A reckoning cometh. And right soon.

Karl Marx

Karl Marx

Marxism is defined as the social, political and economic policy of the 19th century philosopher Karl Marx. Marxists believe that capitalism is a class struggle between the minority who own the means of production (the bourgeoisie) and those who work for the bourgeoisie producing goods and services (the proletariat).

Marxists believe that capitalism is inherently unfair to the proletariat and that the state – rather than individuals – should control the means of production and then distribute the proceeds from such production equally to every member of society.

Marxism as a form of government has never worked and the doomed attempts to make it work have always led to loss of individual liberty, political repression and the imprisonment (and worse) of those who dare to speak out against its manifest failings.

Marxism is so vile and so antithetical to the American ideals of personal liberty that I have always been careful about applying the label. However, with the help of the leading lights of media, academia, politics and show business, the label is becoming increasingly apt.

The Black Lives Matter movement is avowedly Marxist. So, too, is Antifa. A high percentage of the drivel that falls from the mouth of New York Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez could have been written by Karl himself. The same for crazy Uncle Bernie from Vermont – who almost won the Democratic presidential nomination last year.

Some in our society – show biz stars, leftist college professors and the perpetual adolescent children of wealthy coastal liberals – are cheering a revolution that they believe is underway. They applaud the urban riots of last summer, the taking of knees by overpaid athletes and the big city mayors that in the name of “equity” allow thieves to walk out of stores unmolested while laden with stolen merchandise.

To all of these leftists I say, “good luck.” Marxists have never been able to successfully govern any nation, let alone a nation with a two and a half century tradition of individual economic freedom.

The Declaration of Independence reminds us that people are disposed to suffer while evils are sufferable. In other words, we’ve been more or less putting up with the nonsense of those who have hijacked the Democratic Party and our cultural institutions. The problem for these loons is that our suffering is becoming too much.  Americans who live between the coasts (which is most Americans), own guns, call themselves Christian and produce the lion’s share of American economic output have had enough.

You can see the disgust of the heartland in the catastrophically bad ratings for pro sports and the Olympics It’s evident in the growing unrest of citizens in cities with mayors that won’t punish crime. You can see it in fed up parents showing up en masse at school board meetings.

A reckoning is coming for the Democratic Party in 2022. But even more important –and of much more consequence – is the reckoning that awaits corporations and cultural institutions who have been captured by the left, sewn the wind and now blithely await the whirlwind.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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29 Responses

  1. Rich says:

    Once again I submit;
    There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!
    If you want the government to do something for you, they are either going to take from you to do it, or they are going to take it from someone else.
    Which makes you either a FOOL or a THIEF!

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Yes Sir! My favorite editorialist, author, Professor of Economics, and true American Patriot, Dr. Walter Williams emphasized government thievery and extorsion of those of us who pay taxes. The Government always takes from everyone and thinks that is fine and dandy because it is our duty to pay for their wealth. Remember: Most, if not all, our current members of the Senate and Congress were not millionaires when they were elected; now they are. How does that happen on a $200K or less salary? Never mind their outrageous retirement benefits. That alone is the very definition of a Marxist Regime taking from the people for their gain and we should be happy serving our Government Masters.

  2. Pete A Fasanello says:

    That bumper sticker that reads”Proud Texas Democrat” should read “Proud Texas Marxist “.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      I’ve been saying the Democrats are socialists. But that’s being too generous. I find myself agreeing with you, Pete. The time has come to call Democrats Marxists.

  3. Matthew E says:

    Yes there is reckoning coming, you’re absolutely correct. I don’t think it will be in 2022 but it’s coming, it’s called ” Sustainability ” . Not in our lifetime I doubt . I once thought many folks were concerned about grandkids and their kids future. Maybe it’s just exposure to to much fake news. Also I’m betting neither Capitalism nor Socialism will fix it, far to much money to be made,money is all that matters.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Matthew, you are sometime not clear in what your point is, but by “sustainability” I assume you mean achieving the green agenda. The sun will rise in the west before that happens. The green agenda is that impossible. Any such effort will so cripple economies that the public will not tolerate going further.

      I do tend to agree with you on another of your comments, but for a different reason. I, too, once thought older folks were concerned about their kids’ future. Some are, but many care more, above all, about the sustainability of their Social Security check. Threaten that (as we are with inflation) and you’ll see these elders go after the defect-spending woke politicians with pitchforks and shotguns. That will be part of the coming reckoning Paul spoke about.

      Finally, money isn’t all that matters, but it does matter, especially how it comes to be, earned the tried and true way by the production of goods and services, or as too often now, manufactured out of thin air.

      • Matthew E says:

        Sustainability, human population, it’s all about math, as teachers often said in grade school ,everything is numbers,whether you like math or not. 2+2=4 ,despite what many nowadays want to believe. It’s all in the numbers, not alternative facts ( numbers ). All the obsessing over ” Socialism ” Marxist won’t change the math.

  4. Matthew E says:

    I’ll say this, this whole ” Marxist ” thing is being played to the hilt , nothing like bringing back an oldie but goodie,except with a little twist I suppose. Wonder what it’ll be next,probably be hard to top this one .

  5. Darrell Durham says:

    Power is all that matters to many. Control is the basis for development of a Marxist society. A free and armed populace is harder to control. This trend toward socialism has been happening for years, as many have warned us about. Benjamin Franklin was the first! A free republic is a constant fight well worth fighting against ANYONE trying to take it away. If this country is as awful as some would have you believe, why would so many people give up all they have to come here?! Many are fleeing from places just like it is becoming!

