Can either of these men meet the moment?

Paul GleiserCan either of these men meet the moment?

Here is the state of things in what is supposed to be the world’s greatest nation.

The country is $31.4 trillion in debt. That comes to 134 percent of the entire annual economic output of the largest economy on Earth. No nation in history has ever owed so much.

The U.S. Treasury is days away (we can’t know exactly how many days until it’s too late) from having neither the cash – nor the capacity to borrow the cash – necessary to make the interest payments on that debt. To put this in relatable terms, imagine if in order to make the minimum payment on the maxed-out MasterCard you were counting on getting a cash advance from the maxed-out VISA card.

What is supposed to be the premiere law enforcement agency in the world has been conclusively revealed by a three-year long investigation by special counsel John Durham to be corrupt at the highest levels. It is now undeniable that the FBI – we say again, a law enforcement agency – itself broke the law by actively interfering in the 2016 presidential election. It went on to then attempt actively to sabotage the administration of the winner of that election. One might reasonably call it a coup attempt. Such is the stuff of third world dictatorships and South American banana republics.

The FBI has further shown itself willing to use its awesome powers to intimidate, silence and, if it deems necessary, incarcerate those who dare speak or act in opposition to the political preferences of that agency’s leadership.

We now know this and yet no one seriously believes that anyone at the FBI will ever be called to account or in any meaningful way punished.

Given the clear revelations from Hunter Biden’s infamous laptop, only the willfully blind can deny that the President of the United States has personally profited from payments made by agents of countries who are enemies of the United States. (In plain language, those are called ‘bribes.’) No objective observer can dismiss the possibility – yea, the likelihood – that Joe Biden is compromised by malign adversary nations that include Russia and China.

The southern border of the United States exists in name only. More than six million social services-consuming migrants have poured across it since Biden took office. They keep coming and no effort is being made to stop them.

Almost none of this is being accurately reported by American news media. A high percentage of Americans are blithely unaware of their country’s parlous condition.

Such is the sorry state of things.

Things were in a sorry state in 1980 when a change in leadership in the form of Ronald Reagan came along. With his sunny disposition and innate communication skills honed by a career in Hollywood, Reagan turned the ship around.

The profound question therefore is this. Given a situation that is manifestly worse than 1980, can either of Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis overcome an overtly dishonest and hostile media and an entrenched, malfeasant permanent Washington bureaucracy to turn the ship around again?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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6 Responses

  1. Greg R says:

    Trump, like him or not, had a good grip on turning things around in 2016 but the deep state wouldn’t have it and I don’t if they will ever allow it to happen again, by any conservative. One might get elected but how long it would last is anybody’s guess. I wouldn’t put anything past the slimy left. My .02

  2. Linda M says:

    First of all, want to say this: Gov. Ron DeSantis has done great things in Florida. I like him. But he is not ready for the Presidency yet. He has much more that needs to be done right where he is at. He is a good role model for what a Governor needs to be. He gets things done and doesn’t back down. However, all this being said it is a very different world as President and I think he needs to stay right where he is, for now.
    President Trump on the other hand has tested the waters and despite what the left has done, did a remarkable job. This is a man who is used to getting things done. He knows what a man’s word means which he applied to his business and then to the Presidency. He was not and is not an establishment politician which is why I voted for him the first time. His promises kept, the showing how he really cares for people and how he dealt with foreign leaders is why I voted for him a second time. And I will a third time. I never paid attention to his tweets, I looked at THE MAN and how he dealt with what was thrown at him from day one instead. This nation was getting on track for the first time in many many years showing what COULD have been done on a big scale if the left had left him alone to do his job! The people who dislike President Trump do not do so because of silly tweets, it is because he showed the American People what was possible and COULD have been done if politics hadn’t gotten in the way.
    I will vote for President Trump AGAIN because I think he is the person who can get things done if the politicians will get out of his way and let him DO HIS JOB! Gov. DeSantis needs more experience and THEN run…he will have my vote THEN!

  3. C M Solomon says:

    Mr. Gleiser, Gray on textured gray background is pretty but much harder to read. What happened to good ol’ BLACK on WHITE for readability in the comment sections?

    Politically speaking, Trump’s patriotic mission is the destruction of the WOKE (Communist) weaponization of almost every institution that is in partnership with the FAR Left deep state collaborators. These collaborators are driven by the unelected 4th branch of the government (administrative-regulative state) that ignores the will of the people. Trump’s goals are in HIGH CONTRAST to the DeSantis GRAY partnership with the traditional spineless “old guard” Republican Party leadership that represents the ”controlled opposition,” liberal, mega-donor globalists. These Criminal Communist Collaborators (CCC) deliberately oppose the grass roots, America First, patriots, that believe in our Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms and state/national sovereignty that is now under constant assault by the bureaucrats trying to rule our daily lives by tyrannical “color-of-law”. As a Nation, we are being quickly converted to a third world, Communist, border-less country by a thousand cuts of Leftist control and propaganda while barely surviving by way of a diminishing population of informed patriots that are willing to speak out!

    Your can always find the heart of a man when you can identify the wealthy that fund his campaign regardless of WHAT he says in public. You can also determine who the CCC fears the most by whom they try to defeat by any means possible. What better way to defeat Trump and the MAGA movement than for the Left to use the Chinese Communist Party’s scheme of “Elite Capture” to act as a Trojan horse of false hope of victory.

  4. Lee GILMER says:

    This is Lee from Tyler. I am a 73 year old retired chemical engineer, currently working as a substitute teacher for Tyler ISD.
    I am firmly in the Trump camp. I believe President Trump is the dragonslayer/mockingjay. I believe he the only candidate who is tough enough to take on and destroy the Deep State in Washington, D.C.

  5. Lee gilmer says:

    John McGlocklin was on Hannity with guest host Greg Jarret Thursday afternoon. Yes, he is a Republican pollster so his bias has to be considered. John told Greg that the current polls have Trump in the 60s/70s and DeSantis in the 20s. John also told Greg that Trump leads Biden 47 to 43. This is the average of several polls including ABC/Washington Post.
    I’m not a big believer in/fan of polls. However, these poll results are obviously contrary to your opinion.

  6. Darrell says:

    I am not a fan of the new layout. That said, Trump will never convince enough people that didn’t vote for him before to do so now, and IF he did the Democrats would simply repeat/continue their assault. He also has the looming trial to interfere with his campaign time. I feel DeSantis would make a good president. I don’t know if Desantis can handle a combative media either, but he is easier for haters to accept. We simply cannot afford to allow a Democrat to win the white house again.

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