Hey Dems, is this really the best you got?

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So this is it? One of these six candidates is going to beat an incumbent president who is presiding over one of the most robust American economies in recent memory? It’s hard to imagine how any self-reflective Democrat can think so.

Let’s start with Elizabeth Warren. Marmish and scolding, Liz evokes memories of that teacher in junior high school we all hated.

And she’s a serial liar.

In order to jump the line for consideration for teaching posts at the University of Pennsylvania and later Harvard, she fabricated a Native American ethnic identity out of whole cloth. She told the same lie on the paperwork for her Bar registration in the state of Texas.

She was eventually forced to apologize at a Native American forum in Iowa last summer for the “harm” that she caused.

There’s Pete Buttigieg. Tightly scripted, lightly accomplished. Most of the folks in South Bend, Indiana were glad to see his mayoralty end. Tops among those saying ‘good riddance’ to Mayor Pete are South Bend African-Americans. Of the six candidates still in the Democratic race, Buttigieg polls the lowest among black voters.

Then there’s Bernie Sanders. Bernie is a nightmare for the Democratic establishment. To start off, he’s not even a Democrat. He’s an angry, unapologetic socialist who has never had the support of the Democratic Party and is therefore not beholden to the Democratic Party. They can’t control him.

Young debt-laden college graduates with squishy, socially-conscious degrees that they can’t monetize in the labor market are all in for Bernie. But as for the rest of the country – particularly the industrial midwest? Well, the Democratic elders know better.

Biden? My goodness, by now you almost have to feel sorry for ol’ Joe. He just looks sad.

What about Amy Klobuchar? Well, what about her? Does anything she’s said stick in your mind? She came out of New Hampshire better than expected. But did any New Hampshire momentum translate into mojo on the debate stage Wednesday night in Las Vegas? If it did, I missed it.

And that brings us to Mike Bloomberg. One commenter to to this site characterizes Bloomy as a Republican pretending to be a Democrat. If so, it’s not going to work. Bloomberg got hammered Wednesday night in Vegas. Trailing behind him are public utterances and deeds that won’t play well with ‘MeToo’-animated women and black voters. He’s a billionaire running in a party that has spent the last 20 years bashing billionaires.

His on-the-record defense of New York’s ‘stop & frisk’ law enforcement policy, and his oh-so conveniently-timed subsequent renunciation of that policy, will haunt him every single day.

Six candidates and yet not one who can stand toe-to-toe with Donald Trump on a debate stage. Six candidates and yet not a scrap of Clintonesque or Obamaesque political skill in a contest in which nothing less will do.

So yes, apparently this is it. This is what the Dems have. And they’re in deep trouble.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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5 Responses

  1. John Mark Lester says:

    That “debate” was worse than having to watch paint drying. If that’s all the dems have to offer, then all of us conservatives REALLY need to spread our conservative message to the max.

  2. PG: Fair assessment of the debate! And applause to all commenters here who did watch, if only to scoff, if not genuinely curious.

    RE Bloomberg: Hold that thought, until Super Tuesday plays out. Why:

    1. Nobody here can say this better than you: It pays to advertise; and Bloomberg is spending more than the rest of ‘em combined. Hopefully KTBB will get some. ;) As Trump continues to demonstrate, repetition works.

    2. Tho the debate got big ratings, few minds will likely change. Most of the resulting exposure will be clips cable news channels choose, to mollify their viewers’ respective predispositions.

    3. Bloomberg’s not on the Nevada ballot.

    4. Not-having-debated for so long, he needed to get roughed-up first-time-out; because…

    5. Like Trump, he won’t take direction. Anyone who talked-tough to him in rehearsal flew home Commercial.

    6. Watch Bloomberg’s ground game, even deeper than delegate-count-leader Mayor Pete. There are TWENTY SIX Bloomberg offices in Texas.

    HAD Bloomberg been coachable, he would’ve been better prepped for two barbs he mishandled:

    1. RE MeToo/NDA/etc.: The Billy Bush Tape should inoculate anyone else with a rude resume. He failed to pivot to his NYC mayoral record; which includes…

    2. …the end of Stop-N-Frisk, a Giuliani initiative previously-applauded-as “making the streets safe again;” and for-which Bloomberg has expressed uncharacteristically-sincere remorse. Instead, he repeated the mistake Dukakis made not-rebuffing Bush Sr. dirty-trickster Lee Atwater’s Willie Horton canard. (Duke ENDED the pertinent Furlough program which began under Republican predecessor Gov. Frank Sargent).

    WHAT BLOOMBERG SHOULDA SAID the other night, tho he didn’t ask me:

    “I’m glad to be here, I’m fresh meat, so everyone will be taking shots at me. But it’s up to you. If I am not your choice, I will fund whoever emerges from the people on this stage. We know who Trump is, he’s done.”

    For admittedly selfish reasons related to the work we do, a Trump re-election would be good for business, because “attention is currency,” and he is SUCH good copy.

    But — as any advertising medium should hope — the night is still young.

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    J.F.K., or even George McGovern would be embarrassed to be on stage with this current slate of candidates. The description that Paul gives for each is painfully accurate, and if the demographics were the same as when those previously mentioned Democrats were running, I would agree that President Trump should easily win re-election. Unfortunately, the hippie, “make love, not war” generation has aged into the “hate America” and entitlement generation; therefore, the Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx brands of Socialism have become more attractive. What do you think happened to all those counterculture warriors? They did not just evaporate; many of them, along with their children and grandchildren are walking the halls of congress, infecting the judiciary, populating the swamp, and yes, even running for president. As Mr. Lester suggests, “we need to spread our conservative message to the max”, and not take anything for granted. If one will just objectively look at the different ares in our country, it is obvious that conservatism offers a much better quality of life than liberalism. It is terrifying to think that the same philosophy of governing places like Baltimore and Chicago would be the model for the entire country. It is also difficult to imagine our children and grandchildren chasing garbage trucks for their next meal, but I would be willing to bet that it was also unimaginable to the citizens of the beautiful and prosperous Venezuela just a couple of generations ago.

  4. Michael Reagan says:

    South Carolina debate was as bad as Vegas. Made an honest effort to sit and listen and try to decipher the meaning of the commentary. After approximately 25 minutes, I had to get away from this nonsense. A point that needs to be explained? Why do the candidates raise their hands to speak? Presidential candidates raising their hands as if in grade school? The moderators are abysmal at best. You bet your best shotgun I am not watching any more of this noise; heard all I can stand. Little Mike needs to hire a surrogate to stand in for him; he stinks at these and did not better. Holy mackerel what a show.

  5. SC vote is being interpreted as about-RACE.
    Thus all the coverage of Jim Clyburn endorsement for Biden.
    “He knows us” is unambiguous message to 60% of voters there.
    BUT will this really test DEMOGRAPHICS?
    Will younger voters view Clyburn as “The Swamp?”

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