President Joe Biden, accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, speaks Tuesday, April 20, 2021 after former Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder and manslaughter in the death of George Floyd. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted Tuesday. Legal scholars can argue as to whether he was over-charged and as to whether it was possible for him to ever receive a fair trial. Be that as it may, the evidence strongly suggests that some measure of justice was obtained.

But President Biden’s remarks following the verdict were an absolute disgrace – an insult to people of goodwill regardless of race or skin color. Here is how he led off.

Systemic racism is a stain on our nation’s soul…a knee on the neck of justice for black Americans.”

That is a shockingly irresponsible statement made all the more so because it comes from the President of the United States. Wasn’t it just 90 days ago that the media talking heads were waxing rhapsodic over Biden’s call for ‘unity’ in his inaugural address?

The term ‘systemic racism’ is pure sophistry – nothing less than a blanket indictment of every white American. It’s a term specifically intended to put good people on the defensive. And it is a term that is grossly misapplied as it is used to describe the United States of 2021. Use of the term blatantly and intentionally ignores the progress that America has made on race since the 1960s.

A country that doesn’t let black people vote is systemically racist. A country that keeps black students out of public universities is systemically racist. A country that won’t let blacks and whites be married or even go out with one another is systemically racist. All of those things used to be true in America. They’re not true now – and haven’t been for a long time.

A systemically racist country whose population is only 13 percent black doesn’t twice elect a black man as president. Full stop.

A lie that is allowed to stand by the silence of those who hear it is the most insidious lie of all. It is past time to call out the lie that America is systemically racist.

In his remarks following the Derek Chauvin verdict, President Biden went on to say:

The murder of George Floyd launched a summer of protests we hadn’t seen since the civil rights era in the ‘60s…protests that unified people of every race and generation in peace and with purpose.”

No, Mr. President, you whiff on ‘unity’ again. People of every race and generation were not unified by the “protests” – read: riots – that broke out in cities across the country last summer. Good and decent people of every race and generation were appalled by them.

Innocent people were killed. Businesses – many black owned – were burned to the ground. Billions of dollars were lost. Livelihoods were destroyed. Hopes for better tomorrows were dashed.

Riots don’t happen in peace, Mr. President. Your studied silence on those riots during the 2020 campaign and continuing through Tuesday afternoon has been deafening.

In the end, Derek Chauvin got what he deserved from a jury Tuesday.

That’s more than we got from the President of the United States.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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39 Responses

  1. Buddy Saunders says:

    You have my agreement all the way. Systemic racism is, indeed, pure sophistry, and Biden, even in his less than sharp-as-a-tack state, knows it. He and his socialist/communist followers, a minority in every race, be it black, white, brown, or other, are playing the race card lie that endangers us all.

    120 people work at my business, all colors, but we don’t divide ourselves by color. We are all the same color under the skin. We treat each other fairly, we talk and laugh together, we do our jobs and do them well, and racial considerations play no role because we all understand that we enjoy equal rights and freedoms. We’ve been doing that for more than 40 years and have NEVER had any sort of racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual conflict. What I and my employees have experienced mirrors the vast majority of people. We simply get along without axes to grind or chips on our shoulder, or envy of another.

    All the trouble is coming from a minority, to be sure, but it is a loathsome minority–a very small minority–that trades in fanning racial and other conjured animosities to further political gain and power.

    And left in the dust is Martin Luther King’s color blind society.

    • Matthew E says:

      So should as President he should stay back so to speak and refrain from commenting on such issues etc?

      • Buddy Saunders says:

        No, Biden is obviously as free to comment as anyone. And we are equally free to disagree–at least for now.

  2. Richard Anderson says:

    You’re right on the mark Mr. Gleiser, 100%!

    The term systemically does describe Joe Biden, as he is systemically un-American, and un-Christian.

