen to 93.1 (Kidd Kradick) in the mornings but have quickly become a Glenn Beck fan. Also like the fact he has limited commercial interuptions.

    When I have time in the afternoons, I do enjoy listening to Hannity.

    Whatever you do, don\’t get rid of or cut back on Sports Talk.

  24. Jeremy says:

    I am a longtime loyal KTBB listener. I have been trying to call all week because I was so upset when I heard that KTBB might be pulling Glenn Beck. He is by far my favorite conservative national talk show host. Rush is the king but he is so pompous and, as far as content, Rush and Hannity are like listening to the same exact show. Glenn Beck is much less partisan, much more thought-provoking, much more entertaining and funny, and as another listener wrote, he addresses subjects that no other host is addressing.
    Since I know talking about Rush is blasphemy, I would suggest the station move Sean Hannity (who is actually more informative than Rush) to Michael Savage’s spot, ditch Savage completely (what’s interesting about someone who is just rude and obtuse?), and put on your local show from 2-4, as suggested this morning. This is a drive time for many of us because of picking up kids from school and business travel and I think it would get a good local audience.
    Just don’t can Beck!!!!!!
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  25. John Lester says:

    My wife and I listen to lots of talk radio and if Beck is pulled, then we would go back to WBAP and Mark Davis. We also love Rush and Hannity and when you dump Sean at 4pm, we turn back to WBAP. The Savage Show is one we\’re not in \

  26. Greg says:

    Getting rid of Beck for a local talk show? Nothing personal, but the last local talk show had the same callers arguing with the host over the same topics. I have been a loyal fan of KTBB since the 70\’s… But I do not get sharing the time slot of Beck with the outdated and boring although respected Paul Harvey, or replacing it with THREE hour local talk show!..Cut out the thirty +/_ minutes of Harvey shorten Hannity by thirty, keep Beck and have a ONE hour local talk show. Please don\’t make me go back to KLIF to get my Beck fix! PS Hannity is rapidly becoming same ol same ol

  27. Robert Lane says:

    Keep Sean Hannity on KTBB. I listen to KTBB everyday while working in my shop. Hannity and Rush are my two favorite programs. I could careless about a local show. I will change the channel during that time slot if it takes the place of my either of my two favorite shows!

    I would rather see Glen Beck go (Although I like his show too) or one of those weekend or nightime shows go!

  28. Jeanna B says:

    I really hated it when Roger Gray left! Keep Sean Hannity on–ditch Glenn Beck. I just don’t enjoy his commentary style. I would prefer a local talk show. Thanks.

  29. Scott says:

    Hannitys cheerleader style no longer appeals to me.
    Glenn Beck is very entertaining and bold as he will
    talk about subjects that el Rushbo will not touch.
    If local means endless discussions on Lindale city council meetings then leave Hannity. If it means
    locals weighing in on the BIG issues of the day that effect a majority of the audience then go for it and dump Hannity.

  30. Wade says:

    What ever you do…DO NOT cancel Beck!!! The best programming move you’ve ever made was to replace Roger Grey’s whiny annoying voice with the humor, wit, and sincerity of Glenn Beck. As for Hannity, I’m getting to where I can take him or leave him…Obviously you don’t want to mess with your mainstays RUSH and SMOAKY.

  31. Scott from Longview says:

    Beck is awfully depressing to start out the morning. I also agree that Gray was to rapped up in his own life in Lindale. Longview has never been represented on your station. I would like a local show that would cover all of East Texas, there are plenty of topics to cover.

    I liked the sports/news program you had years ago w/ Reid Kerr, funny guy. A bit of advise. A local show must put a smile on your face to be successfull.

    You might look into Mark Davis. I listen to him on-line in the morning. He is very entertaining, solid conservative and interesting topics.

  32. K Christiansen says:

    Not sure i posted to the correct thresd, but here goes, Yes we need a local talk show, and Sean or Beck would be ok with me to replace, I can catch Beck on CNN and get the just of his talk show, and I can go to AM710 for Sean if I need to, I go there anywhay for the last hour of Hannity, so yes lets have a local talk show and bring back Harvy Kroenberg again. Either one is fine. tks kc

  33. Ken Smith says:

    Mr. Gleiser,

    I was hurt when Roger left us, and was very sceptical of Glenn Beck, but he has grown on me. Of the daytime shows, the one I like the least would have to be Rush Limbaugh. I enjoy the show, but If I had to choose, I would keep Glenn and Sean. A local show is badly needed. If you are busy perhaps you can hold an open audition to find a local person to host.

