The big question that won’t go away.

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Paul GleiserThe big question that won’t go away.

Let’s stipulate that I don’t trust the Department of Justice as far as I can throw the building in which I am sitting. Of all the problems facing the country today, none is bigger than the DOJ. Justice Department corruption trumps – you’ll excuse the expression – a weak economy, the crisis on the southern border, rampant crime, an increasingly aggressive China, our steadily weakening military in the face of that rising threat and the loss of American stature on the world stage.

We have a dual system of justice. One is for elite Democrats. The likes of Hillary Clinton and anyone named Biden have little to fear from that justice system. The other justice system is for everyone else — including most especially anyone who supports or has anything to do with Donald Trump. If you’re in this latter group and you don’t fear the DOJ, you’re not paying attention.

Let’s also stipulate that Donald Trump had a successful presidency. Take out the drama and the dawn’s early light tweets and the verbal wild pitches and the name calling and all the rest of it and you are still left with Trump’s record as president. A booming economy, record low unemployment – particularly among minorities, rising real incomes in the middle class for the first time in decades, sanity on the southern border, effective deterrence of China and North Korea, energy independence for the first time in 70 years, a rapidly pacifying Middle East and a strengthening American military were all objective successes of the Trump administration.

Let’s also stipulate that despite the corruption of the DOJ and despite one’s understandable unwillingness to accept the Trump indictment at face value, it’s still there. It’s not going away. Former federal prosecutor and prior Trump defender said this in National Review earlier this week.

I don’t believe that Trump’s lawyers, who were trying to help him, would testify — as they have very reluctantly testified — that he tried to get them to destroy evidence and obstruct justice, unless he really did try to get them to destroy evidence and obstruct justice.”

The fact is Donald Trump is often his own worst enemy. If he knew they were coming for him, if he knew he wasn’t going to get a fair shake from either a corrupt DOJ or a corrupt media, what was he doing having sensitive documents in his possession? Why hand your opposition a club with which they can beat you to death?

If Trump becomes the nominee, the entire 2024 campaign will be about his criminal prosecution. There will be little to no taking of Joe Biden (or whomever) to task about inflation, chaos on the border, crime, official corruption, loss of confidence in our institutions or anything else that Americans are concerned about. A singular focus on Trump as a criminal defendant to the exclusion of confronting the issues favors the Democrats.

So, with a critical election on the line, and a heavy cloud hanging over Donald Trump, the question we must answer is this.

Is nominating Trump worth the risk?

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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25 Responses

  1. Jim says:

    Your Maga Trumpers aren’t going to like you talking sense like this.

    • Mike says:

      Question for you Sir: “Do YOU want America to be Great? Or do you want millions of illegal aliens (they are NOT immigrants) invading our Country? Do YOU want $1.50 cent a gallon gas, clean burning natural gas, clean burning and super energy efficient nuclear power, or do you want unproven inefficient solar panels all (Made in China), battery powered vehicles that would take you three days to get from Texas to Florida panhandle (batteries made in China), wind energy that only works when the wind is blowing? Do YOU want a debt that at some point will cripple America? Do YOU want California or New York criminal justice applied in Texas? What DO YOU WANT?” Because I ask this due to the fact MAGA people want low taxes, fair elections, ENERGY INDEPENDENCE AS WE WERE UNDER TRUMP, which lead to low fuel prices, more jobs created for everyone than ever before ( OH BTW, I still see “Help Wanted” signs EVERYWHERE across Texas and the Southeast where I travel), safety in ALL our towns and major cities, World Peace (DAH!), and better everything. Love him or hate him, Donald J. Trump did a hell of a great job for America all the while being targeted by The Swamp Creatures of Washington because he really was a champion for everyone. What can possibly be wrong with that??? So MAGA, Yes Sir, I AM MAGA.

    • Bill says:

      At the battle of solving the problem, is understanding what the real problem is. It’s not Republicans versus Democrats. It’s not conservative versus liberal‘s. It’s not Trump versus the never Trumper‘s. Ronald Reagan, over 40 years ago identified the problem as being the federal government, or Washington DC as you choose.

      The most Republicans and nearly all Democrats for the most part in Washington DC are part of what has become to be known as the Uniparty. They collectively couldn’t care less about us. They only care about two things, power and money and to obtain that and keep that they have to cater to the donor class. This is one area that actually unites, conservatives and liberals, and that’s a hatred for Washington DC.