    He calls himself a Catholic* (*i.e.Christian), but he is a Catholic “in name only.” Biden as a self identified Catholic is a blight upon all who truly follow CHRIST. He does NOT believe in Life as he is pro abortion, nor does he believe in the Sanctity of Marriage as one man and one woman as GOD commands of us in His eternal Word, the Bible.

    Joe Biden disgraceful yes indeed.

  3. Dr. R. Paul Cochran says:

    No, Mr. Gleiser, YOU are disgraceful.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      May I define disgraceful? Disgraceful is when you eulogize a recruiter and Exalted Cyclops for the KKK as a mentor and friend. This friend described Blacks in terms that I would never repeat! The definition of disgraceful hypocrisy is even though his racist pal worked tirelessly to prevent Blacks from serving their country in the armed forces, he is now regurgitating that the voting laws passed in Georgia are Jim Crow on steroids. By the way, the Georgia voting reforms allow more access to the polls than his home state of Delaware, which he has been “serving” for decades. Now folks, this is the definition of disgraceful! Your welcome!

  4. Michael Reagan says:

    Call me naïve, but I do not believe Biden is in charge. He reads from a script wrote by who; it ain’t him!!!!
    He does not have the cognitive power to read complete sentences or think on his own for more than 30 seconds at a time. So who is the puppet master moving his mouth and the ventriloquist speaking the words? Interesting how Kamala stands in the background and does nothing. What a bizarre Presidency and VP we have in 2021. It must be a side effect of Covid19?

  5. Matthew E says:

    ” Bizarre Presidency ” we currently have? Really? That’s in comparison to the most recent? Ok then, you say so,smh.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      OK Matthew, you actually think Climate Change (which is nothing more than a way to make the ultra rich richer and bring you and I under the total control of government) is THE NUMBER ONE ISSUE on national security we have currently? China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, ISIS (which is not completely gone), other Islamic extremist are not? We have states and cities allowing Marxist to burn down totally innocent people’s business’ and livelihood, we have Democratic Senators and Representatives telling those Marxist to burn down our cities, the so called Peaceful Protestors have killed people, hurt many people, and declare public zones autonomous, and this Administration does what? Ah…..NOTHING!!!! Bizarre is not the proper word. How about Enablers, Marxist, and anything but American? That seems to fit much better.

      • Matthew E says:

        Much of the cities burning down,not sure what cities burned down,rioting etc that I believe you’re referring to was happening under the last administration ,although has been some more recently in response to police shootings; I’m no Biden fan to be clear,also there was plenty of killing in Chicago last four yrs under so-called conservative administration references to Chicago crime regurgitated often by a very popular Radio Talk Show personality lately and the last two yrs I’m guessing, suggesting a sitting President can fix the problem, not sure why it wasn’t fixed a few yrs back ,apparently it shouldn’t be difficult, according to some,and as far as climate change goes,it seems something is happening,according to ” Science” data being compared, and as far as controlling us,well it seems if we live in current system ( society) that’s been created we haven’t much choice , I think the homeless and the ultra wealthy are those living under least control.

        • Michael Reagan says:

          Matthew, we agree on more than you know. Homeless for instant. Why do we send hundreds of millions of dollars overseas to countries most under educated High School students cannot even point to on a map, when we have tens of thousand so military veterans who are homeless? We are talking about mothers and children for crying out loud!!!! Never mind the dang illegals flooding the border that we DO NOT need to take money away from those Americans! who are trying their best but not getting a break. Politicians can help this. They choose not to. And YES SIR lets talk about Chicago and Mexico. Care to guess how many people have been murdered in both those obscene places in the last 12 years? Here, I will help: More than all the military people killed in Korea, Vietnam, Operation Desert Storm, and Iraqi Freedom. Put that in those Liberal POS’ pipe and smoke it. That number is staggering. We could be doing so much better for Americans than we know and President Trump was trying; but a group of Marxist Progressives called the National Media and the Democratic Peoples Republic of America (China) stood in the way with BS like Russia Hoax, Climate Change, and the Biden’s and Ukraine. Now we are naming Climate Change and Inequity as the most important National Security threats to America. Really?!?! Oh BTW, lets perpetuate Covid so we can lock down the country again to further stomp on our Constitutional Freedoms. NO SIR, NO MORE in my home, street, city, or state. My family is standing up for what is right and just; God Almighty first, Texas, America, Family, and Morality. Bizarre doesn’t come close to describing this Communistic administration and their agenda for One World Government.

