Joe and my friend Jerry.

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There was a very talented man in Dallas – whose name was Jerry – with whom I worked for many years. He was what we in the biz call a “voice actor.” The really good commercials you see and hear aren’t voiced by announcers. They’re voiced by voice actors – people who have the rare ability to make an emotional connection with the listener when speaking words written by someone else.

Jerry’s talent in that regard was prodigious. If you were producing a commercial session using Jerry, the smartest thing you could do as producer was give him the copy and get out of his way. Frequently, the ad libs and the asides that made it to the session tape would be better than the script and would wind up in the finished work.

But Jerry’s mental faculties began to fail him in his 60s. Where at one time Jerry could take a piece of copy and improve it by an order of magnitude with a note-perfect inflection or an impeccably timed pause, he became unable to even hold a train of thought through a single sentence. Sessions that would be done in one or two takes began to take an hour or more. A :30 or :60 second commercial would have to be recorded line-by-line.

By the end of his working days, Jerry literally became incapable of connecting subject and predicate. He died not knowing who his wife was. I watched Jerry’s decline play out over a comparatively short time and it made me sad.

It dawned on me watching a montage of Joe Biden appearances this week that I was watching a reprise of Jerry. Just like my immensely talented friend, Joe Biden loses his train of thought within the body of a single sentence. Just like Jerry became incapable of simply reading words on a script, Joe Biden is incapable of simply reading words on a prompter. One example is below.

Watching Joe Biden it hit me. I have seen this before. Joe struggles today in exactly the same way that Jerry did back then. It didn’t end well for Jerry. It cannot end well for Joe.

We all age differently. Prior to her death at 97, my dad’s sister was a “young 94.” Joe Biden is an “old 77.”

I regret the fact that even though I should have known better, I tried one last time to hire Jerry for a commercial session. Even though Jerry’s faculties were diminished to the point that he couldn’t perform, they weren’t so diminished that he was unaware he couldn’t perform. He knew the session was a bust and he was visibly frustrated at his inability to do better.

Calling Jerry to a session that day was an unintentional unkindness on my part.

Manhandling and manipulating Joe Biden through a presidential campaign is equally unkind. It borders on elder abuse. If his wife, Jill, loves him, she should put a stop to it.

There is no way Joe Biden can be president. No way.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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10 Responses

  1. Pete says:

    Biden’s family ought to be ashamed

  2. Shar says:

    Joe, we don’t need any more of your time…you aren’t healthy but you dont remember that or anything you say makes no sense …i know the signs and you have it bad…….you cant even have a decent VP to help you…move on….TRUMP 2O20

  3. Buddy Saunders says:

    Surely Joe Biden, in his present condition, can’t be the best the Democrats have. Yes, Paul, I too feel sorry for him, but saying that, I’d still like to see Donald Trump chew him up in a debate. When that happens, Mr. Biden will bear some responsibility, as he is still lucid enough to know that for him the race has ended before it began.

  4. Richard Anderson says:

    Joe Biden’s record is clear. And it’s dismal. It is also clear that Biden is being used “as a political tool” by democrat leftists in an all out attempt to gain control of the Executive Branch this November. They also want to gain control of the U.S. Senate. American citizens of goodwill must NOT let that happen!.

    Bad* (*i.e. evil doers such as Antifa, the BLM fascist marxist group, and other rabid democrat leftists) people want the reins of power of The Presidency of United States because they DESPISE President Trump. They despise him because he is doing what is RIGHT and GOOD and JUST for America.
    D.J.T. is the champion of We The People meaning ALL our Nation’s people from every walk and station in life.

    President Trump, is the most pro American Free Enterprise Capitalist to ever win the Presidency which has brought and continues to bring more good to the most people across our country all the time! Only in Freedom with Capitalism –as President Trump knows– can the daily lives of our citizens improve. Socialism* (*i.e. the democrats) would only bring misery and ruin to all as history has already proven.

    Most important of all, Trump will NEVER let our Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, and Freedom to Keep and Bear Arms be taken away. The Biden leftists on the other hand seek to deprive and destroy all of our cherished ideals which generations of American have fought and died for. Our Founding [1776] ideals embodied in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution mean nothing to the left, BUT they mean EVERYTHING to us.

    The main thing to know, if you care about your faith, your family, your country, VOTE for TRUMP and then continue voting Republican all the way straight down ballet for every other elected office such as Senators and Representatives at both the federal and the state/local level. No election has ever been more crucial.

  5. Want to compare blooper reels with Trump?

  6. Ron Eagleman says:

    Paul, there is a big difference between your friend Jerry and Joe; Jerry was once a very talented individual. Joe Biden is the epitome of an untalented plagiarist who has been able to use political corruption to amass a very substantial lifestyle for himself and his family. His decisions, even before his cognitive decline, were dangerous and wrong for our country. Joe will be the ultimate “Weekend at Bernie’s” cadaver. We all know who will be calling the shots and setting the agenda, and Joe will be completely comfortable in Bernie’s role. If you hate your country, and yes, even dislike your children and grandchildren, vote Democrat!

  7. Jim Smtih says:

    What is happening to Joe Biden is definitely spousal abuse.

  8. Trump’s appearance yesterday?

    • Michael Reagan says:

      There is NO WAY to make a fair comparison between President Trump and former VP Biden.
      Before you go bonkers on that very broad statement; this statement is actually VERY specific. First of all, President Trump can and occasional does make an articulate speech. Former VP Biden could not if his very life depended on it (no pun intended). As much as many of us like to brand President Trump a “loose cannon”, Former V.P. Biden is just as bad if not worse in a sad way with his mental faculties going bye, bye. “Dog faced pony soldier” comment to a woman? Huh and where in the heck did that come from? Watching too many Western movies and war stories? President Trump at least has build a successful business empire. What exactly has Biden built? Corrupt governmental relationship with the Ukraine and China for one at the American taxpayer’s expense. What else? I could go on and on; BUT bottom line is Biden IS loosing it mentally and has zero business being put in a position to be our President. He certainly WILL NOT be running the country; who is behind the curtain oh grand wizard! The DNC, Soros, Gates family, Bloomberg? Who? THAT is unknown or is it? It is undeniable, against all odds, an exceptionally hostile media, and a real Democrat conspired coup attempt, our Nation was in fantastic shape under President Trumps leadership. Who could imagine how much better it would have been for ALL American’s if the damn democrats had half way cooperated. I blame the Chickensheet RINO’s as well for non-cooperation. This election of Joe Biden against President Trump is a NO BRAINER unless one has a death wish for our Constitution, our Republic, and Liberty loving lifestyle. THERE ARE ONLY TWO CHOICES: FREEDOM OR SOCIALISM. The choice is crystal clear to me.

  9. Michael says:

    One thing is abundantly clear at this point. Either Jerry is a fictional person or you have absolutely no idea what constitutes cognitive decline.

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