Working America’s shifting allegiance.

The word “ubiquitous” is defined as: “…existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered.” Ubiquitous describes media today. Thanks to Apple and its imitators, we literally hold it in our hands.

Because of our phones, the elites who dominate news and social media have never occupied a higher percentage of our waking attention and they are able – via their ubiquity – to imagine themselves as reflective of the country upon which they report.

But they’re not.

Away from the media enclaves in New York and Washington is a vast and rich continent populated by the muscular labor and skilled practitioners that feed us, protect us, heat and cool our homes, tend our wounds, take out our garbage, fix our machines, patrol our streets, light the darkness and stock the shelves.

Call this giant cohort “Working America.” It’s a population numbering in the scores of millions and, in stark contrast to the coastal media elites who have become ubiquitous via our phones, it consists of men and women who without fanfare produce economic output of tangible value. These are the people who could ill afford to sit out the pandemic by idling at home while the country at large could ill afford that they might.

These are people who bear no resemblance to, and have nothing in common with, the elites of media, entertainment and most of politics – elites who look down upon Working America with disdain and condescension.

It wasn’t always so. For most of the 20th century, Working America believed what they read in the paper and saw on the TV news – all while voting Democratic. The Democratic Party was seen – rightly or wrongly – as the unquestioned champion of the guy who ate his lunch from a pail and had to wipe his hands before he could shake yours.

That guy still believes in America. He still believes that the best way to get ahead in the world and to have a nice life is to be good at what he does and to treat people in his daily life – including his employer – fairly. If he’s a white man married to a white woman, he doesn’t look at the children they have together and see irredeemable racists. Having had to oversee the pandemic-driven Zoom schooling of those children, his eyes are now open to the indoctrination that is posing as education.

He also has figured out that while administrations of both parties come and go, the levers of government remain firmly in the hands of career bureaucrats who are overwhelmingly leftist.

Democrats think they got rid of Donald Trump in 2020 and they may well be right.

But Working America hasn’t gone anywhere. And thanks to Donald Trump, Working America is paying attention in ways it never has.

For this reason, those on the right who fear that the country is about to be lost have reason to take heart. The current ascendency of the elitist Left, with the inevitable excesses that follow, may very well prove in the end to be their undoing.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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41 Responses

  1. Jim Lee says:

    Paul, Another great post. I have always thought that there are many Americans who still believe in our basic beliefs and principles. All of my friends are with you sir. Take care my friend, and keep up the good work. See you soon.

  2. Pete Faz says:

    These leftist Democrats are destroying this country

  3. Matthew E says:

    I personally feel these same people have an expectation from their employers to treat their workers ” fairly” . Some seem to suggest that employers will do the ” right thing” no need for regulations, maybe Amazon is an example of such fair treatment being reciprocated . But I
    guess if you don’t like it quit I suppose. Once upon a time there were some that paid a big price ( death) so things improved significantly, the formation of ( workers unions),that also helped pave the way for many labor laws today,but of course that may be seen as government overreach by some as well ,it seems . And yes some people do get carried away with some expectations in some unions, I personally am not a union advocate by any means to be clear. And if it took Trump to help many people to take a closer look at folks running things , then all may be lost . One things for certain regardless of one’s political views ,party affiliation, to see the behavior in last administration of so many towards and regarding a person with the title of ” POTUS” is more than a little disturbing. It’s one thing to see ” star struck” teenager’s behavior when the Beatles or Elvis were performing, after all ,
    young impressionable minds, but this is far different , as in unsettling different . Putting a leader or ( King , Queen)in England’s case , as example , on a pedestal was one thing that the first settlers were trying to get away from ,to my knowledge this is not what we’re about in this country, respect a leader yes , like a leader yes, idolize a leader NO. To turn a blind eye to so much in the behavior of the leader of you’re country NO.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Matthew, folks like you baffle me. You gladly trade Trump for a man who sells access to himself to China via his drug addict son. Yours is the blind eye, the eye that fails to see ALL that President Donald Trump accomplished, one hell of a lot, and in the process delivering on promises one after the other. Yes, I’d prefer Trump be personally more in the Ronald Reagan mold, but that’s not what matters most. In delivery of things that count, Trump is in a league with Reagan, something that can’t be said about any other Republican president in my lifetime (and I’m 74).