      With all due respect to Mr. Gleiser, and there’s a lot of respect to due, we will never again see the old days, Lincoln, Douglas. The notion that Republicans and Democrats will stand for and debate the issues and we the American people pick, is all over for those not paying attention, the DNC has already announced will be no debates. The president of United States is trying to use the FBI and the department of justice to imprison their chief rival sound like Zelenskyy, Xi, Putin?

      The days of compromise and bipartisanship is all over.

      Whether you love Trump or hate him, he was is the arch enemy of Washington insiders. The risk isn’t whether or not Trump will be the next president. By far the bigger risk, is somebody from the Uniparty will be.

      • C M Solomon says:

        Amen! Bill! The Uniparty is the organized tool of the true believers in tyrannical government as the vehicle to enshrine their own power and wealth at the expense and subjugation of the electorate by clever deception, the Constitution be damned. It is the Uniparty that places the Deep State ABOVE the Constitution as they collaborate with Marxist lobbyists to write thousand page bills that get passed that no one can read or understand and further adds to the regulative power of the unelected Administrative State to control our lives and promote their Marxist philosophy everywhere, over time. The Federal Register is now approaching 90,000 pages of regulations! What lunacy has befallen us by way of these lunatics! Of course, the CCP with their subversive agents and followers can buy anything they want to gain world domination as long it is hidden from the public in these gigantic bills to rip-off the USA to destroy our economy/industry and culture of Liberty one small razor slice at a time.

        One of the best definitions for the Uniparty is at the following Link. Their mask is off and they are in our face, now. Thank you, President Trump, for taking the arrows as a result of exposing their hatred for America as founded.

  2. Greg R says:

    Better a criminal than what we have now. My .02

  3. Richard Anderson says:

    Some very uninformed and “few” people out there are listening to the “drive-by media” too closely, taking everything they say to heart that they put forth. I, for one, am thankful that social media.. Truth Social, Gab, Twitter,*, *i.e. Tucker Carlson are doing a fantastic job in “knocking down” various false narratives. In short, the “drive-by s” just don’t have the audience they formerly did and we know why.. bearing false witness aka lying is NOT A VIRTUE and Americans are tired of it.

    The expression MAGA –as used by Biden and the “drive-by media”– is meant to paralyze and to polarize people into a fetal position of fear as MAGA (they hope) conjures up horror and terror should President Donald Trump be elected for going on the third time in 2024, though 2020 was stolen from him. Pence chose to NOT do his CONSITUTIONAL DUTY and send ALL electoral ballots back to the 50 State Legislatures respectively, thus he certified a fraudulent election as legitimate. And to be sure, the American People will remember him as a very flawed man not unlike Benedict Arnold.

    MAGA, for those who do not know, means this.. “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.” Never has there been a more patriotic and purely American slogan that a presidential candidate could have than this. In fact, very much like Ronald Reagan, the All American president fondly known as “The Gipper.” So the “hate MAGA/hate Trump people” should give it a rest as they don’t know what they are talking about! TRUMP 2024.. for God, Family, Country.

    • Jim says:

      Apparently I hit a nerve with the MAGA comment. I apologize if I offended, just let me know how to refer to those with a fanatical loyalty to Trump. For the record Richard, I voted for Trump twice, don’t watch the “drive by media”, own a MAGA cap, and am staunchly conservative. And I don’t hate Trump. But I’m realistic about his poor decision making and the role this has played in making him virtually unelectable. The fact is, Trump has always been good at rallying his supporters. But he will not win the 2024 election without a big Republican turnout and substantial support from independent voters. My prediction (my fear) is that Trump’s passionate base will win him the Republican nomination, but he will almost certainly lose the general election, even if the Dems nominate a senile, corrupt, anti-American buffoon to run against him. Paul is spot on with his comments… should pay attention to what he’s saying. We’re poised to win the battle but lose the war.

