Listen To You Tell Me Texas Friday 2/2/18


One might reasonably believe that the subject of seceding from the union was settled more than 150 years ago with the end of the Civil War. But apparently not.

As was pointed out in a recent article at the American Thinker website by contributor E.M. Cadwaladr, California is in a state of de facto secession from the United States. In many important ways save for openly saying so, California has left the union.

This has been going on for some time and it is very closely linked to the entire issue of immigration policy – the issue that many believe was decisive in electing Donald Trump and the issue that now, more than any other, has the president at loggerheads with Democrats in Congress.

California has long tolerated and even encouraged so-called ‘sanctuary cities.’ Sanctuary cities are effectively safe spaces inside which illegal immigrants are protected from U.S. immigration laws.

But recently, California’s Democrat-dominated legislature made the entire state a sanctuary. This means that no law enforcement agency in any city or county in California may assist or cooperate with federal immigration enforcement.

Not surprisingly, California is awash in illegal immigrants. According to the Pew Research Center, an estimated 1.6 million illegal immigrants live between the U.S.-Mexican border and the southern border of Ventura County – the largest concentration of illegal immigrants in the country.

The pressure that such a huge concentration of illegal immigrants must place on public services must be staggering. You would think that the people in California who work and pay the exorbitant taxes to pay for those services would be outraged. But apparently not. It’s California.

So now, California’s attorney general, Xavier Becerra, has gone the legislature one better. Not only are California law enforcement agencies prohibited from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, Becerra promises criminal prosecution for businesses that cooperate with federal authorities.

If Immigrations and Customs Enforcement shows up at a business owner’s door and lawfully demands personnel records or I-9 forms or to interview employees, if the business owner cooperates, he or she will be subject to prosecution by the State of California.

You cannot make this stuff up. It is now a state crime in California to obey federal law.

Forget Article VI, Clause 2 of the Constitution – the “supremacy clause” – the clause that states that where state law and federal law are in conflict, federal law is supreme. Abide by that clause in the once Golden State and Xavier Becerra will slap you with at $10,000 fine.

Thus, California is effectively in open rebellion against the United States.

So, here’s the question that Cadwaladr asks in his article. If California is going to ignore federal law at its sole discretion, why should the rest of us allow the state to have its 53 representatives and two senators in Congress — the body that makes those laws?  As Cadwaladr says, we are now effectively bound by the influence of legislators from a foreign country – which California has now become in all but name.

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