      Sorry, we don’t “idolize” Donald Trump, we–75 million and more–RESPECT him for all he accomplished for us in the face of endless attacks not just from the devils of the left, but from many members of his own sorry party. The new world order people, the woke elites of academia, the media, big tech, big business, the bureaucracy, politicians in both parties–they ALL wanted Trump gone so bad that they lent themselves to the lie that the election wasn’t stolen. Now we are living with the consequences of that pact with the Devil.

      I ADMIRE Trump man and president. Against tremendous headwinds he fought and won for the little guy and in so doing upset AND revealed an elite monopoly that cared not a whit for the ordinary worker and small business. I want Donald Trump back in his rightful place as President. And if he runs in 2024, he’ll get my vote, and assuming we return to honest elections, he’ll win and so will this nation.

      • Matthew E says:

        Well I’m not sure what the little guy got , and exposing this ” monopoly ” it’s always been the pink elephant in the room, but maybe some overlooked it ,somehow. All the things that affect our daily lives seem to be more or less the same ,no significant improvement. Our dollars ability to stretch never improved to my knowledge, achieving the ” American Dream ” did not improve , law and order no improvements there,tax evasion and delinquent taxes by Corp America etc didn’t change ,could use some of that for infrastructure. Also no improvement in health care for the little guy, list could go on. Maybe I’ve just not been looking in the right places , but I doubt it .

      • C M Solomon says:

        Buddy, I believe Trump was the BEST President we have had since Reagan in that he was successful in partially reversing the horrible damage to the Nation’s economy and spirit of Freedom and Optimism that the Socialist Democrats and RINO Republicans had caused since Reagan left office. Unfortunately the Hate-America Marxist were not vanquished and now they have infested every Big government, Big corporate, and Globalist institution in the country all the way down to Elementary Academics. I never thought our Military Forces could be infiltrated with the Critical Race Theory (CRT) Marxist ideology, but now that has happened as well.

        Please accept the following quick review of recent events. The Hate Trump (Trump Derangement Syndrome, TDS) and the Hate of his “America First (MAGA)” agenda that brought the greatest historical prosperity to the greatest number of Americans of all races and income levels as well as energy independence, was finally stopped by the China Virus from the Wuhan Lab (deliberately?). This unleashed the Marxist forces to use false FEAR, FAKE media, and the Marxist Deep State propaganda machine to exploit the destruction of all that Trump had gained with his MAGA agenda via unconstitutional lockdowns. This enabled the Marxists to set up targeted battle-ground States in order to steal the election by unnecessary destruction of ballot safeguards due to exaggerated Pandemic fears since proven therapeutics were demonized by government (swamp) agencies resulting in much higher death rates, particularly among the elderly.

        At the risk of sounding negative, I would like to state the current situation. Now, we have a REAL REVOLUTION being conducted by these despicable Marxist Democrats (Commiecrats) to eliminate the Constitution and turn us into a Nation without borders, ruled by Marxists where our Liberties, individual Prosperity and Sovereignty are at total risk by nationalizing the federal election laws (discussed later in these comments).

        Luckily, the record of Trump’s successes and the contrast against the Marxist agenda of the BIG LIE now being forced on society is finally being seen by the Trump supporters (50% or more of the voters) as the greatest scam of our time. And as Paul has stated, the “Working Americans” have been able to use their common sense to detect the BIG LIE and now have a great thirst for the TRUTH available through alternative media and political leaders who are willing to defy the Swamp lies and their destructive agenda.

        Unfortunately, the Swamp creatures have recognized this awakening among the “Working Americans” who still revere the Constitutional principals that are the foundation of our Liberties. The Commiecrats have accelerated their plans to NATIONALIZE federal elections using the non-Constitutional obliteration of State election laws in order to LEGALIZE ballot harvesting without ANY verification of voter integrity, location, citizenship, identity, or date of mail in ballots. In other words, the election “season” will be turned into a “free-for-all, anything goes” Election in Name Only (EINO) deception in order to force a Commiecrat illegitimate take-over of the country.

