I do sign the checks. A seemingly endless stream of them. None of them will clear, however, if you don’t listen and, in so doing, create an audience that we can offer to advertisers. So in effect, the radio station is yours.

And while we always know that, sometimes it’s brought foursquare to our attention.

I happen to be a believer in local radio. As a talk radio manager and owner of over 30 years, I believe in radio that gives local voices a place to speak. You can hear voices-from-somewhere-else talking the same politics everyone else talks about in lots of places.

But after promos began running Monday suggesting that a change is in the works that would result in the loss of the Glenn Beck Show (actually, we are all geared-up for me, Paul Gleiser, the station owner, to do a local talk show), we got a lot of feedback.

And I hear you.

So we’re going to give Glenn Beck another six months to gain some traction in this market. It’s not like I don’t have plenty to do in the corner office. I only considered doing a show in place of Glenn Beck because I was afraid that local voices weren’t being heard.

But, like I said, I hear you on this one. So if you are a fan of Glenn Beck, thanks for speaking up. In return for hearing and acting on your input I ask only that you share your enthusiasm for the Glenn Beck Show with a friend so that we can make Glenn Beck a hit here in East Texas.

And while I have you, let’s talk about some of the other input we’ve received in the past 48 hours.

Several of you have said that if we really want to do a local talk show, the network show to replace would be the Sean Hannity Show (weekdays 2 -4 p.m.).

That’s not a decision we’d make lightly. Hannity’s is the second-largest talk radio audience in America behind Rush Limbaugh. He has a very solid audience here on KTBB.

But I’m in a listening mood so YOU TELL ME. Just click on the YOU TELL ME (or once someone has commented, the “Comments”) link below and share your comments with me and with your fellow listeners.

It is, as I said, your radio station. Thanks for having passion for it.

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