Who will rescue America from the rescue plan?

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Listen to You Tell Me Texas: Who will rescue America from the rescue plan?

When I was a kid, I talked of being an astronaut. In an effort to focus my energies in school, my mother told me that if I wanted to be an astronaut, I needed to be good at math.

No such admonishment would have been necessary had I said that I wanted to become a member of Congress. Lawmakers don’t do math. Here’s what they do instead.

They spend time jiggering with and debating a $1.9 trillion spending bill called “The American Rescue Plan.” $1.9 trillion. It’s a number so staggering you really can’t process it. It’s a one, a nine and 11 zeros.

Republicans are pushing back on this monstrosity and President Biden is pushing back against the pushback. Earlier this week he said,

We need Congress to pass my American Rescue Plan. It deals with the immediate crisis facing our small businesses. Now critics say the plan is too big. Let me ask them a rhetorical question. What would you have me cut?”

Well, I don’t know, Mr. President, let’s dig around in the bill and see if we can find something.

If the bill truly is about dealing with the “immediate crisis facing our small businesses,” and “rescuing” Americans, how about we line out the $20 billion for the postal service? Or maybe everyone would still be helped even without the $300 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.

How about the $30 billion for the Department of Education stabilization fund – whatever that is?

Those small businesses, and the millions of other Americans hard hit by the COVID pandemic, will probably be OK if you strike through the $300 million for National Public Radio.

The bill calls for $25 million for cleaning supplies for the Capitol building. Question, just how long has it been since the building was cleaned?

If we’re looking for things to cut, maybe we could line out the $95 million for the Agency for International Development. (Show of hands, who has heard of this agency? Anyone?)

Perhaps, Mr. President, we could hold off a while on the $3 billion upgrade to the IT department at the VA. The same for the proposed $7.5 million in additional salaries at the Smithsonian.

With respect to salaries, in light of the fact that millions of small business owners have taken a pay cut, maybe we could forego the $25 million to give members of Congress a pay raise.

And perhaps we can eliminate the 30+ other line items in this monstrosity that have exactly nothing to do with helping either ordinary Americans or small businesses.

If nothing else, Mr. President, if you’re just married to that $1.9 trillion number, how about this math? Let’s divide $1.9 trillion by 209 million – the number of Americans over the age of 18 – and simply hand each of them a check for $9,000.

Two things about this bill jump out. One, for a country nearly $30 trillion in debt it is cosmically irresponsible. And two, bills like this are now par for the course.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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21 Responses

  1. Buddy Saunders says:

    Paul, thank you for shining light on this monstrosity of a bill. This Democrat bill will make the coming inflation far worse. No one has yet figured out how to endlessly print money without causing inflation. And I don’t think the liberals are any smarter than they’ve always been. Given that they are now into fining stores for having one toy section for boys and another for girls, AND are banning Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, they have moved beyond the wildest absurdity. The age of the Marching Morons has arrived.

  2. Rich says:

    A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon your talking about real money.
    —Everett Dirksen

  3. Ron Eagleman says:

    If only I had not read Paul’s commentary, my blood pressure would not have shot up to the “hurry and give me a shot of something” magnitude! Even though we know what these politicians are capable of doing, there is just something too graphic about seeing it in black and white. If a majority of taxpayers would see Paul’s partial list of expenditures in this proposed monstrosity, there might be an ACTUAL insurrection at the Capitol. Could it be a coincidence that we see all the razor wire, barricades, and armed guards protecting the “palace”? I understand that there is a moat in the planning stages; it likely is hidden somewhere in this “American Rescue Plan”!

  4. C M Solomon says:

    As Paul has said, the $1.9T COVID-19 stimulus bill is nothing of the sort. It is just another typical Commiecrat BIG LIE deceptive bill (that passed the House yesterday) to defraud and distract the American tax payer and ultimately disappoint the financial victims of the virus itself. Only 9% of the bill goes towards REAL COVID-19 relief! The rest is pure “pork” intended to reward and protect the incompetence of the anti-American, Socialist, spend-mad, vote buying imbeciles that are the self-appointed geniuses in charge of the current Leftist regime having barricaded their thiefdom in Washington, DC.