        This destruction of our election system is embodied in HR1 in the House (already passed) and SR1 in the Senate (vote pending in late June). If the Commiecrats succeed in this effort, there is little hope that ANY future participation by the MAGA voters will ever see the light of day and the Marxist REVOLUTION will be complete. This is how close we are to losing the country to pure evil masquerading as “elimination of voter suppression”, so called, by the deceptive language of the Left. Don’t count on the corrupt (Marxist sympathizing) Supreme Court to stop this new National Election Law being planned.

        These comments are to warn our Conservative voters of the danger on the horizon who may not be up to date on the Marxist conquest agenda. Now, my challenge to those of us Patriots who know the Commiecrat plans for the National conversion to Marxism is to ask: WHAT DO WE DO NEXT should these events occur? Please, could anyone offer me some concrete hope or activity in order to reverse this result and to save the country, anyway?

        • Matthew E says:

          Consider running for office, Marjorie Green was successful. Her and Matt Gaetz are getting a handle on it. The young lady from Colorado, she’s making a difference. Support ( money) Brietbart ( Bannon) , since he hit a financial crisis regarding the ” We build the wall” fund raising situation . Support in everyway possible those you feel believe as you that are in media,local state,federal they will certainly use it.Boycott those that you feel are not in line with you’re views, no acceptions, regardless of any inconvenience , hardships or struggle in everyday life etc that may occur from changes made., set example for others to follow. Show that some actually practice what they preach,even when no one is looking. Write a book,get the word out. You tube channel. Start a local chapter of like folks,exercise you’re rights to be heard.

        • Matthew E says:

          You sure you don’t mean Don Regan of ( Merrill Lynch) notoriety, he was behind Reagan ” Letting the Bull Loose” and helping to usher in the age of the credit card. He was the puppet master, pulling all the strings . He deserves much of the credit of the ” good Ole days” some refer to.

      • C M Solomon says:

        At the risk of overstating my comments, is there any DOUBT WHAT THE MARXISTS WILL DO NEXT if their REVOLUTION is successful in conquering this country by way of a National Election Law to be controlled by the Commiecrats? The crackdown on religion, speech, media, guns, education, property, abortion, taxes, energy, farms, fuel, transportation, military, foreign affairs, welfare, healthcare, childcare, vaccinations, drugs, charities, bank accounts, estates, food and diet, sports, etc., will begin. We will be required to support their “Marxist social justice” agenda in order to be a LOYAL citizen with the proper “social credit score” to obtain the government “benefits” to which you are “entitled”. This is the “glorious future” that will eliminate “systemic racism and white privilege” that has harmed this Nation from its birth, right?

      • C M Solomon says:

        At what point do we Constitutional Patriots recognize that ANY political organization, corporation, institution, or government agency that tolerates and encourages illegal entry into the country, and fails to stop lawless and riotous behavior that destroys property and businesses, and causes personal injury (physical or livelihood), and threatens or commits murder and mayhem, and promotes illegal ballot stuffing elections, and actively subverts the Office of a lawfully elected President and encourages his defamation and the insubordination of his administration through “deliberately planted lies” is IN FACT, a CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION, i.e., the DEMOCRAT PARTY.

        This “Party” hides behind the facade of being a POLITICAL organization with the “freedom to protest for social INJUSTICE (my term)” as their FAKE justification to engage in this ILLEGAL activity as they have done for years with impunity. In any other world of common sense, this Party, so called, would be designated a CRIME SYNDICATE that is guilty of INSURRECTION AGAINST THE UNITED STATES with the goal to destroy our Republic and OVERTHROW the government and our Constitution as it stands.

        What are our LOCAL law enforcement officials doing about this unlawful activity being promoted by these criminals? The perpetrators and organizers of these crimes live within the jurisdiction of a local, constitutionally authorized, Sheriff. It is the Sheriff that we, as a last resort, must depend upon to enforce the Law and its Constitutional Supremacy in order to protect our Republic that is founded and formed at the individual Family level. We are NOT a COLLECTIVE as the Marxists would like to promote! Aren’t Sheriffs authorized to investigate and arrest potential criminals that are suspected of illegal behavior designed to harm the local population and the Nation at large? If we can’t depend on State or National Law Enforcement due to “corruption in the ranks”, then shouldn’t the local population be able to use the authority of the Sheriff to protect their home, family, schools, churches and employment from illegal activity that would otherwise destroy their lives if left unpunished?