      • Troy Forbus says:

        Being lumped into the bunch you have labeled and libeled as “fanatical” isn’t a good way to start a conversation. Trump’s base isn’t restricted to those that worship at his feet. It includes many of us who, despite his mouth engaging before his brain and his grade school name calling, liked the job he did as President. In my opinion he was cheated out of a reelection and to set this aside because of his personality is to acquiesce to those that participated in the shenanigans and have given our permission to do it again. My “fear” is we let those that want to “fundamentally change” our country will be allowed to do so without someone who will openly fight for us. I don’t see anyone else who has the strength or the internal fortitude to do so without having to be told by the donor class how to govern.

        • Linda E. Montrose says:

          Thank you Mr. Forbus for your comment. People make too much of his mouth engaging before his brain or his tweets. He means well and still gets his point across. I’ll say again and again…despite his mouth he says what he means and means what he says. President Trump may not be perfect, but then who is? What he is, at this time, he is perfect for our time. Maybe others can’t or won’t see it, but many of us DO see it.

  4. David Price says:

    Maybe there’s a possibility that some of the documents were proof of wrong doing from former presidents or Secretary of State that now get put on the record because they are trying so hard to destroy him?
    But no I don’t think he’s electable, too much hate on the other side. I will vote for him if he is the nominee but do t think he’s the best option.

  5. C M Solomon says:

    Mr Gleiser, there is a better way to ask your question. “Is nominating Trump worth the risk of enflaming the corrupt media for them to saturate the airwaves with a singular focus on Trump as a criminal defendant to the exclusion of confronting the issues that expose the damage that the Democrats are doing to the Republic as they sell us out to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and their partners in the WOKE Globalist elite? Are you kidding? The corrupt media ARE the propaganda arm of the corrupt Democrats and will NEVER discuss or admit their criminal activity. I get so tired of media moguls that believe their corrupt propaganda machine of disinformation is still being believed by a rational and hungry public for the truth that is rarely provided by these media Marxists that will do anything to dissuade them from Trump. The wicked double standard of Injustice in this country will never stop defaming Trump because they can’t afford for him to use his Presidential powers to exterminate their roach nest of criminal cartel activity that has penetrated every corner of the administrative state.

    The President has SOLE discretion to declassify ANYTHING at will as the “Elected” Chief of the Executive Branch of the United States of America. Any expert who has done the legal and constitutional research and who doesn’t depend on the Left’s “demons of disinformation” that plague our country knows this! The Deep State or the Congress or the Judicial Branch does NOT override the President’s power to declassify. The corrupt Marxists that have penetrated every federal agency are skilled at using “classification” to hide their criminal activity from exposure and accountability that would otherwise result in the elimination of their evil mission to wage war on their domestic enemies such as Trump and the Conservative movement. How many FABRICATIONS of Hate and Lawfare of illegal (treasonous) activity against Trump are we going to see from the “elite captured” and unelected “controlled opposition” bureaucrats (loyal to the Marxist CCP) are yet to be cooked up? The answer is: “never ending” until they are soundly defeated by an informed and courageous citizenry.

    These demons have absolutely NO credibility with these patriots who are willing to shred the lies being promulgated by closet Communists (who claim in the name of “democracy” to save the Nation from the evil Trump, of course). This War to destroy our Republic will either end with our victory or will end with the US being absorbed into a Global Communist dictatorship by eradication of our Unalienable Rights as granted by God, which were never intended to be granted by a government “Social Credit Score” as issued by a wicked cartel of institutionalized terrorists.

    The unending hatred to defame and eliminate Trump is exquisite evidence that he is the one that the cowardly Left fears the most BECAUSE he has forced them to reveal their true motives to destroy our Republic and to join with a world-wide Communist utopia of slaves and slave masters. Trump has pledged to expose and destroy them and keep America First. Isn’t it obvious WHAT this war to protect and defend Liberty is all about and WHO we can trust to have the courage to carry it out? It is long past time for wishful thinking that we can coexist or compromise with the cancerous Left that is using the current regime in Washington to destroy our Republic and remain in power.

