Americans want fair elections. Who knew?

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The highest priority legislation on the Biden agenda went down in flames this week.

House Resolution 1, along with its companion, Senate Bill 1 (together mockingly named the “For the People Act”), got their number designations for a reason. For elite Democrats, the enactment of “election reform” that favors Democrats is Priority 1.

The elite echelons of the Democratic Party are beside themselves in their opposition to state voter ID laws. Democrats are willing to do nearly anything in order to enact into law the shenanigans that culminated in what we saw following the election of 2020. Who can forget “mail-in” ballots that bore no creases from having been folded and placed in envelopes? Who can fail to remember boxes of ballots that were “discovered” late in the night and early the next morning “hiding” under tables?

Mail-in ballots and come-one-come-all voting make it easier for Democrats to win elections. Such is particularly the case in deep blue, big-city counties in “swing” states that could go either way depending on who votes and who counts the votes. Enshrining into law such things as un-trackable mail-in ballots and prohibitions on positive voter identification makes it possible for a tiny handful of county election judges to swing an entire national election. Thus the howling by Chuck Schumer and other top Dems at this week’s failure of the “For the People Act.”

All of this dovetails into a just-concluded poll by the Monmouth University Polling Institute. Here’s the headline. Despite what elite Democrats and the media would have you believe, an overwhelming 80 percent of registered voters believe that requiring a photo ID as a prerequisite to casting a ballot is a good idea. Eighty percent. That means that even a sizable percentage of Democrats favor voter ID.

The far-left loon wing of the Democratic Party (read: the ascendant wing) is apoplectic. Requiring a photo ID in order to vote disenfranchises minorities, they cry. It’s racist to impose upon people of color the burden of getting to a government office to obtain a state ID. Never mind that people of color access government services on a regular basis with no difficulty at all.

But there’s more in the Monmouth poll. It says that fully a third of Americans believe that Joe Biden is president only because of election fraud. Think what you will pro or con about such claims, it is nevertheless true that we’ve never had a third of Americans distrusting a presidential election before. The Biden presidency trades at a significant discount in the marketplace of public opinion as a result.

As we said in this space shortly after election day 2020, if Joe Biden truly believes he won the election fair and square, he should welcome any measure that would confirm that belief.

Vigorous resistance by Democrats to measures that would increase confidence in the integrity of elections – measures that fully eight out of ten Americans support – can only mean one thing. They don’t like their chances in a straight up free, fair and open election.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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11 Responses

  1. Buddy Saunders says:

    The evil set loose in our land is one we will stop. We are the many, the sane, the sound of mind, ranged against the insane few. Take heart. So long as we in our millions each do a little, and some do yet more, we will prevail and our United States of America will remain the great nation it has always been.

    The results from the Arizona election audit will soon be available, representing the first step in vindicating the millions of Americans who know President Donald Trump is our true president. Next will come similar audits in other states, each a further vindication, until Biden’s illegitimacy is absolutely established.

    Whereupon, our nation will face a dilemma never before faced. One that, had our elites been honest, would never have arisen. The dilemma, bluntly put, is this: What do the people of a nation do when they learn the man in the White House is not the president? No mechanism in law or precedent exists to answer that question. We will be in uncharted waters.

    The question just posed will require an answer within a few months. By that time, there will have been additional Arizona-like audits, despite the best efforts of the anti-Trump elite power structure to stop them. And those further audits will each in turn reveal what Arizona revealed.

    There will then be calls for President Trump to return to the office he won. That may happen. We hope so. We want it to happen. That’s a compelling scenario.

    However, an American president is limited to just two terms in office. Were President Trump to assume a now abbreviated second term, he would not be eligible to run for a third term in 2024, not unless the truncated middle term were discounted, a long shot but a possibility.

    But here is another scenario we may find more attractive.

    It may be that, in stealing the election in 2020, all Democrats have done is delayed President Trumps second term until 2024.