        • Matthew E says:

          Don’t forget January 6 th , nations capital, and those who may have allowed or encouraged.

  4. Richard Anderson says:

    The Democrats have run the word “democratic-meaning democracy” OUT of their party name — so much so, that there’s no longer a scintilla of that ideal remaining on their side of the aisle. Instead it has become the anti-God party.. home of wokeists, far leftists, socialists, fascists, Marxists, critical race theory, anarchists, BLM, Antifa, and communists. All of whom, HATE America and are bent on destroying “Her.” In fact they have more in common with CCP China, than the United States of America!!

    The Republican party is the party of conservative citizens and patriots who are proud to be an American as Lee Greenwood’s song “God Bless The U.S.A.” proclaims. Our party is home to AMERICANS from all walks of life who cherish LIFE, Goodwill, and FREEDOM.

    Families, patriots, the homemaker, farmers, churches, tradesmen, doctors, small businesses, veterans, teachers, craftsmen, EMTs, firefighters, police, and entrepreneurs ( too many to list) who LOVE America and who love GOD* upon “Whom*” our Constitutional Republic was Founded in 1776 and IN “Whom*” IS OUR TRUST as our motto attests.

    Thankfully, conservative citizens of goodwill still outnumber those who seek to harm our country, BUT WE MUST RAISE OUR VOICES to let those in leadership know, to turn back the tide of evil being hurled at us from the other side.

    Now, in 2022, 2024, and beyond, if you LOVE our great nation, and want to raise your children, your family, and grandchildren in the AMERICA we all love and remember from our youth — a country of hope, kindness, and prosperity — then you must vote conservative Republican, and do so with abandon, because The United States of America is at stake.

    God bless America and the Forty-Fifth President Donald J. Trump.

    The best is yet to be.

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Yes, God bless America and President Donald J. Trump, our 45th president. Richard, you are right, the wokie dokes are few and we, conservative sane citizens, we are the many. In fair elections we will beat the nut cases every time.

      • Matthew E says:

        One thing I’m curious about is with all his brilliance ( D Trump ), and many in his administration, also all that was at his disposal to use, how they were unable to thwart the stealing of the election. After all he was talking about it many months prior to the election, just a thought. After all it’s not exactly a complicated process ,as the saying goes ” it ain’t rocket science “. Much more involved and complicated fraud schemes are discovered, caught all the time in things far more extensive than a voting process.

      • Richard Anderson says:

        Thanks Buddy. The unique thing about our great country –the U.S.A.– as you know, is that you can have a dream* (*i.e. the American dream) about what you want to do and achieve in life, and then go out and do it, build it, strive for it, and ultimately be rewarded for your efforts.

        It’s really a state of mind, being that if you look at the glass as half full, you’re on the right path, but if one always looks at the glass as half empty, no amount of “I’m from the government and here to help” can ever fix a misplaced attitude and a world view of doom.

        One of the best books ever written, IMHO, is “See You At The Top” by Zig Ziglar, another is “The Power of Positive Thinking” by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I believe any person can benefit by reading them.

    • Matthew E says:

      The destruction ,as some call it, of America as been underway for a long time ,it’s result of excessive greed. I’m constantly seeing ads about ” Credit Score”, need new roof? we have financing, need new air-conditioning? we have financing . Basically more and more people essentially have to finance their entire life it seems. Is it simply personal financial mismanagement ,poor choices,should simply learn to do without? Or could it be systemic issues? Payday lenders ,title loans, all around. Is it simply a bunch of irresponsible people? I’m sure there are some ,but many I think not. But a likely response to all this could be simply live within you’re means. For whatever the reasons just a basic existence in America is hard for many to accept it seems, and these folks I’m referring to work for a living not looking for handouts. Credit score,credit score, it’s even looked at in the hiring process for employment in some cases. Debt is a very destructive.