  6. Linda E. Montrose says:

    YES! President Trump is worth the risk in answer to your question. President Trump spent YEARS among the people of the left and at first I thought he was playing us. BUT I voted for him despite my reservations and I am glad I did! He proved himself beyond what anyone else in his position would have. He did more for the PEOPLE of this Country and our standing in the world than any president in my lifetime. Name ONE president who didn’t take a salary but instead gave it to different charities. When the left and lots on the right look to increasing their salaries, President Trump chose to donate his to worthy causes. In all honesty, does this sound like someone who would lie, cheat, and steal from us? This is how the left wants us to believe about a man who did nothing wrong but showed us how all this time we were taken advantage of by BOTH parties. How they insisted on kicking the can on down the road instead of FIXING the problems facing us. Despite all the judas betrayers surrounding him while in office, President Trump did things that should have been done decades ago. President Trump showed us, much to the chagrin of the people, how for decades we were being played by our elected officials. Is President Trump perfect? Not by a longshot but he is PERFECT for the time we are in.

  7. Buddy Saunders says:

    Paul, you open this week’s commentary with, “Of all the problems facing the country today, none is bigger than the DOJ. Justice Department corruption trumps – you’ll excuse the expression – a weak economy, the crisis on the southern border, rampant crime, an increasingly aggressive China, our steadily weakening military in the face of that rising threat and the loss of American stature on the world stage.”

    Then you close with, “Is nominating Trump worth the risk?” suggesting in a cautious, roundabout way that Donald Trump represents a problem equally substantial.

    Richard Anderson, Troy Forbus, C M Solomon, Linda E Montrose, and I, along with many millions of others, do not agree with you. We did not ride into town on a load of watermelons. More and more every day, it looks like we are measurably brighter than those who elected Biden, and that we are an even a better judge of character– Biden’s flaws set against Trump’s.

    Trump did not lie to us as did past presidents, both Republican and Democrat. He is not a creature of the elites. We appreciate all that he accomplished for us in his first-tier term, and remain unhappy that election fraud denied him a second term, or rather, looking to the future, only delayed his next four years as president.

    “Is nominating Trump worth the risk?” ABSOLUTELY!

  8. Richard Anderson says:

    Great words by Mr. Solomon, and Ms. Montrose. GOD bless you both!

    What this is really about is good vs evil, FREEDOM or slavery, and Trump is the best equipped and most determined to “uproot” that evil* *i.e. the wanton corruption in our own government.

    The Founders 1776 have it right when they the wrote and spoke of “defending our CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC against all enemies both foreign AND domestic” and the latter is where so much of the “necrotic rot” is ensconced. No other candidate, in my view, has the strength and love of the American People necessary to correct this and get rid of this stench before it’s too late.
    MAGA! — Save America — Trump 2024.

  9. C M Solomon says:

    My question (from several weeks ago) that remains unanswered by the “unelectable Trump” wing that dominates the leadership of the RINO Party is the following: Who has the recent track record of having accomplished Trump’s successes as outlined by Mr. Gleiser and who WILL NOT LEAVE INTACT the corrupt and incompetent Administrative State and their Marxist (CCP funded) followers (in and out of government) that are destroying this country at a record pace? This has happen in real time with radicals that were illegally put in office by way of a stolen election (thru ballot and machine manipulation) that eliminated Trump’s landslide victory that actually occurred and was furthermore DENIED by the RINO weaklings. I can’t believe that the current pace of our destruction as a free Nation that is now underway by the Marxist radicals in charge, has remained unchallenged by these RINOs who aren’t alarmed and desire a kinder, genteel, and more likable President. I don’t think we will remain a FREE REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC unless drastic action is taken to identify and eradicate this EVIL that plagues our country, community, church and family.

    I don’t know of anyone with Trump’s courage and determination to purge this EVIL that permeates our government and the institutions that support it. This is not just another political cycle of rivalry between two parties. The Marxist Left will break any law, defame any person or institution, and promote a “thousand cuts” of illegal overthrow of Constitutional Law to gain dictatorial control in perpetuity. A favorite scheme of the Left is to use fake Conservative surrogates to claim that Trump is unelectable and steer voters to a shallow candidate that is a smooth talking, empty suit that will follow the path of least resistance to maintain (secret) harmony with the Left but at a slower pace that in the end conquers the Nation, anyway. These fake Conservatives are known by their constant equivocation and inability to expose and promote the utter destruction of the enemy within that should be tried for treason if Constitutional Law were to be followed.

