Baltimore: A monument to Democrats.

Maryland state troopers stand guard as residents clean up, Tuesday, April 28, 2015, after an evening of riots following the funeral of Freddie Gray on Monday, in Baltimore. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

This week’s riots in Baltimore raise many troubling questions but one that you are not likely to hear asked out loud in the national media is this one:

When will Democrats be held accountable for their failures in our major cities?

Take a look at the cities with the most profound problems – crime, high unemployment, crumbling infrastructure, racial tension, corruption, scandal – and you’ll find a common thread. Those cities have been run by Democrats for decades.

The last Republican mayor of Chicago left office in 1931. In Detroit it was 1962. Philadelphia 1952. St. Louis saw its last Republican mayor in 1949. In Baltimore, it was 1967.

Baltimore city government is a one-party monopoly. Every member of the city council is a Democrat. It’s also a one-race oligopoly. The mayor, the chief of police and the majority of the members of the city council are all black. More than half of Baltimore’s police officers are black. There is scarcely a trace of Republican or Caucasian DNA on any aspect of government in Baltimore.

Thus the very idea that the hopelessness and frustration felt by Baltimore residents is the fault of Republican policies or systemic white racism is simply ridiculous. Nor are the difficulties faced by Baltimore the result of a lack of “investment” in schools, job training, urban renewal or any of the other favored nostrums of the Left.

“Investing” (read: transferring wealth via taxation) is always the way to fix it for liberals. The fact that 40 percent of Baltimore’s city budget consists of such “investment” – in the form of state and federal funds taken from taxpayers nearby and far away and given to Baltimore to augment its own tax receipts – and that yet Baltimore remains one of the poorest major cities in America, presents not the tiniest bit of irony to liberals.

Among the complaints voiced by activists and protestors in Baltimore is the lack of opportunity in the form of good jobs. But that should surprise no one. In 1960, Baltimore had a population of more than 939,000. Today, it stands at 621,000 and falling. Employers have fled Baltimore to escape a hostile business climate and high taxes. Residents with the means to do so have fled high crime and diminished job prospects. What’s left is a population that is disproportionately unemployed, addicted to drugs and dependent on government.

All of this has happened while the Democrats have run the show in Baltimore – just as they have in America’s other failing cities – and just as they have for more than half a century. The results are now fully on display.

Given what Baltimore now suffers, it’s worth asking of those who keep voting in a Democratic monopoly:

If you’ve done something for 50 years and it hasn’t worked, shouldn’t you at least consider trying something else?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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10 Responses

  1. C M Solomon says:

    These putrid Statist Democrat oligarchies (that sell the LIE that MORE deficit government spending on the “poor” will fix the poverty that they say “breeds crime”) will NEVER stop until the entire USA is a one-party, Marxist regime. This is their goal and your summary of the Democrat Socialist failures proves that this disease, once started and tolerated, is fatal to any society. The proof is in our face and we have seen it in our own country for 50 years.

    It is not going to stop until patriotic Americans outside the infected areas rise up and eradicate the corruption with boldness and fearless identification of the perpetrators and fellow travelers that hide in the Republican Party, in industry, in academia, and in the press/media.

    I am sick to death of the timidity and Political Correctness that dominates our society and muzzles those that are trying to shout the warnings that our country is under attack by native elite institutions that will sell us out for monopolistic power for themselves in order to ensure their perpetual domination at the expense of OUR Liberty. These Oligarchs are no different than those that sold out to Stalin and Hitler in the last century.

  2. C M Solomon says:

    This is the progression of the careers of the “leaders” of a dysfunctional, dictatorial society ruled by the Socialist Democrats of our generation. These egotists are “smarter and wiser” than any of their subjects that worship at their feet of dependency and foment rage at the unfairness of the free enterprise system. Strife and envy is the coin of their realm of institutionalized hatred for a free and civil society based on meritorious behavior.

    1. Member of drug gang in the hood
    2. Street agitator
    3. Community organizer
    4. State/Federal benefits scam artist
    5. College grant recipient/graduate
    6. Socialist political organizer
    7. Local/State politician
    8. Congressional member
    9. President of the United States

  3. PK Lewis says:

    Another example of discrimination.

    If I burned my neighbor’s business, school, house Or car I would be put in jail & face charges. But

    If I do these things because I am not White & angry over some injustice real or invented ( with someone else) it is OK & people have to understand my position as VICTIM of this USA.

    This country is not the home of the free & the brave, it is the perpetrator of all things including my lack of income, lack of a job/ education/ position in society/ lack of a phone/ lack of decent porch furniture/ or paper in my yard.

    I demand these things because this country owes them to me including my right to walk down the street , take up the whole sidewalk, push old people out of my way, break windows, ect..
    I do not have o PAY for these things” because they are only property”& I am a beleaguered citizen of a bigoted USA.

    Only Whites must be arrested & pay for these thngs.

  4. None of these public servants so-easy-to-criticize-from-afar were appointed. Did not the people of Baltimore choose their mayors?