  5. Ron Eagleman says:

    Thanks for your encouraging commentary in the face of the “ubiquitous” last rites delivered for the death of our country. As you describe, the ones who really contribute to our economy are beginning to realize that the Neo-Democratic Party has nothing in common with them, or even the former Democratic Party. “Working America” voting for the Neo-Dems is akin to furnishing rope for their executioner’s noose! I submit that the Neo-Dems realize this shift, and are doing everything possible to import new voters, and to entrench election fraud. Just to add a little sobriety to the Republican’s euphoric view of the 2022 Congressional elections: has anything been done to change how the 2020 elections were conducted? What is the old saying, “idiocy is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome”?

    • Buddy Saunders says:

      Without a return to honest elections, nothing will change in 2022 no matter how lopsided and overwhelming the anti woke vote. We have to make sure future elections are not stolen.

  6. Chuck says:

    I am the only one of five boomer siblings who regularly votes for the Republican, or the Conservative candidate or issue on the ballot. We five grew up in the Fifties and Sixties and have remained very close in most ways despite being in distant locales, but nowadays we have a tacit agreement not to discuss politics at our occasional gatherings. I think the five of us could talk passionately about anything and how we feel about it, and be heard and remain kindly disposed, but some past discussions have quickly become awkward or downright ugly, as some in the wider family circle have allowed their views to supplant their civility on occasion. I believe that one of the main reasons we don’t allow, “iron to sharpen iron”, any longer is that we draw from different pools of, “factual information”, therefore there is no need for discussion. Our, “knowledge”, has obvious and unavoidable implications. Our countrymen, and we ourselves, are being maliciously slandered by forces not having our interest at heart. I believe that you are correct, Paul, in saying that millions of us are observing and weighing the disparity between what is being said and what reality we are living. Though our views are sound, the media stream is continuously campaigning against sound critical judgement, and is given way too much regard. Thank you for your consistently lucid commentary.

  7. Buddy Saunders says:

    Chuck, love and will remember your “iron to sharpen iron.” All your points well made. As I mentioned in another comment, it is hard to figure why lefty voters vote as they do, given the byproduct of their votes–blue state types and blue cities where the quality of life spirals always downward. What on God’s green earth do these people see that WORKS in the woke agenda? But take heart, even the dumbest rock in the box figures out at some point that things aren’t going so good. Expect a lot of such, their minds changed by harsh reality, to be voting in upcoming elections, and especially in the 2022 and 2024 nationals. There are 1,001 ways to screw up an economy and a culture as complex as ours. And Biden is on a countdown.

    • Matthew E says:

      Many of our nation’s poorest states are Red I understand, and quality of life for many ( little guys ) isn’t particularly good in these states. Is that in-line ( same) with the the idea that ” Blue Cities” dysfunction and demise is a Blue infliction .Many hosts constantly mention the “Blue City” phenomenon on popular Radio Shows ? I never here mention of that .

      • Michael+Reagan says:

        Curious Matthew, why is it that a vast number of people are making their exodus from those “Blue Cities” and “Blue States” and settling in these Red states, no matter how poor they are.
        Certainly don’t see Red state folks relocating to those wonderful, sound Blue States and cities, now do you? So expound on that one for us, please. Could it be the war on law enforcement? Or the mass expansion of criminal activity in all categories? How about over taxation and an exponential inflation of food, fuel, housing, vehicles, you name it? Lets not forget the lovely unions in those Blue States that are sucking the life out of education in particular, jobs, and government. So how about those Blue States and Cities?

        • Matthew E says:

