Getting back to ‘normal.’

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A couple of days ago, I overheard two ladies at lunch saying how happy they were that Joe Biden won the election. One of them said, “I’m just so glad things are going to get back to normal.” I’m sure that she defines ‘normal’ as ‘the way things were before Bad Orange Man was president.’

So, let’s examine that version of ‘normal.’

Prior to Donald Trump, ‘normal’ was presidents of both parties committing the U.S. military to foreign wars for which there was no real strategy to win. George W. Bush invaded Afghanistan in October 2001. He launched the Iraq War in March 2003.

Barack Obama was the first two-term president in American history to command U.S forces in foreign conflict for all eight years of an administration.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is the first president since Eisenhower who has not committed U.S. troops to a new foreign conflict. (And the number of troops now in Afghanistan wouldn’t fill a high school football stadium.)

‘Normal’ prior to Trump was perpetual turmoil in the Middle East that impacted nearly every aspect of U.S. foreign policy. Donald Trump has brokered two historic Middle East peace accords that have dramatically reduced tensions in the region.

On a related note, ‘normal’ in the United States was dependency on imported energy. Thanks to some key Trump policy decisions, the U.S. is now a net energy exporter, giving the United States leverage in the Middle East that it has never possessed – and thus the ability to broker peace deals that stand a chance of actually bringing about peace.

‘Normal’ prior to Trump’s presidency was a near weekly ISIS-sponsored terrorist attack on some airport, outdoor market or large public event somewhere in the world. What have you heard from ISIS lately?

Closer to home, ‘normal’ under presidents of both parties was chronically high unemployment among African Americans. Prior to the aberration of COVID, the black unemployment rate under this administration reached the lowest levels ever recorded.

Related to that point, ‘normal’ was the slow withering away of that amazing American invention called the middle class. Under presidents of both parties, the middle class watched helplessly as their numbers, their influence and their marketplace buying power shrank year-by-year.

Real (adjusted for inflation) middle-class wages under this administration have risen for the first time since Nixon was president.

‘Normal’ was promises by presidents of every stripe that trade deals with a mercantilistic China (and others)’ – deals that were favored by the donor class – would help create American jobs. ‘Normal’ was promises of a health care plan that would “bend the cost curve down” while allowing you to “keep your doctor.”

‘Normal’ was tens of thousands of uneducated peasants pouring into our country every month overwhelming our schools, hospitals, social services and law enforcement agencies.

‘Normal’ was an unstable dictator of a totalitarian, nuclear-equipped Asian country lobbing ballistic missiles in our direction. ‘Normal’ was a U.S. Air Force transport jet unloading pallets stacked with $1.7 billion in untraceable currency on the ramp at an airport in Iran in order to appease that country’s mullahs.

‘Normal’ was expanding wealth among the coastal elite, expanding poverty in urban centers and a hollowing out of the heartland.

‘Normal’ was a country in 2016 that more than three out of four of its citizens said was “on the wrong track.”

I happen to agree with those lunch ladies. Under a Biden presidency, things may very well get back to ‘normal.’ Forgive me, though, if I’m not quite as happy about it.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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17 Responses

  1. Michael Reagan says:

    “The experts use different language to underscore the situation’s urgency: Former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Tom Frieden said the nation is experiencing a “dangerous time.” CNN chief medical correspondent Sanjay Gupta called the crisis a “humanitarian disaster.” Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm, who was recently named to President-elect Joe Biden’s coronavirus task force, described the situation bluntly as “covid-hell.”

    Here is the “new normal” coming from the incredibly credible CNN. Boy O Boy are we in for a ride!

  2. TO YOUR CREDIT you at least acknowledge impending regime change.

    And time is of-the-essence.

    For two days on several cable channels, we saw Dubya’s Chief of Staff Andy Card recall how the 2000 Florida recount stalled the incoming Transition Team for 37 days, disadvantaging us JUST AS 911 terrorists were about to pull-the-trigger. “We want our president to be prepared.” As-is, “We look very vulnerable to the world.”

