Maybe it was Trump’s fault.

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The fiasco in Afghanistan, the humiliation of the world’s only superpower and the abandonment of American civilians to the mercies of the Taliban – the entire sorry episode – may really actually be Donald Trump’s fault.

Don’t freak out. Work with me here.

Joe Biden certainly thinks so. On those occasions when he’s wheeled out of the senior center dayroom and propped up behind the podium, he never fails to take a swipe at Donald Trump. “The buck stops here,” he says. But in the next breath he says, “I inherited a mess from the previous administration.” That’s a crock and we know it.

But say what you will about the legitimacy of the 2020 election, say what you will about the election year impact of the COVID pandemic, Donald Trump is not blameless in his loss to Joe Biden.

If Trump had handled himself differently it is possible that he would have overcome all of the forces – real, suspected and vividly imagined – that were aligned against him in 2020. We would therefore not be dealing with an elderly political hack in the Oval Office who, as former Defense Secretary Robert Gates famously said, has been wrong about every foreign policy and national security issue for the past 40 years.

All emotion aside, the Trump presidency was a policy tour de force. From taxes to regulation to controlling the border to defanging ISIS to intimidating “that fat kid” running Korea (as John McCain characterized Kim Jong Un) to confronting the excesses of China to reviving America’s middle class to supercharging the economy; the Trump presidency was a cascade of triumphs.

But Trump’s personal behavior too frequently got in his way. He could have dialed it down – particularly after he won in 2016.

It’s undoubtedly true that someone needed to lob a flash-bang grenade into the Beltway establishment. Trump’s lobbing of that grenade brought about an overdue awakening of us in the heartland to the fact that the ruling class (of both parties) has been getting rich at our expense for decades. No Republican had ever called it out with the effectiveness of Donald Trump. (They didn’t much try.)

But once elected, Trump should have – in the expression of White House veterans – “worn the suit.” Certainly, by the fourth year of his term much of his name calling was as unnecessary as it was off-putting. By then, COVID notwithstanding, he had a record that reelection candidates dream about.

His base was always with him. But for some independent voters and too many Republicans, he had become toxic. His personality – effective as it was in 2016 – had become radioactive. So, those voters stayed home or they voted for Biden.

Might that have been the margin that no amount of election shenanigans – real or imagined – could have overcome? And given his record, does anyone seriously believe that a second-term Trump would have engineered the fiasco in Afghanistan that Biden gave us?

So, maybe it was Trump’s fault. But certainly not in the way that Biden wants to spin it.

Not even close.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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34 Responses

  1. C M Solomon says:

    Trump DID WIN the Presidential election! It was stolen from the REAL (not phantom) American voters by the Commiecrats by at least 10 Million votes! The TRUTH will be forthcoming as the forensic election audits sweep across the Nation. What amazes me is how do we expect Trump to be “Presidential” when he was faced with the vicious Commiecrat personality traits that “had become radioactive” by at least 10 times as compared to Trump as they and their Pravda machine in the Marxist Media multiplied it by another 100 times in coverage at the expense of REAL JOURNALISM, particularly during both impeachment debacles. I can’t accept the weak-kneed sensitivities of “some independent voters and too many Republicans” when it is obvious that the Commiecrats have NO credibility, historically!

    Trump’s greatest weakness was his reluctance to accept the level of TOTAL EVIL that ran amok in the Washington Swamp as illustrated by graft and compromise with our totalitarian enemies, particularly with the CCP. If Trump had known better of this EVIL, his anger would have been even more “radioactive” to the independent and Republican “polite society” that habitually ignores the behavior of the Left. It takes wisdom and courage for the patriotic American voter to TOLERATE RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION when it is used to expose and skewer the lying enemy that is determined to advance their “Hate America First” dogma at the expense of Trump’s “Support America First” agenda that was so successful during his Presidency. Did we hear complaints about the Commiecrats from the “polite society” that despised Trump when the Left was 1000 times more vicious? Give me a break!