          Well inflation is everywhere as far as I know, I’m sure the degree varies some from one part of country to another that’s a given , and how many folks are leaving these states and for what all reasons , I’m not sure,with so much ” fake news” anymore, who knows what’s true .If I hear data on that on conservative radio should I assume it’s true? Of course not. Maybe more tax dollars should be spent on education then,rather than subsidies for ExxonMobil as an example, after all what’s much more important than education for our youth so we can compete with these ravenous countries out there trying take over the world , and there well prepared to take one of the ” High paying jobs” that are everywhere out there ,according to some.I don’t know how teachers pay differs in a blue verses red state,not going to talk as if I do, I have heard for years a lot of teachers don’t get paid very well same as many lawofficers, nothing new,apparently there’s not great value or importance placed on what they do,in many cases.I do know oil field workers at the bottom often do much better than they do,I’m betting those union pipeline workers do better as well . And if we’re so energy independent, why are we still behaving towards ( doing oil business) Arab /Middle east countries etc way many of these patriotic America loving oil companies are doing? What’s big need for Keystone pipeline for Canadian oil since we’re independent, I thought the idea of independence was to be independent, or is it money, yea it’s money. That whole energy independent thing like other things just sounds good,doesn’t mean squat,more of the same old head game. And crime, well plenty happening in Texas,plenty of mass shootings to go around as usual , based on population and other variables not just red or blue all figures in,or should, but.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          You comments make too much sense, Michael, which will not likely get a sensible reply. Your logic also applies to those who continue to condemn the U.S. as a fundamentally racist country, when people of color are risking their lives to get here. Maybe we are underestimating the policies of this administration, and they actually have a sly plan to get the border wall completed? But, not to keep illegal immigrants from coming in, but to keep them from leaving. After the economy has been wrecked, and the makers can no longer support the Socialism price tag, we will see the same exodus you describe from the blue states. The new wall will be more like the one that separated East and West Germany, and more effective than President Trump proposed. An even bigger problem will be that those who were not able to leave earlier, will be forced to stay here and turn out the lights!

          • Michael Reagan says:

            Ron, good point on border wall. Why would the Dems allow all those potential voters to leave this country? They will not if they have their way. Wonder if Matthew is a Rhode Island Red student or Red in disguise? Hummmm.

          • C M Solomon says:

            Ron, to add to your point, I think the open border strategy that invites unlimited crime into the country from the MS13 and Cartel partners of the Commiecrat crime syndicate (illegal aliens, drug smuggling, child and women sex trafficking, and terrorist/criminal access) is designed to destabilize the Nation and ensure sufficient numbers of illegal voters in order to guarantee a Marxist victory in all future elections regardless of the weakening or elimination of the Nations election laws being planned by HR1 and SR1. This could easily turn every City/State in America into the dystopias that fester in California, Oregon, Washington, Minnesota, Illinois, Michigan, New York, etc., that have succeeded in perpetual tolerance and promotion of the Leftist ideology.

            The tolerance of such Leftist insanity is even encroaching on Texas as our top officials refused to push for new State Legislative laws and Executive ACTION to stop the invasion across our borders. There is absolutely NO reason for tolerance of lawless behavior that threatens our citizens after these criminals (illegal entry is also a crime) become “stationed” in ANY locality in Texas. They should be arrested along with their enablers that supported their illegal and unvetted entry regardless of the “invite” by the corrupt Biden regime AFTER they get here.

            By the way, Michael, your theory about the Rhode Island Red is intriguing. The constant historical talking points of the Left and the seemingly “forced” grammar and punctuation errors look like a facade in order to disguise the author or his tutor.

  8. Buddy Saunders says:

    Paul, yet again you hit the nail on the head. Love your blog, where good writing and uncommon sense reigns!

  9. Buddy Saunders says:

    C M Solomon and you other gentlemen are all men I admire. All, like Paul, right on target in thought and word. The communist effort to take over our nation is real and must be countered. Decent Americans are the vast majority–people of every color–who love this country and don’t want it lost to a one-party election-stealing dictatorship.

    There are many things we as individuals and acting in groups can do, but the most important is to insure that elections are honest and not stolen, AND that we elect conservative leaders who will act in the public interest rather than serve woke elites.

    The fight begins at the local level–city, school district, county. Too many woke liberals breed at this “non-partisan” level, disguising themselves as conservatives, so that we end up with them moving on to state capitals where they become RHINO Republicans or outright Democrats.

    I, for one, am working to put together a body of individuals who will meet with our elected county commissions to first learn EXACTLY what kind of voting equipment we have, how it works, and how best to change things to absolutely insure fair and honest elections. That may only be possible by returning to paper ballots and other “old-fashioned” procedures that insured honesty and make prosecution of fraud possible. All that will take time and effort, but kicking communist butt (forgive the language) and saving our nation will, in my view, will be pleasant work.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      I have only have a two word reply…..Amen Buddy!

    • Matthew E says:

      I have to say,one thing is clear, from all the rhetoric these days, if a Democrat or Independent wins an election in the future, Presidental ,or others it means there has to have been fraud . That’s saying a lot, there’s no other interpretation to get from what I’ve been hearing, unless I’m still looking in the wrong places.