    • Linda E. Montrose says:

      Mr. Solomon, how right you are and one sentence stood out to me and that was about the marxist left who will break any law, defame any person or institution and promote a “thousand cuts” of illegal overthrow of our CONSTITUTIONAL LAW to gain dictatorial control in perpetuity. As I am sure it started long before LBJ, that is who that sentence of yours brought forth. He saw the democratic party as running this Country long after his time in office expired. He set things in motion to insure that and bragged publicly about assuring the Black vote for at least 200 years! This is just one thing that President Trump did was wake up the people of color to the fact they had been rounded up and put on a reservation just as the Indians were. President Trump freed them by telling the TRUTH. Nothing clinched this better than when biden told the people of color they weren’t black if they voted for Trump. President Trump SHOWED them by keeping his promises to all Americans the truth. If the left ever believed it, we are all the same in GOD’S eyes and should be treated as such.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      C M, your points as always are well taken, and I especially agree with you when you, “I don’t know of anyone with Trump’s courage and determination to purge this EVIL that permeates our government and the institutions that support it.”

      “Is nominating Trump worth the risk?” is not the question to ask. Rather, after Donald Trump’s next and last four your term as president, where in the Rino-infested Republican Party will we citizens find another Donald Trump?

    • C M Solomon says:

      I thank all of you for your kind comments! The CORE problem is that Communists are fundamentally at War with Nations that are founded on God-given Rights to His Creation of mankind. Alternatively, the Communist War Plan is founded instead on their God-less Rights given to conquered slaves that are animal-like subjects that are ruled by their EVIL tyrannical Masters without accountability to any god except the rulers themselves.

      The Chinese Communist Party, an international criminal organization, will use ANY means necessary to wipe the Constitutional Republic of the United States from the face of the earth. There is no EVIL bad enough that the CCP will not use it to carry out this long term goal of ultimate victory.

      Agents and Followers of this EVIL in our midst that use “political” means to subvert and destroy this God-given Freedom that is guaranteed by way of our Constitutional Rule of Law are guilty of crimes against the Constitution, the Nation at large, and you and I, the citizens living under the Constitutional itself, the Supreme-Law-of the Land. Therefore, I condemn ANYONE that supports this Communist War Plan against the USA whether it be crimes of Commission or Omission (silence) and they should be exposed as the saboteurs that they are without regard to their “station in life”.

  10. Buddy Saunders says:

    please add “say” after ““agree with you when you ______,”

  11. Buddy Saunders says:

    please change “last four your” to ” last four year” . Apologies for my sloppy editing!

  12. Darrell says:

    America is the greatest country in the world because of the constitution and the founding fathers. They experienced government tyranny in Great Britain and set about to insure against such in America. MAGA is a set of ideas supported by millions across the globe, regardless of race, religion, political party, or nationality. Why else would so many sacrifice so much to get here?!
    Politicians fighting for “democracy” is such a joke! They are fighting for a JOB! A study in world history will shine a light on the tactics used by our “leaders” (rulers!) in government. ALL empires following these beliefs (Roman, Greek, ottomans) are extinct.
    I can see, and agree, with your point, Paul. However, the reason he was elected will be the reason he can succeed where ALL others can’t – he isn’t a POLITICIAN so he doesn’t have to worry about pleasing (or OWING!) anyone.

  13. Richard Anderson says:

    Now that commonsense conservative Trump Republicans* (*i.e. not RINOs) are exposing those in “the swamp” the American People are learning very FAST that DJT was indeed right all along. And no one is better able in 2024 to take on the challenges than him as President #47. U.S. Congresswoman Hageman lays it all out…

    • C M Solomon says:

      I watched Congresswoman Hageman’s video and her TRUTH is so well spoken and so on target that it is like getting a total brain boost to cleanse ourselves from the corrupt confusion that we have been fed by the EVIL Marxist collaborators for so many years! These EVIL propaganda artists, full of hatred for our country as founded, should be charged with treason as they have tried to rip apart the fabric of our Constitutional Republic and replace it with their despicable alternative as led by the corrupt Globalist Uniparty, and turn us into a typical banana republic, ruled by EVIL tyrants of their choosing, all without firing a shot! Thank you Richard for your post!

  14. Lee gilmer says:

    I’ll say this again. Count me solidly in President Trump’s corner. Donald Trump is the dragon slayer, the Mockingjay. He is the only person I believe can save us from the Deep State. Desantis will be beholden to his donors including the Rhino Republicans.

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