    • C M Solomon says:

      In addition, George Bush’s “civility” gave him absolutely NO influence to alert the “middle-of-the-road” voter to reject the deceptive Leftist agenda during Obama’s 8 years in office that ultimately gave Obama a behind-the-scenes license to help steal the election for the Democrats in 2020. In fact, Bush became a critic of the patriotic America First movement for 4 years during the Trump administration as he pandered to Obama for the 12 years since he left office. Bush did nothing to discourage the Hate Trump movement that helped to give the Left a much greater platform to demonize Trump by his SILENCE and hurt the Constitutional Conservative Cause as a result. I now consider Bush to be just another Globalist RINO that is willing to sacrifice our National Sovereignty for the sake of being popular among the would-be Kings of the International Globalist Swamp. In fact, he has admitted that we are in an open borders, post-Constitutional, phase of our Republic and that the America First agenda should NOT be part of our future and is NOT worth defending. Surprise, Surprise!

    • C M Solomon says:

      Paul, I hate to continue to disagree with your premise, but there is a observation that is right before us in plain sight. I would like to remind everyone of specific battleground States that simultaneously SHUTDOWN their count of the vote after 90% had been received in the middle of the night on November 3-4 AFTER Trump had clearly WON those States. Remember the sudden step-function increase in votes for Biden that OVERCAME the tremendous lead that Trump had already achieved?

      My point is that the Democrats were simply DUMPING WHATEVER the number of phantom votes that were necessary to secure a Biden victory. Trump’s behavior had nothing to do with his so-called “loss”. He could have been the “model” of decorum and it wouldn’t have mattered. The cheating Democrats had a coordinated action plan to overcome Trump’s potential landslide victory with WHATEVER the number of fake votes they had to add to Biden’s count in order to steal the election from Trump! This is an example of “Occam’s razor” which states that “the simplest explanation is usually the best one”. No other Presidential election has had this bazaar step-function increase in votes that was clearly coordinated and at the same time!

  2. Barbara Luce says:

    Thanks for your patriotism and great shows. Your whole premise appears to be wrong to me and here is why. I have have researched the 2020 election since Nov 3rd. The evidence shows Pres Trump won. People can do their own research. Use Molly Balls own article in Time Magazine “The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign” as a guideline. Then study the research at (Amistad Project), Michelle Backmann’s forum, MIT prof with 4 degrees Dr. Shiv Ayyadurai’s work, and other articles, GA Chairman’s Report of the Election Law Study Subcommitte of the Standing Senate Judiciary Committee, over 3000 personal testimonies under law verified by New Mex State Prof David K. Clements, The Peter Navarro Report, Gateway Pundit’s Reports and I could go on for several pages; but as you know it really takes a lot of time to research. Again, thank you for your love of America and working to make a difference.

  3. Jean Bammel says:

    My thinking exactly! I have been waiting for someone to honestly discuss the 2020 presidential election and Joe Biden’s victory. I voted for Donald Trump and would again, but he sure made things hard fir manymiddle of the road voters.

    • Leon Crockett says:

      Sorry I just now had a chance to read this. It has been my opinion that a large number of voters focused more on the rhetoric of President Trump than on the accomplishments he achieved. Too many people were mislead by the mainstream media.

  4. Ron Eagleman says:

    President Trump’s abrasive and egotistical personality was a liability in the 2020 elections; however, I agree that the illegal voting procedures actually defeated him. As Barbara has detailed with credible sources, honest historians will record it to be the biggest election deception in the history of our country. I have never met a great quarterback, fighter pilot, or surgeon who did not possess similar qualities of self-value as President Trump. But it is true, this “self-confidence” also causes some moderates to be less likely to vote for him, even though they are in favor of his policies. In my opinion, his “self-confidence” (ego) and private enterprise experience were valuable assets in the success of our domestic and foreign policies. I totally agree, there is no way he would have allowed this moronic and tragic withdrawal from Afghanistan! Of course, he may have fired a few people and “hurt some feelings”, but I just cannot believe there would have been 13 dead heroes at the airport, as well as many citizens, allies, and billions of dollars of equipment left behind.