  34. M Willis says:

    Well, I’m probably going to open a can of worms here, but I think that Paul needs to sponsor an all sports station. If ESPN can have all those channels, surely you can have enough national and local sports to fill a day. I personally am not a sports fan and don’t enjoy listening to David Smoak (no offense). At 4:00 when David comes on I switch to (W–P) listen to the final hour of Sean Hannity. If David were doing the all sports station, you would free up the afternoon commute time for a local show. All the sports lovers would have their own space and those of us who don’t like sports can listen to the talk shows that we love. Just something to chew on!!

  35. Ralph says:

    I would like to see a local talk show and either morning or afternoon would be fine. I don’t really have any favorites between Beck, Rush and Hannity.
    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

  36. Robert Durham says:

    I am in sales and travel extensively. I listen to KTBB via your streaming many times when I am traveling. Unfortunately, I often am involved making calls and in meetings when Sean Hannity and Rush are on the air, but I do like both of these shows quite a bit, and do make an effort to tune in. I usually get to listen each day, but sometimes it is only an hour or so over a 3 to 4 hour period of time.

    I would hate to see Sean\’s show go away, but if you do remove it, I will simply listen to it on a competitive station.

    I am not as big a fan of Beck as some others have indicated, but I can tolerate him, and at times even enjoy what he has to say. The beauty of radio is that I can switch it off anytime it gets to be too much.

    In my opinion, the strength of your station is your morning news team. Well done to Mike, Garth, Bill, Dr Bob, and Kerry.

    Whatever you do, I highly recommend you accentuate the positive. I get enough negative everywhere else. It is my belief that the POSITIVE APPROACH is like a breath of fresh air. I will go out of my way to find it. If you have that, I will listen.

  37. Brian from Tyler says:

    I was really looking forward to a local radio show returning to Tyler. I would rather have a local show than any of the three which air on KTBB after the am news. Seems like we could do without Hannity or Rush, since they bash the same ideas and people every day. It becomes very repetitive. Hopefully, KTBB will figure out a way to return a local show back to the airwaves.

  38. Mary Kay Lust says:

    Please think about bringing back Roger Gray. He did a great job of mixing local with international news topics. Hannity is too wild-eyed for me. I cannot listen to him. But then, I\’m at work all day and don\’t have to listen to any of them after 9:00 a.m. or so.

  39. Andrew Murphey says:

    Started listening to AM 600 with Glenn Beck and I really enjoy it. Thanks

  40. Q: How can Barack Obama get the rich to pay their taxes? A: By nominating them to a cabinent post!

  41. Mary Peeler says:

    Thank you for giving Glenn another chance. I am a recent, well, since the primaries, listener to talk radio and have your station programmed in my car. The kids do NOT understand it!(: But I’ve grown to love listening to Glenn and Rush. I was very disappointed when I got in the car to take my youngest to school and didn’t hear Glenn; instead, I was greeted with some stranger’s voice. I like the familiarity of the voices I’ve grown to love. Thanks again.

  42. Paul in Lindale says:

    Ok, This is a private enterprise and your business is based on commercial sales so who and what you broadcast is based on sales of airtime which is based on commercial ads which local folks listen to and hopefully purchase the service or product. Free enterprise! Now My wife and I were surprised when we were out and to Tyler and turned to listen to the Glenn Beck program while out. We were surprised to not her Glenn but Laura Ingram . Nothing wrong with her program. Obviously we had missed the E-memo of changes to programming. So I did the proper thing and came to the KTBB website to see if I can find clarification which is here (but maybe vague ?) So in reading your repsonse in “You tell me” you say you were going to give the GB program another 6 months ? Have I missed something ? Did we make a different decision since the Sept date you posted this ? Yes, My wife and I do like the GB program when we are out on our car radio. So let me look again as the individual above this posts says your giving the GB program another chance ?

  43. Samuel says:

    Have all these Politishions have there debats on the Boarder at the boarder.
    Take Washington to thr boarder.

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