  6. C M Solomon says:

    The Democrat Party has lost all semblances with Americanism and its historical values of Law and Order and fidelity to the Constitution. It has become an ideological Battleship of Tyranny, afloat on its polluted ocean of Marxism as its godless Religion. It has encouraged its irrational hordes of Communist Fellow Travelers and Useful Idiots (BLM and Antifa) to carry out murder, mayhem and property destruction in order to frighten innocent American citizens and to bludgeon them into silence and obedience.

    The Democrat Party promotes and supports Cancel Culture, DOXing, COVID-19 exploitation (exaggerated death rates and lock downs) and suppression of proven life saving prophylactics and commonly available drugs when caught in early stages of infection, Legalized Infanticide, Systemic Racism, Critical Theory, massive and reckless Indebtedness, corrupt Elections, corrupt Federal Agencies (DOJ, CIA, DOD, etc.), corrupt BIG LIE Media, corrupt Academia, Global absorption of American industry (workforce and technology), Unlimited passage of unchecked Illegal Aliens (diseased, gangs, criminals, terrorists, etc.) via Open Borders, Corporate suppression of Liberties of employees and customers, and finally, Appeasement of our existential Enemies.

    In conclusion, I believe the Democrat Party is a ruthless Communist Criminal Organization on a mission to destroy the American culture, heritage, innovation, prosperity (wealth), justice system, sovereignty, and Constitutional republic form of government. By any measure of American Law and Justice, the Democrat Party, its leadership and member saboteurs in all of industry, government, media, and academia should be declared as “Subversive Enemies of the United States,” actively engaged in the overthrow of the American people and their sovereignty to live free of Tyranny that is now being forced upon them by these Marxist Insurrectionists. We are still FREE to define, expose, and destroy the influence of these cretins who have declared war on us! Don’t be ashamed to tell the TRUTH about the Democrat depravity and pagan devotion to Marxism! A LIE will always fill a vacuum when the TRUTH is silent or suppressed!

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Amen Brother Solomon! But why would anyone want to destroy the country that has given so much to her citizens, as well as the rest of the world? There are some hedge funds and managers that stand to make billions by short selling the U.S. Dollar. Anything and everything that will destabilize the government will improve the investment. Destruction of a civilized and orderly society increases the odds of a destabilized government; of course, we do not see any signs of this…..do we? President Biden is only an unwitting accomplice. Follow the money!

  7. Matthew E says:

    So what you’re saying then is these “Liberals ” want nothing more than to be living in a literal destroyed country, maybe something resembling “Dark Ages” gotta use imagination little on this,they want to be surrounded by all this turmoil,deprivation, crime etc , while they sit in their ivory towers,or at least something along those lines, such gloom and doom for sure,well if you say so.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Look up World Economic Forum. In 2019 these people “War Gamed” a global pandemic in October of 2019. It is in their manifesto for 2019 in black and white. Lo and Behold, a global pandemic happened shortly after this scenario. What is further alarming is the likes of John (Put Some Ketchup on my Fries) Kerry was part of this group. He was positioning himself to be the “Climate Czar” at that time. Bill Gates and his nutjob wife were part of this exercise as well to create a One World Government. Their goal was to do this by 2034; but since the Democommies won and Uncle Joe is now our “Dear Leader” this has been accelerated. Don’t believe it; look it up Bud. It is all there for you to read those 120 pages of taking over the world. World Economic Form in 2019 and 2020, and January 2021. The likes of Silicon Valley and the Powers to Be scheduled their 2021 forum for AFTER the inauguration of whomever the Democratic Presidental winner was to be in 2020. NOW HOW DO YOU THINK THEY MANAGED TO KNOW THE DEMOCRATES WOULD WIN?????? But they did. Once you research all this it is quiet eye opening and frightening that is all came true. Again, how did they know this?