      • Richard Anderson says:

        Sir, if JFK or FDR were alive today, they being Democrats of old, would NOT recognize their own party!! In fact, they would be totally AGAINST the socialist, Marxist, fascist, communist party the Democrat party has morphed into.

        What the Democrat party of today has really embraced is EVIL, as I mentioned before, as Candice Owens said, “They have gone FULL Satan.”

        The Democrat party of today, DESPISES the very people they say they represent. What people are they? The AMERICAN people.

        The American people will NEVER choose EVIL over GOOD when the truth has been uncovered, and it’s rapidly being uncovered now with lightning speed.

        It is my duty and love of country –The United States of America– that compels me to vote conservative Republican. And I do so gladly. God bless the U.S.A..

        • Matthew E says:

          Candice Owens? I didn’t think anyone took her seriously, ok then. I’m betting the Republican party of today would be unrecognizable as well and then some. It’s like one big reality show a terrible one at that. No substance, nothing but berating Democrats, and constantly repeating the same buzz words; Patriotism, Constitution, Liberty, Freedom in every other sentence.Meanwhile downplaying ” January 6th “, and fawning over Trump even still . We’re talking grown men here,my boy Ted wants to talk about our emasculated military, really?? When many of Republican leaders in Texas I might add are the definition of said condition,let’s get real !

          • Richard Anderson says:

            You bet Americans take this lady –Candice Owens– seriously! She speaks EXACTLY like someone who loves The United States of America, Freedom, our Constitution, because SHE DOES!! And one of the reasons “We The American People” identify with her is because she has malice toward NONE and a fervent love of AMERICA, just like TRUMP.

            AMERICA FIRST.

            Your comments are ironic, in that having just a few days ago REMEMBERING all those who GAVE ALL to defend our Republic this Memorial Day, you say words like Patriotism and Liberty are just “buzz words?”

            This is precisely why you, and the Democrat party are completely “out of touch” with the vast majority of American men and women across our land.

            Americans DON’T want wokeism in our military forces whatsoever. Wokeism is but another word for Marxism. And Marxism is ANATHEMA to GOD, and ALL our Flag –The Star-Spangled Banner– stands for.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Yes Mr. Evans, you are still looking in all the wrong places, possibly CNN and MSNBC. Either that or you have you been sleeping through the last 4 years of constant accusations of Russian interference, and that Hillary should be president? Give me a break!

        • Matthew E says:

          All these changes in ways we’ll be able to vote that have been passed and more on the way to prevent cheating apparently, what’s that got to do with Russia or Hillary? I do know Trump seemed a little chummy with Putin,and seemed to like the leader of North Korea, talked as though he was quite impressed, spoke of ” Lovelly letters” I think it was at one time.But that hasn’t anything to do with voting regulations either . So give me a break . It seems clear according to many by what they say we clearly would or will never have another Democrat or ” Liberal” president unless there is cheating involved. Liberals are clearly outnumbered plain and simple. I think there’s only a few Radio hosts who keep flogging that dead horse of Russia meddling and Hillary should be president, most others have moved on for the most part. If folks actually hear what I say and not what they want to hear it also might be helpful. One more time,I’m referring to fraud at the ballot box that many are convinced occurred, not Russia playing around on the internet. Voting processes and procedures.

          • Michael Reagan says:

            Dude, really! Trump and Putin? Don’t you think that has been worn out? That crapola don’t fly on this blog. You obviously know nothing of history or you are a fake; period. “Keep your friends close; but your enemies closer.” Ring a bell???? I suppose you agree with Biden giving away the Baby and the Bathwater of America to Russia and China on basically everything we produce; especially technology! Ukraine and Biden….HELLO!!!! That is already proven. Stop the Trump and Putin BS, OK!

          • C M Solomon says:

            Michael, it is clear that the our local “fence post” that I identified in an earlier comment is still a “post” that is WORSE that a blind hog. Even a blind hog can find an acorn every now and then. The CNN brain washing appears to be complete in some of its followers as they spout the Leftist FAKE talking points ad nauseam REGARDLESS of the plain as day evidence that we and Paul produce here every week.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Buddy, Dittos! to you in the memory of Rush to take ACTION at the local level to help establish the integrity of our candidates and elections.

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