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Yes, time is of the essence! Let us get up to the line of scrimmage and snap the ball before any replays! What a bunch of hypocrites! No problem with Gore using every means possible to overturn the election, which took over a month? But to attempt to add sunlight to this very fraudulent election, which by the way, terrible Orange Man predicted, we need to be “patriotic”! Give me a break!

      • …as COVID rages, the sitting president sulks, and golfs.

        • Michael Reagan says:

          Evil never rests. I firmly believe we are battling pure evil draped in Democratic clothing. Good people need a break, to recharge their batteries. Do not underestimate President Trump. He may not win in the end, but you can bet he will come out of this standing and moving forward with something productive. As far as the election is concerned, it ain’t over until December 9. Don’t forget our favorite climate nut, Al Gore, held out until December 9.

          • COVID never rests.

            Shoot the messenger all you want, but the-numbers-are-the-numbers.

            And wait’ll you see ’em beginning in a month, after predictable non-compliance over Thanksgiving. American Airlines alone has added 500 flights. Expect a blue Christmas, and a January bleaker than April.

            Occasionally on these pages, California is scolded for not being more like Texas. Yesterday they got there, becoming the second state to hit a million Positives.

            More refrigerated trailers are heading to Texas.

            We were warned that the Obama administration would give us “death panels.” Now, under Trump leadership, and after Trump rallies there, Wisconsin is in triage, in-excess-of 100% hospital capacity.

            Opinions stated here seem heartfelt, if not succinct. The virus doesn’t care. Camus spoke of “the benign indifference of the universe:”

            Wear yer dang mask.
            Be careful.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        O.K. Ron, Holland wants to make a “no comment” regarding Gore’s protracted challenge to the 2000 election, and the hypocrisy thereof. Not only has he cited the hypocrite-in-chief, but now he quotes the chief of staff of the hypocrite-in-chief. Who next? Jeb? Vulnerable to the world? The longer we can keep China and Iran from sitting at their well-financed seat at the table, the better for The U.S,! The fat lady is still waiting, so why don’t the vultures do the same?

  3. C M Solomon says:

    We can’t even imagine the future of the Marxist Democrat NEW “Normal” that is going to befall those of us who want to keep our Liberty. If this election ends up being stolen through fraudulent methods that swamped the legal vote with illegal and “stuffed” votes, then the 72 million voters that were effectively disenfranchised will never trust another election again. Why should they?

    I have no doubt that the Marxist Democrats had perfected a way to try to steal the election through a well-PLANNED voting machine and horrendous counting error scheme (manufactured illegal Biden ballots). What if they get away with it? What is to stop even further distortion of the election system if no punishment is experienced by these unconstitutional acts? By any sense of Constitutional Justice, the election should be INVALIDATED NOW given the obvious FRAUD that was carried out by the Democrat Party throughout the nation in the dark of night and with their secret ballot counting methods.

    If we turn into a one-Party, Marxist Democrat ruled country where the Congress and President enforce draconian micro-management in literally every corner of our lives as they have promised to do so, and the Courts are stuffed with non-Constitutional Marxist activist members, then we will have become slaves of the State to do their bidding in order to stay alive, literally. Having become PROPERTY of the State, the Marxists are free to manage us as they wish, right? In other words, with NO fidelity to our value as freedom-loving human beings, the State can force us to obey their demands by using ANY threat they desire (including death) to obtain compliance knowing that our VOTE means nothing, anymore.

    Without ANY fidelity to religious faith by government decree, I look at this intimidation method as institutionalized “murder by neglect.” If you are an unwanted baby or a surplus sick elderly person that could be medically helped, then you will be left to die by way of heavily rationed, State owned, medical resources. These resources MUST be reserved to the NEW immigrant and younger generations that are being groomed to be followers of the Marxist, government-centered cultists that have become our NEW “Normal” RULERS. It is a very simple plan that World History has made popular with the elitists. I recommend that everyone try to THINK like a Marxist, please! You don’t matter anymore!