    Just remember, the COVID-19 Virus has been seized by the Commiecrats as the vehicle for bludgeoning the American society as they create even more dependency while claiming to CARE to “rescue” it by way of FAKE RELIEF as presented by the FAKE news media propaganda machine.

    The parts that I hate the most includes $350 BILLION to give state and local governments a “budget bailout” from financial mismanagement in Democrat “blue” states AND $170 BILLION for K-12 schools and higher education. (This is nothing more than a continuing subsidy and reward/gift to the Teachers Unions and the Leftist dominated, corrupt Educational Institutions who indoctrinate our children and young adults with anti-American hatred and with love for the virtues of Marxism). Indoctrination, not education, is their MISSION as they continue to bleed the taxpayer and defraud the students of a genuinely beneficial education.

    In summary, this bill continues the erosion of American financial stability in order for these Commiecrats to turn us into a third-world, bankrupt country that forms the permanent foundation of a typical poverty-stricken society ruled by Marxist oligarchs who will live like kings.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Hey Solomon, why don’t you tell us what you really think about this “rescue” plan? Your “proverbial” comments are much like the Biblical Solomon, without poetic adornment. Yes, it is a rescue scheme targeted to rescue blue state malfeasance, enriching Democrat donors, codifying voter fraud, and funding for every left wing project you can imagine. I was just about to get my blood pressure under control from reading Paul’s essay, when I read your bare-knuckles opinion piece. Even at 7:30 AM, it may be time for a glass of Barrel #33!

      • C M Solomon says:

        You crack me up, Ron! I sorta new that this might get your blood pressure out of control, given your previous comments on the 26th. I just learned about these abominations yesterday, but couldn’t let them go unstated. It is clear that these imbeciles in Washington have little or no soul as Rabbi Spero had claimed in one of my earlier posted links. It is also clear that they don’t love America very much or care about its future – – reminds me of the mindset of a bunch of thieving mobsters that should be incarcerated.

        • C M Solomon says:

          Typo: “knew” not “new” – – Sorry!

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          Well, thanks to Dr. Kiepersol, my blood pressure is near normal again! Drumroll please…announcing the “You Tell Me Texas” award for the most accurate description of the bevy of bozos running this country is….again drumroll please.. “THIEFDOM”, (as in FIEFDOM)! Congratulations!

          • Michael Reagan says:

            My blood pressure prescriptions come from Dr. E.J. Brandy, VSOP and Dr. Evan Williams. They are very smooth and articulate in my treatment methodology. Love to read your commentary. Both are spot on.
            Four more years of Pres. Biden and Dr. Fauci might negate both Doctors calming effects.

      • C M Solomon says:

        Ron, these links did not get posted by me in the last two months regarding the outstanding wisdom from Rabbi Spero at the time. They are still relevant and most everyone should find them worth watching. I found them to be an incredible repetition of history and the dark side of human nature as stated by George Santayana: “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”


    • John G. says:

      You might need to clarify what you mean by “covid 19 relief”. Over 20 percent of the bill goes directly to stimulus checks. Personally I would consider that covid related. But I must say Mrs. Solomon, it is good to see that you and Paul are concerned about our growing debt again. I think Paul managed one article in the last four years that addressed the almost 8 trillion we borrowed during that time.

      • C M Solomon says:

        “Only 9% of the bill goes towards REAL COVID-19 relief!”

        Below are my references for the 9% figure. Please note my emphasis above with the words “REAL COVID-19 relief!” Stimulus checks going to those who have little or no financial loss due to the COVID-19 virus does not qualify as “REAL COVID-19 relief” using commonly available elementary logic.

        The best RELIEF would be the adoption of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis REJECTION of the insane lock-down practiced by the Blue State Governors that have decimated their own citizens causing untold billions of economic and emotional loss that can never be rectified by so called “stimulus checks”. The utter stupidity of the “progressive” mindset never ceases to amaze me!