  5. R. Eagleman says:

    Just when you think that the Liberal Black community could not sink any lower in it’s uncivilized responses in other cities, up pops the disgraceful exhibition in Baltimore. Even the witnesses have to be disguised to protect their identity and lives from these lawless thugs. What is with these people? They are always whining about their circumstances and a desire to be more accepted into civilized society, and yet they behave like they just fell out of a tree. These street demonstrations are very reminiscent of the revolutions in Africa, but without the streets. They behave in the same manner if the Ravens win the Super Bowl as when they have some perceived grievance. As you point out in your commentary Paul, Baltimore is a shining example of Liberal Democrat governance or lack thereof for the last several decades. You wonder how these idiots who are running Baltimore could possibly by elected, until you see and hear one of their constituents comment on the situation. Why in the world do we not have some bare minimum intelligence standards to be able to vote? Sadly folks, unless we can get some responsible adults in charge,it is just a microcosm of what is in the future for our great Country. The ruling politicians and community organizers who now run our Country are only interested in the Blacks for their very reliable vote; therefore, they will pander for power, rather than act in the best interest of the more diverse majority. This is a clear “tail wagging the dog”philosophy, and if the dog does not wake up, hello third world! One final statistic I would like to share:the safest city in the U.S. is 13.5% Blacks; whereas the most dangerous city is 82.7%. When the race hustlers wail about the disproportionate number of Blacks in prisons, maybe this could help explain, rather than some unfair action of the “man”. This situation is completely unnecessary, as the Black population at one time was more socially conservative than Whites, but thank you L.B.J.for the “Great Society” and “the War on Poverty” for creating the “Great Underclass” and the “War on “Family Unity”!

  6. As long as there is a promise of something for nothing, the votes will continue for the Democrats.

    This is the reason that Hillary has a real chance to become our president. If this were not so sad, it would be Hillaryous!!

  7. C M Solomon says:

    “If you’ve done something for 50 years and it hasn’t worked, shouldn’t you at least consider trying something else?” — P. Gleiser

    Paul, your conclusion is very true; however, SUCCESS is in the eye of the beholder. I hope my following comments can add insight to this serious issue you have raised.

    Any complex system, be it mechanical, electrical, chemical, religious, societal, national, or governmental, requires “negative (corrective) feedback” in order to maintain itself as a stable operating system that doesn’t run amok. The “checks and balances” of the Constitution is such a mechanism that the Founders, in their brilliance, had placed in the Constitution to originate and maintain a “stable and prosperous,” uniquely American culture and society – a miraculous advancement of mankind based on Biblical principles and the “golden rule”.

    $22 trillion has been spent on (Liberal, Socialist, and Marxist) Democrat anti-poverty programs adjusted for inflation since LBJ launched the War on Poverty in 1964 with absolutely NO reduction in the Poverty level in the last 50 years. (This does not include Social Security or Medicare.) $22 trillion exceeds the current $18 trillion entire accumulated national debt since 1776, $8 trillion of which is credited to Mr. Obama’s regime (an 80% increase)!

    Need I say that we could be debt free as a nation if this waste of resources had never happened? How wonderful that would be! Think of the unbelievable prosperity and lack of poverty and dependency that could have been enjoyed by almost all Americans had a “meritorious society” been the national goal instead of institutionalizing the “welfare state”.

    The death spiral and demise of our major cities and States that have been ruled by the aforementioned corrupt Democrat Party is sadly OUR opinion only as Conservatives which honor the Constitution and our founding principles. By any standard of SUCCESS, the Marxist Democrat policies that have conquered these cities and (blue) States over the last 50 years can only be judged as a MONUMENTAL VICTORY due to the expansion of their rule by encouraging dependency and enslavement.

    The trend is plain for all to see. These cities and States are lost causes and will remain so because their low-information voters have been successfully indoctrinated to abandon Constitutional principles that could have saved them otherwise.

    The pay-off is to the one-party ruling elite that suffer absolutely no political competition and now have established a virtual dictatorship with no avenue of escape. The increased radicalization of the captured populations proves this point.

    The only way to save the remainder of the country is to have a national REVIVAL of the soon to be abandoned founding American (Constitutional) principles that NEVER authorized a welfare-state, Marxist led, “social justice” philosophy that condoned institutionalized theft led by corrupt politicians to ensure their own perpetual rule.

    I found the following article to be immensely helpful in the analysis of our decline as a nation as measured by many of the (deliberate) so-called “unintended consequences” of the Socialist/Marxist dogma that has infected our society and political system. The damage done to the fundamental family unit is central to the criminal results we have seen by these corrupt politicians of every stripe.

  8. Linda E. Montrose says:

    Isn’t the definition of INSANITY doing the same thing over and over with the same results but expecting a different one each time? Seems this is the liberal logic…Like watching GONE WITH THE WIND a thousand times and expecting the South to win each time. Liberalism is definitely a mental disease that needs to be fixed. Numbers and FACTS have no place in the liberal mindset. The perfect example is nancy pelosi, she doesn’t know the meaning of the word logical or factual.

  9. FORGET Baltimore.
    There’s real trouble…BIG trouble…closer to home.
    And you can forget 2016 elections if Martial Law is declared.
    Jade Helm 15 military maneuvers are underway.

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