    President Donald Trump is healthy, a man of strength, energy and proven courage. While no man’s future health can be predicted, the odds are that in 2024 he would be wholly ready to return to office. And running, he would win, as by that point the fraud that made 2020 possible will have been fully exposed and preventive measures taken.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Buddy, your comments got my Red, White, and Blue vascular system pumping! After re-reading it along with Paul’s spot-on opinion piece, I feel a real urge to go out and salute Old Glory, which is prominently waving on my front lawn! As my dad advised me, “you cannot wait for your ship to come in, you must go out and meet it”. You guys are definitely heading out to sea to meet and board the ship. Thanks

    • Matthew E says:

      If DJT were reinstated as POTUS tomorrow what would change? There will never be another ” Fair election ” the seed was planted long before last election by DJT, even roundup couldn’t kill it. It will always be something, obviously for many. What’s going to happen after DJT is gone? So many seem to be relieing on this one man.

  2. Tresa Lagay Ames says:

    Only a 3rd think the election was stolen?! It clearly was stolen. We need to resume in person voting on Nov 3, paper ballots, only allow alternate voting for those incapacitated. Employers do allow absence on Nov 3 for voting.

  3. Richard Anderson says:

    Five star column Mr. Gleiser. Thank you for your work in keeping us informed through your writings here and with your great radio station KTBB 97.5 FM / 600 AM.

    I am not ashamed to say, that I am one man along with millions of other American citizens who believe that this election was STOLEN from President Trump. Many states are working now to enact voter ID laws along with other provisions to insure election integrity going forward. The real tragedy however is this. If these same states had been as focused as they are now back on November 3, 2020, President Trump would be in The White House –his rightful place. However, citizens across the U.S.A. are watching with great interest as state by state audits are proving that the 2020 presidential election was a Dominion/Democrat/deep state SHAM, and the American people know it!

    I remember when Ann Coulter predicted before anyone else that Donald Trump would be the 45th President. She was on Bill Maher’s show (June 2015) and the other guest panelists as well as the audience all laughed at her, believing that such a claim was absurd. BUT SHE WAS RIGHT. And they aren’t laughing anymore as Trump has become the main force of the Republican party.

    IMHO, perhaps going out on a limb, but who is to say that as these election audits of the states in question, keep uncovering tens if not hundreds of thousands unlawful unaccounted for chain of custody ballots, that Trump could not be reinstated as President, just because there is no precedent for it? They, the media pundits and deep staters said he could not win in 2016, but he did. I say, this isn’t over yet.

    As you mentioned, the leftist Democrats are on the verge of having a conniption, as they are totally OPPOSED to any law, such as voter ID laws, which threaten no one but THEM, as they want to win by any crooked means necessary as We The American People don’t matter to them. All these corrupt leftist Dems want is more control, and more power absolutely.

    Let your U.S. Senators and Representive know, that you are FOR keeping elections under the authority of each respective State’s state legislature as the CONSTITUTION says, NOT under federal control as Democrats want, as that would be a disaster ending FREE and FAIR elections.

    Elections MUST remain under the auspices of the each of the individual 50 states, not under the federal authority of the DOJ AG* (*i.e. de facto Biden administration CONTROL) as Democrat Senator Manchin from W. Virginia is proposing. Don’t be fooled, he is NO moderate as some think. His bill should be rejected as our founders knew the danger of too much concentrated central government control taken away from the individual states.

  4. Ron Eagleman says:

    Very interesting commentary and poll. When 80% of the American people think that proof of the identity of the person voting is necessary for a fair election, and only 19% think it is not, it certainly makes one wonder about the 19%. The only rational conclusion is that they feel that anyone should be able to vote in our elections. I am not sure of the numbers, but there are probably 10% who are Democratic operatives and 9% who do not know the name of the current president. I just want to take a look at a person, just one, who will stand up and admit that he/she does not have the ability to obtain a government issued identification. If such a person exists, we all need to reach into the depths of our compassion, and see how we can help that individual. Minorities should be outraged that these politicians would have such low regard for them!

  5. Darrell Durham says:

    I am amazed by the audacity of the current leaders of this administration. Biden got a bit over 81 million votes from a population of over 331 million – less than 1 in 4. Yet they think the “overwhelming majority” support their agenda. Obviously math is not their forte! They must have ostrich brains (if I don’t SEE it, maybe it isn’t there!) That might explain Kamala’s border trip to El Paso instead of Del Rio. The truth is what we TELL you it is. Along with a complicit media, the lies are repeated until the weak-minded are “reprogrammed” according to Katie Couric. However, many appear to be waking up to the realities of the day. It is time for big change in the country, but it needs to be led by “We, the people,” not “They, the government!” We don’t need F-15’s and nukes to take on the government either, as Joe suggested. Votes count WHEN they’re counted correctly. This country has survived and thrived doing the things that make it the place people from across the globe want to live. It simply cannot be as horrible as the democrats would like you to think. Common sense should tell you that nobody can, or will, GIVE you enough to be equal to them!