        Also, let’s retire Dr. Fraud Anthony Fauci (the highest-paid among all 4 million federal employees) who helped get millions of US funding for the infamous Wuhan Lab that originated the COVID-19 virus that has always been under the control of the Chinese Communist Party. There is recent Chinese defector testimony that biological weapons research was being done in this Lab – – – is anyone surprised?

        Fauci has been a typical ivory tower bureaucrat for the last 30 years who specializes in defending his exalted authority to stay in power. He has been quick to dismiss the life savings results of specialists treating COVID patients in the field for the last year saving thousands of lives that would have otherwise died using Fauci’s ever changing advice. Of course, the Left and the Media adore him.

        • John G. says:

          But for some reason you failed to mention all of this during the last two relief bills which both contained stimulus funds.

          • C M Solomon says:

            I don’t have time to comment on EVERY issue that you or I may find controversial. But it is nice to know that you are auditing my historical comments while looking for an opportunity to nag me for YOUR imagined inconsistencies of my positions.

            Please try to develop a little common logic in your comments. Failure of me to mention something is NOT acquiescence with an idea that I may find abhorrent. I actually have a wonderful life in spite of the tyranny and idiocy infecting the little brains of Washington imbeciles who think they are brilliant!

          • Peter says:

            If I may but in — I think the very left-bias media does a fine job of nagging when Republicans are in control. But when their darling Democrats once again rise to power, all is sunshine and rainbows.

            If the media would do their job — reporting news without bias — people like Solomon would not be required to take time our of their lives to try to educate the public on what is really going on.

            A 1.9 trillion package with fat upon fat (a Democrat wet dream disguised as a “Covid-19 Rescue”) IS news. The special interest and “we want” bundled into this package IS news. But where is the media? Why aren’t they jumping to answer Biden’s rhetorical “what would you have me cut” question? They are all quite and happy, because their man is in office.

      • Paul Gleiser says:

        I could write about the country’s staggering debt and the insane profligacy of administrations of both parties every week. That would get a bit monotonous. You are correct, I did “manage” one article in the last four years about the racking up of debt. It happened concurrent with the last time we were talking about multiple trillions of dollars in stimulus — which is to say when the subject was front and center as it is today. You can read that piece here.

        Here’s the money quote from it:

        “It is entirely possible that…the president’s very significant economic and policy accomplishments will be forgotten by history – to be replaced by a very harsh verdict on his dereliction in not addressing what is certainly an existential threat to our republic.”

        Say what you will, I am consistent on this subject, irrespective of which party is in power.

  5. Michael Reagan says:

    Howdy My Fellow Commentarians: I am not an alarmist; but I am becoming alarmed, quickly. The Marxist/Fascist are quickly moving to overwhelm our Republic. Was watching Channel 7 news where two news items jumped out at me. First was some “Health Equity Task Force Chairwoman” (An Afro-American) was commenting on Governor Abbott’s news conference. Ah, Health Equity????? Task Force; anyone heard of that one? And the fact Radical Academia banned 7 Dr. Seuss books for racial content???????????? DR. SEUSS BOOKS, WTF?????

    What is going on at the Federal Level is beyond recognition. Gotta tell you all, I am afraid for the first time in my life. Our Country is quickly being consumed by evil. Who will rescue America? I do not know who; but my-o-my am I praying!

    • Michael Reagan says:

      Here is a local tidbit, apologies I forgot to include this. Our local paper: Longview New Journal a.k.a. Tyler Morning Telegraph has failed to print a single line about Texas Independence Day, the Siege of the Alamo, or San Jacinto Day since purchasing the paper. I have been on their rear ends for three years of the importance of Texas History. They will not give me the time of day.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Sorry to be so negative, but the Commiecrats are rapidly going for the ultimate conversion of America to a full-fledged Marxist country while they have time. Why else are they obliterating our national borders in order to flood the nation with illegals (to become citizens) in order to overwhelm the Conservative voting base? HR 1 (to federalize without court challenge, the voting rules that EXPANDS the fraud of the last election) is designed to make current State registration and voting laws a federal crime. The plan is to change us as quickly as possible into a one-Party dictatorship, replacing true Representative government that is the foundation of our Liberties to live in a Free Republic.