    The question is, what can we do NOW to DEFEAT this DOOM that befalls us? Have you any ideas President Trump and Republican Party? Is it better to resist now while we have the Liberty to do so, or wait for a “better” day when we are already under subjugation? Or, do we gracefully accept our eternal defeat as a Free Nation (Constitutional Republic) and try to COEXIST with Global Marxism that most of the World seems to admire?

    • Michael says:

      Perhaps we should establish a commission to investigate all this voter fraud. Kris Kobach might be a good choice to lead it.

  4. C M Solomon says:

    Does Biden have a Security Clearance sufficiently verified to review Top Secret information if he were to become President after his well-publicized actual collusion of his family members with Ukraine, China, and other countries that have BOUGHT influence through his corrupt family businesses at the expense of our country’s defense, manufacturing, and high tech and military industries? Hello BLACKMAIL! Did he EVER condemn the Obama Administration sending Iran, one of our enemies, BILLIONS of dollars as an act of appeasement?

    Biden is NOT an American Patriot. Can we risk the safety of our country and loved-ones with such a compromised and corrupt politician? Where are Trump’s CIA, FBI, NSA, and Justice Departments? Are they corrupt also? Come on guys – get real; our National Security and survival is at stake. How can so many attempts to replace President Trump via corrupt FBI managers in collusion with the Press and Democrat Party go unpunished? There are a vast number of unanswered criminal activities that have NOT been resolved over the last four years. President Trump is obligated to protect us from turning this government over to the political criminal element that has escaped accountability due to the cover-up by the corrupt Press that habitually LIES to the American public. Half of the electorate has been deliberately brain-washed by the corrupt Media to support the Democrats in the absence of the TRUTH.

    One more thing, how can any Democrat be willing to turn over their own children to a godless, all powerful government, which would indoctrinate their children with an anti-American hatred and also FORCE OUR own children to suffer the same fate? These Marxist Democrats are truly a despicable enemy to be politically defeated, at all costs. Don’t let it happen, President Trump! Bring charges to this enemy and let them try to defend themselves!

  5. Richard Anderson says:

    The two ladies you spoke of remind me of the same people who focus only on what Tweets they don’t like that President Trump posts. Simply put, there are no words to describe the shallowness of this kind of thinking!

    Look at the policy achievements of President Trump. That’s what’s important. One promise made and kept after another!

    As well, IMHO, President Trump will win reelection if he can receive an accurate LEGAL vote count in the many states in question who can’t seem to count their LEGAL votes correctly* *i.e. ref. Dominion. Unbelievable that such states haven’t even finished counting yet when the great states of Texas and Florida finished in 24 hours!

    (FYI: For those who may not know, President Trump can also be found on Parler at…

    Americans know Parler represents the future as the place where free speech is alive and well.)

  6. Ron Eagleman says:

    A little off the subject line, but: Where is the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice? If these terrorists that attacked the Mega Maga Rally last Saturday in D.C. had been White Nationalists or another right wing group attacking a peaceful assembly of Dems, General Holder would have them in jail before bedtime! Judging by the foot-dragging in the Barr and Durham investigations, I fear that the swamp is even deeper than we thought. Intimidation of political opponents is a popular and effective method for gaining power by the Leftists. Anyone ever hear of the National Socialist German’s Workers Party? A familiar acronym would be NAZI….all these thugs need is a wardrobe of brown shirts!

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Look up Unity Task Force Recommendations and you will read; albeit briefly in three separate parts of the document, about the youth army similar to the 1930’s CCC the Dems want to create. That is where the muscle will come from a.k.a Brown Shirts, SS, or whatever police force the radicals deem fit. This document is 102 pages long; but well worth the read.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Yes, it is definitely worth the read! As you read it, the words of Maximo Alvarez at the Republican convention ring out that he heard all of this before…..from Fidel Castro!

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