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      No Matthew, that is not what I am saying; I did not even mention “Liberal”. Maybe it was just a Freudian slip, but you are missing the point, whether intentional or not. What I am saying is that it is no accident that the foundation of our country is under assault. If you cannot see how our basic freedoms are being eroded one by one, and think recognizing such degradation is a silly conspiracy theory, you are not paying attention. Why trivialize Paul’s valid commentary regarding our President making disgraceful remarks about his own country being systemically racist? By every metric, the president’s comments were not true, but truly disgraceful. In case you have not noticed, those who are engaged in the relentless “transformation” of our society, are mostly unaffected. They do not sit in “ivory towers”, but they do sit behind impenetrable barriers and have armed protection, as they seek to disarm the citizens and defund the police. Additionally, the criminal justice system is being turned into a turnstile for criminals and a roadblock for police officers. I could go on, but…. C’mon man!

      • Matthew Evans says:

        Well it does seem according to some that “Conservatism ” in general is loosing ground slowly but surely,and we still imprison farrr more people in USA I believe per capita than any other nation regardless of some stories we all hear about of what the hell that person doing being released scenario, and the gun thing,well I could see a few more restrictions coming but there’s just to much money being made off the fear mongering of ” right to bear arms” amendment, guns ,ammo flying off the shelves, and erosion of freedoms,don’t see it,been hearing talk for many yrs about it,occasional controversy free speech, guns to mention two obvious ones,no real change that amounts to anything in many yrs but sure is used as talking point,fear mongering, fear sales,bigggg money in fear. It gets votes for sure as well.

  8. Darrell Durham says:

    Some of the comments on here clearly indicate the difficulties we face in trying to return to some sort of normal behavior. They refuse to admit the reality, even when faced with overwhelming evidence. Some recent comments by democrats have been way more inflammatory than those by republicans, yet have been supported by dem leadership and the media, at least in public. That in itself is another story. Nancy has usually been able to rally the troops to get in line behind her, but republicans can’t seem to do the same. I believe many people are afraid to voice their opinion because of the way it will be received. I can hardly wait for the midterm elections to find out how much voter support the democrats actually have.

    • C M Solomon says:

      I am very sure that the Commiecrats will do everything in their EVIL powers to continue to subvert the next (and future) elections with the outright fraudulent (and illegal) techniques to “continue the steal” approach that “won” them the last election in the most important races in the country. These power hungry demagogues will stop at nothing to retain their “current victories” and will expand them to even greater heights of “success” in the future. Where is the accountability for the election crimes that they perpetrated last year?

      They have a billion dollar (free) propaganda machine (the Marxist Media) that will ensure that the TRUTH continues to be slaughtered while they promote their BIG LIE that Conservatives (MAGA supporters) are nothing more than “insurrectionists” that can’t be trusted and should be CANCELLED: to have their Constitutional Rights suppressed as if they were second class criminal citizens. This explains why there are so many followers of the hate-America Cult that dominates the Democrat Party, RINO Republicans, Big Media, social media, academia, globalist corporations supporting open borders (inviting crime, disease, and cheap labor into the heart of America), apostate religious organizations, charities, and churches, and sympathizers with the vile Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that they fail to condemn as the most EVIL force in the world today that threatens American safety, health, wealth, and sovereignty as the greatest nation on Earth: ensuring Freedom and Liberty for each citizen!

    • C M Solomon says:

      Darrell, the problem with the Leftist Democrats is that they can’t “return to some sort of normal behavior” since they sincerely believe that the American Nation was founded on a wicked premise of exploitation of humanity in general. The Left has polluted Academia and the Media with this hate-America “religion” for decades and now it has come to fruition in that almost 50% of Americans have accepted this horrendous LIE as TRUTH. Of course, this is an irrational mind set due to their indoctrination WITHOUT logical debate and truthful education to justify this belief. I can’t watch the so-called “main stream media” without getting sick with anger given their hatred and misrepresentations that flood the airwaves. Therefore, it is almost impossible to have a productive conversation with these brainwashed Democrats that would challenge their ideology.