      The Constitution is being outlawed by the Commiecrat dominated Congress that is preparing bills that can not be stopped given their Leftist majority that controls the power in Washington. Their plans are right out of the Saul Alinsky playbook, “Rules for Radicals”. Once they obtain complete control of the Federal government (courts included), State sovereignty will disappear and we will become essentially a feudal nation controlled by a global oligarchy of a corporate and government partnership that is merged into a fascist-style form of monopolistic commerce. No one will be able to escape the iron fist and surveillance of “Big Brother” as ALL forms of the Judeo-Christian ethos will be prohibited and Chinese-style conformity will be necessary for staying out of the gulags.

      I don’t have much hope anymore, given the rapidity that the Radical Left is moving to solidify their ultimate control and the outright insanity of their proposals that have been recently exposed. The Rabbi Spero links in my earlier comment, above, will give you a clear insight into the mindset of the radical Left and their diabolical hatred of the moral basis for our civilized American society based on our unalienable Rights from God, NOT from the State. Their hatred for America as founded, given the corresponding limits of the Constitution on excessive governmental power, are without limit!

      I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that Conservative States MUST assert their Sovereignty very soon and declare a Sanctuary Status (immune from the Marxist takeover) by establishing the supremacy of the Constitution as their “Law of the Land” fundamental to LIMITED government that we enjoy. If Texas was an independent nation, our GDP would be the 10th largest economy on Earth. As loyal Americans that reject the one-world Marxist takeover, what other options can we hope to achieve as a last resort to preserve our Liberty as Freedom-loving citizens of Texas?

  6. C M Solomon says:

    Who will rescue us from the insanity in Washington? The following is offered for your thoughtful consideration.

    In the late night hours of yesterday, the House passed HR 1 which will spell DOOM for the Republic if the Senate passes it (which is likely, particularly, if the Commiecrats abolish the filibusterer rule). Biden has promised to sign it, of course.

    The time has come for the Red State Governors to throw down the gauntlet and DECLARE that this bill violates the fundamental rules on which our elections are LEGAL regardless of the Marxist interpretations of the Congress or the Courts that would fail to stop this nightmare. Say it NOW and don’t wait for passage of this monstrosity! GIVE NOTICE, NOW!

    These Governors MUST use their sworn duty to uphold the Constitution for the protection of their own citizens and defy these insane, radical, tyrannical and dictatorial moves by these despicable Haters of America (and its Patriotic citizens) to destroy the Republic, itself. These Governors MUST expose the illegal, un-Constitutional activities of these Commiecrat saboteurs and their treasonous behavior as to the POISON that it is, and DECLARE these tyrannical attempts to destroy the Republic as “dead on arrival” in their respective States. The Commiecrats will never stop their Marxist takeover until an unmovable wall of resistance is erected by the sovereign States of America and their Chief Executive officers, the Governors and even the Sheriffs at the local level.

    For those that are unfamiliar with the founding of this country, we are a Union of States from which the Federal government was originally formed. The States don’t get their sovereignty or right to exist from the Federal government. It is exactly the opposite. The Feds REPORT to us, as defined by the Constitution that is the basis of this Republic. When Representative government ceases to exist within the legal bounds of the Constitution, it is OUR obligation to charge this unlawful activity as CRIMES against the people of the USA and the Constitution, itself!

    We American citizens are totally fed up with ALL of the insanity being crammed down our throats by these Commiecrat terrorists and WILL NOT accept their illegal subjugation of our God-given Rights as the ultimate sovereigns as guaranteed by our glorious Constitution. This wonderful document is the ULTIMATE “Law of the Land” that is recognized by us as SUPREME, (not your tyrannical schemes and assertion of illegal authority). Here is a message to the Commiecrats: “Go find another country in which your POISON might be acceptable on the World stage and LEAVE US ALONE! We will NEVER accept your debauchery!”

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