    • Matthew+E says:

      Many have little to nothing to leave behind . The point that many seem to not grasp or conveniently ignore, many Americans feel it could and should be much better, but apparently that in some twisted campaign from the radical right ( circus )have convinced mindless robots that it really means they all are “AntiAmerican “. To just say you love America constantly, repeat the words freedom, Liberty, Patriotism constantly are simply just words, it’s all just talk,does nothing to ” Make America Great Again “, no wait , it’s ” Keep America Great ” ,I think ,well whichever, something like that. I don’t think anyone else knows either it just sounds good. The Republican Party, the party that says stuff that sounds good ,hey that could be a new slogan ,well some say some outlandish stuff,we’ll pretend they don’t exist.

  6. Darrell Durham says:

    Paul, your reference to parents showing up at school board meetings is the key to the door. Alinsky followers realized to start at the bottom with our children, indoctrinating them with Marxist beliefs. Continue to college, and the result is what we have today, a totally mindless robot that acts precisely as programmed, without thought or variation. The solution is to start with the school board to remove these socialist teachers and minds, and return to the ideals that make this the greatest country in the world. Madeline Murray O’Hair was instrumental in changing the public school system in the 60’s, about the same time the government waged it’s war on poverty. Both have been catastrophic failures for the country!

  7. Ron+Eagleman says:

    Even the most docile and obedient pet will become aggressive and bite if kicked and abused long enough. As Paul’s commentary describes, there should be a reckoning in 2022 for those who are engaged in transforming our country into a Marxist hellhole. But the Republicans need to be proactive in stopping the Left from using the CDC and every other government agency to duplicate the 2020 strategy. Legal teams must be in every swing state to challenge and stop the Democrats from using the Covid variant as a justification for unsolicited mail-in balloting and other electioneering tactics. This was an enormous blunder in 2020!

  8. Matthew+E says:

    Tax the rich ,feed the poor , till there are no rich no more.

  9. C M Solomon says:

    Does “Tax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more” translate to the famous quote from 1875 that says, “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”?? I believe a lot of former Americans actually believe that this is the essence of fairness, equality and happiness for ALL peoples that should share the World’s bounty, YES?

    • Matthew E says:

      It’s words from a song , it doesn’t matter regardless. It’s all about trickle down economics, and it sure is a trickle. It’s all about Freedom ,Liberty, Patriotism, quality of life for working Americans ,elderly,children is not relevant . Love or leave it ! Protect the the wealthy at all cost. It’s only jealousy and envy from those that work hard and have very little, they should work harder.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      How about: “the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money”, by Margaret Thatcher? If this Democrat “infrastructure proposal” etc., etc., becomes law, the pursuit of bankruptcy of our country and shorting the U.S. dollar will be realized! The Democrats (and some Repubs) will have run out of other people’s money. Hello Third World…meet your newest member!!

      • Matthew E says:

        We’re already doing much worse in many things than some third world countries, nothing new . Probably fake news ( data ).

    • Tammy Blair says:

      From where I sit there are too many current Americans buying into that Marxist ideology. What they fail to grasp is human nature. No matter the times or technology, human nature doesn’t change.

      • Ron+Eagleman says:

        Bingo Tammy!! It is human nature, especially in those who have been taught that they are special and society owes them. Human nature will tend to vote for Santa Claus, even when history is littered with countries that have fallen for the promise of “free toys and stuff”. Independence and self-reliance are not near as attractive to human nature, and are much harder to sell. But maybe, just maybe, this “sneak peek” into the miseries of socialism that the Biden administration is providing will fuel the “reckoning” that Paul suggests.

        • Matthew E says:

          What are these miseries ? Who said free stuff, nothing is free. Human nature doesn’t change so ….. is this misery on television or is it seen in our towns and communities ? Bankruptcy, why not , some of our nation’s finest leaders ( our last President ) didn’t hesitate, it’s all part of the game. It seems in a Capitalist system you runout of money as well, since way back when, ” National Debt ” thing that nobody talked about for four years until six months ago . Funny how that works,amazing.

      • Matthew E says:

        So essentially many people are selfish and self centered unfortunately. When it means making a change or sacrifice for greater good many always find excuses, regardless of political views. Actions speak louder than words. That easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle thing,apparently is only an inconvenience, we’ll just skip over that part.Protect the wealthy ,regardless, just because others suggest it’s the right thing somehow.

  10. C M Solomon says:

    Our Marxist (equality) defender and deflection artist didn’t recognize the appeal of the 1875 quote I cited earlier that belongs to one of his heroes but couldn’t or wouldn’t identify. Why the shyness?

    • Matthew E says:

      Deflection, that’s a good one . I have no heroes , people I respect, but not heroes . Heroes are for children, and maybe some adults who have never grown -up .You seem to be only one ever using the word equal ,Freudian slip maybe ? Defender ,that’s a good one as well.

  11. Matthew E says:

    All the ” Talking Heads ” that are beating this ” SOCIALISM ” boogeyman threat like a dead horse are laughing all the way to the bank,what a racket ! It’ll probably go down as one of the biggest political cons of the century. There all just a bunch of high paid actors and grifters.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Mr. Evans, with all due respect, get a life! While you are at it, get a 6th grade grammar textbook!

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