    • Matthew E says:

      To say they think majority agrees might be a stretch. For what ever reasons the ” wealth gap” some call it, or simply how many ( working) Americans, not ( welfare queens) are struggling just to stay afloat feel that current system isn’t working well for majority, keep in mind we’re always being reminded of the incredible wealth in USA, no one is denying that. The whole flat wages inflation ratio thing that no one denies either. Maybe if folks started working on that, have proposals ( legislation) towards improving that instead of simply repeating the same old talking points that have nothing to do with quality of life etc , maybe this Socialism hysteria thing would fade away. You can’t legislate control on greed ,but how about some ideas from the right on improving overall standard of living for ( working Americans) not just talking about CRT, Guns,Abortion, Border, defunding police , Socialism, Keystone pipeline, just to name a few. A lot of people from other places would like to come here ,but how BAD are these places typically ? So as long as we’re not Quatemala, Venezuela things are great? Personally this comparison thing doesn’t work for how many see the potential that America has. Well it could be worse attitude doesn’t always help a lot of folks ” who work” . Maybe conditioning as caused bigger expectations for many ,they should simply lower their expectations , just be glad their not living in one of the formentioned countries and quite complaining.

      • Michael Reagan says:

        “…You can’t legislate control on greed ,but how about some ideas from the right on improving overall standard of living for ( working Americans)….” AH HELLO…..Did President Donald J. Trump not help create more jobs and economic growth for ALL AMERICAN’s; especially Latinos and African Americans? Remember our unemployment numbers before Covid!!! We also did not give away the baby with the bathwater in unilaterally giving away billions of our tax dollars to the dang Paris (BS) Climate Accords, Trans Pacific Partnership (gag), NATO paying their fair share, United Nations paying their fair share, revamping of NAFTA, and other tax draining give aways of our money!!!! We exported oil and gas for once. The World does not need us to fund their projects. AND if you are saying WE should lower our expectations of life in American? Am I reading you correctly? America should ALWAYS expect to be the best!!! And BE THE BEST.

        • Matthew E says:

          It’s all just a drop in the bucket on the overall effect. For all Americans? Last I checked the dollar didn’t go any further then ( overall) still isn’t, we’re about fourty years behind on that ratio. And as far as examples you stated, where is this info coming from? Fake news? BILLIONS? How do we know what the numbers are on any you mentioned, Fake News ? ! Exporting oil and gas,so we’re still energy independent then ,if we can do that? We have so much it’s not against our best interests to be doing that ? I’ve been wondering about that, glad that’s cleared up.No meaningful across the board infrastructure improvements, power grid ,health care, roads,bridges.WATER! ? We’re running out ( water) in parts of the country,been ongoing for longtime. We have one of the worst ” child mortality ” rates in the world . All the shootings etc , on a daily basis then and still certainly doesn’t exactly scream ” Best” to many folks.Well if we’re going to be the best,we should start by having a government ( leaders) that don’t behave like some weird mix between a WWE wrestling event and typical televangelist show/ used car salesman.

        • C M Solomon says:

          Darrell and Michael, until the world is perfect and EQUAL OUTCOMES have been achieved by the Commiecrats [now I claim, full blown Communists given the destruction of the Nation underway with the guidance of the CCP who has bought their loyalty], the brainless Democrat followers will always use the excuse that the Conservatives are just as BAD since we still haven’t reached EQUITY for all. This lame excuse by the Commiecrat defenders is a sign of willing blindness to the facts, and deafness to our arguments, and hopelessness for political maturity (awareness of evil at the door).

          The utter and complete defeat of Patriotic Constitutional Conservatives is the only goal of the Commiecrats. Any complaints that utopia hasn’t been achieved is just a fake message of disinformation, distraction, and delusion in order to fool 50% of voters who still want a “benevolent” government caretaker, and who fail to be informed of the murderous history of Marxism and Communism.

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