      As you have seen on this blog, the hard core Leftist Democrats would rather demonize Conservatives with damnable charges and vitriolic language than engage in reasonable and logical debate. They refuse to accept our patriotic loyalty and love for this country given the historical record and influence of Western Civilization and the Judeo-Christian ethic that has spawned the greatest nation ever founded: the USA that was built on the incredibly beautiful Constitution and the human Rights that it declares have originated from God Almighty!

      • Matthew E says:

        So in the last 4 yrs we had normal behavior more or less ? Our politicians behaving like juveniles, with their tweets etc; the language commonly being used back and forth, integrity out the window,if there was much left,people behaving in ways I observed as a kid on news reports taking place in “third world countries “,thinking to myself wow that’s ridiculous, revering another person like that,being glad we didn’t have what I felt was foolish,ignorant support for a person that was obviously playing them for fools.

  9. Matthew E says:

    Well it doesn’t help when lying seems to be a non issue,regardless of what side the fence you’re on the last Administration lied about anything and everything almost,it was nuts! Yet it didn’t phase lot of folks a bit,maybe it’s the ends justify the means mentality, yes both sides do their share, but to denie it wasn’t taken to a whole new level is nothing short of delusion, conservatism as is defined more or less currently is simply not appealing at the least to many and is getting worse, when you see emasculated men grossly and shamelessly in public on camera Kissing Trumps ass,two of the best at it are Texans,where men are men they say,probably isn’t very appealing to some,again unless folks are delusional or suddenly decided it’s no big deal,personally I was raised and believe that is one of the weakest unmasculine forms of behavior, always met with discuss whether in workplace or wherever, and I know folks know what I’m talking about.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      May I ask where you are from? You obviously know nothing about Texas and freedoms or the Constitution. Are you college (HA) educated? Because if you are, we went to 180 degree different colleges and that is something we need to talk about. So my friend; where are you from?

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      No Matthew, I do not think that rational folks know what you are talking about. With all due respect, your babbling is not only irritating, but suggests mental issues. Try to be more coherent in your posts, and people may take you more seriously. Placing a few periods in your sentence structure could help “folks know what you are talking about”. Take a breath….and a pill.

      • Matthew E says:

        Wow ! Babbling,and other thoughts other than mine are somehow intelligent thoughts ( opinion)about our society and its ills ,punctuation, really? Huh…..

      • Matthew E says:

        Rational folks? So everything in that particular post is just false? The last administration ( Conservative ) I might add did not lie excessively? I think someone coined the phrase ” alternative facts” while having discussions and various debates in defense. And there never were any shameless displays ( still going on) of “Ass kissing by numerous Republicans towards the then President? Last but not least,what was this expectation of loyalty I was always hearing about? Was my punctuation better? Is there still a hint of mental illness?

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          No, Mr. Evans, you make perfect sense. Everything is fine. Everything is fine. Everything is just fine. No, no hint of mental illness. Punctuation is perfect. Everything is fine. Yes, those dang Republicans and their Ass kissing; I couldn’t agree more. Everything is fine. Where is Holland when we need him?

    • Darrell Durham says:

      Conservatism may not appeal to some, simply because it requires WORK to get what you want, and doesn’t need the government to “provide” anything. Anyone that has ever made anything with their own hands and sweat can verify the sense of accomplishment that can result. However, it’s become acceptable to not have to EARN anything, have someone else take responsibility for anything that happens, and to ask the government to play Robin Hood to make things better.

  10. Pete Faz says:

    He is a brain dead moron ,with a brain dead cabinet

  11. Matthew E says:

    Because Obama elected twice means no systemic racism,well a lot of folks didn’t vote, there is electoral college, also majority of votes verses electoral, a lot of variables to consider ,so it’s quite a stretch to suggest that automatically means no chance for any systemic racism in America,not that simple.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Are you a human carbon copy artifact of the false media creation that Conservative America is filled with racists, science deniers, retarded religious fanatics, bigots, right wing hypocrites, warmongers, gun and Bible toting country hicks barely graduated from high school, can only do manual labor, and don’t bathe often enough with dirty clothes, bad breath, stained teeth, and a rattletrap for a vehicle parked next their trailer park shanty?

      • MATTHEW E says:

        Wow! What a question and examples, No I’m one of those people that think both parties to some degree or another are simply interested in two things,reelection and pleasing there donors, while everyday people have true convictions etc ,they have making themselves and donors money as a priority.Just keep repeating the words Freedoms, Liberty, and Patriotism as often as possible while they support Corpt.Socialism just to name one pink elephant in the room.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      I am so worried about your education. Do you really know why the Constitution created “an electoral college”? Once upon a time I was a bit irritated at this method of electing our President. BUT, states that are much less populated than California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Florida, need a voice as well in our government. Would not you agree with that? Why should people in Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire do the bidding of California, Texas, Florida? If the majority ruled, those states and many more would have no voice at all. Do you think that is fair? That is exactly why we have two Senators from each state; equal representation. And that is why we do not have majority rule; because on side (like the Democrats are doing today) cannot figure out how to dominate the political landscape. Why does the rainbow have multiple colors? Seriously. Because one does not dominate the other. Bend your brain around that one and you will have the answer.

      • Matthew E says:

        This is about how Obama being elected means by definition US can’t be Systemically Racist, to many variables in my opinion, regardless of education and reason for creation of electoral c.

      • Matthew E says:

        Did Obama win the popular vote? I don’t recall , either or both times?

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      See above post, and don’t forget the pill.

  12. Michael Reagan says:

    Do you really know why the Constitution created “an electoral college”? Once upon a time I was a bit irritated at this method of electing our President. BUT, states that are much less populated than California, Texas, New York, Ohio, Florida, need a voice as well in our government. Would not you agree with that? Why should people in Utah, Wyoming, Montana, Vermont, New Hampshire do the bidding of California, Texas, Florida? If the majority ruled, those states and many more would have no voice at all. Do you think that is fair? That is exactly why we have two Senators from each state; equal representation. And that is why we do not have majority rule; because on side (like the Democrats are doing today) cannot figure out how to dominate the political landscape. Why does the rainbow have multiple colors? Seriously. Because one does not dominate the other. Bend your brain around that one and you will have the answer.

  13. Ron Eagleman says:

    Well, I finally have seen the light! The scales have fallen from my eyes, and I now feel that Paul’s essay, “Disgraceful” is just too hard on President Biden. Let me explain: I was sitting with my very best friend, Raggedy Ann, watching CNN News, and we were talking politics. Actually she does not talk, but is a very good listener. She has a twin sister, who has an important job as press secretary for President Joe Biden; her responsibility is to explain many of his statements, which often can be a little confusing. Raggedy Ann’s twin sister, Jan, made me understand why zillions of illegal aliens (sorry, undocumented immigrants) are streaming into a country that is racist to the core. Raggedy Jan explains that they are only coming here to give moral support to other people of color. You see, they grudgingly leave their beautiful countries to come to this racist purgatory to have babies, who then have more babies, who eventually vote Democrat, who eventually fundamentally transform this abomination into one that is like the paradise they left. Then they can all play games together like “chase the garbage truck for your next meal” or other fun things. Raggedy Jan also explained that the mask mandate is very important to continue, even though it contradicts science. Raggedy Jan made a very convincing argument by reminding me to look at Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Maxine Waters without a mask. One must admit, she has a very persuasive argument! Just remember that there are always 2 sides of any disagreement; you just have to have an open mind and a good friend, even if she is stuffed with cotton.

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