  5. Lagay ames says:

    I will not bash any bit of trump’s presidency. That man worked enormous hours in DC for the USA. I completely applaud his efforts. Democrat socialists could have run a chimpanzee and we would be in this same boat today.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      You are correct Lagay; he gave his all, even in the most vicious headwinds any president has ever faced. Conceding that his personality did not help, this was the hill that the Socialists (and others) were willing to die on; there is no way they were about to let him be re-elected. Even if the well-planned strategy was exposed later, and some were punished, it was worth getting him out of office. They knew the outcome would not be overturned. China, big tech, the huge bureaucracy, entertainment industry, legacy media, and of course, the Dems pushed all their chips into the effort. I just hope that those who did not or will not hold their noses to vote for him are enjoying the stench that now reeks throughout our country! In this present state of affairs and those worse on the horizon, I would welcome the return of the Orange Menace and his “boorish” behavior. Give me a break!

  6. Jim says:

    Talk about hitting the nail in the head! Bottom line for me is that I held my nose and voted for Trump twice. I won’t vote for him again. We can and should run the election audits until completion. But we should also develop the next conservative presidential candidates. Biden aside, the aftermath of the Trump presidency is like a bad case of reflux. The meal tasted good but doesn’t sit well in the stomach.

  7. DBM says:

    I believe in God and God controls all and God choose Biden. Just like he did for Trump. But God didn’t like what Trump. That’s why God too him from power. There is a God and Thank God

    • Greg R says:

      If God controlled ‘all’ the world would be perfect. It’s called free will for all. He doesn’t force us to love and obey Him even though He could.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Amen, brother Greg! I think that God is allowing us to make choices, even if they are not in our best interest. If DBM opines that “God didn’t like what Trump”(?? whatever that means), I wonder what he thinks God likes about Biden’s decision to jeopardize our troops and allies so he could have a big photo op on September 11th to crow about ending the war?

  8. Craig says:

    Quit crying about Trump’s so called harsh words and personality. Now is not the time to start leaning toward negative messages about this great president. I hope most people will not get their political views from a radio commercial pitch man. Your credibility is lowered when you talk serious one minute and then in the same breath plug some product.

  9. Bob Sullivan says:

    You Tell Me Gleiser

    03 Sep 2021

    Dear Mr. Gleiser,

    For some reason this week both you and Paul Ryan chose to throw a high, inside brush back pitch at my president — and he’s been sitting in the dug-out for seven months. I realize part of your comments on it being President Trump’s fault for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan were no doubt tongue in cheek but I don’t understand why you chose to do it today.

    During the five years of campaign and presidency President Trump seemed like he was politically doing a fight scene from a Kungfu movie with one hand while he fixed stuff across America and around the world with the other hand. In my opinion the democrats, Paul Ryan, the U.S. intelligence community, Fauci, the Chinese and of course the main-stream media were all united in opposing President Trump. And you have the temerity to comment on him fighting back.

    Biden announced at the G7 summit in February that President Trump’s “America First” policies were over. I miss having a president fighting FOR America.

    Have a great weekend Sir.


    Bob Sullivan
    Liberty City, Texas

  10. Coral says:

    It always amazes me to see what “hangs us up” in voting. In 2016, I found Trump abrasive and he wasn’t my first choice. After the election… I realized that he should have been my only viable choice. Nothing he said that he was excoriated about, was really any worse than what other prominent politicians have said…he just didn’t couch it in “nice” terms or “behind his hand”. However, no other candidate/President in recent history has had so much power-hungry, lying, scheming opposition on so many fronts that would inflate innocuous comments into something outlandish, oppose best policies because their hands weren’t greased properly, absolutely lie about things to make evil where there wasn’t any and destroy people because they associated with a President that they didn’t want. I’m still absolutely dumb-struck by the number of people who have been converted to the lies. Truth stares them in the face and they continue to believe the lies.
    If someone has voted for Biden because Trump’s words were “just too much” then I seriously question their intelligence or commitment to truth. Biden’s history is one of serious lies, deceitful and wrong domestic and foreign policy, serious moral issues, bribery, and more….
    Voters who voted for him had to have excused 50 years of a political operative who NEVER did anything noteworthy that was good. So I don’t accept the excuse that Trump’s harsh, mean words turned them to Biden because if they did, then they’re just as accepting of corruption as a way of life as Biden is and that’s not alright with me.

    • Michael Reagan says:

      World Economic Forum, silicon valley, Russians, Chinese, North Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, ALL wanted Trump out. Why, because he was about to unravel everything these evil agents of the devil had worked so hard for and allowed Obama to screw up. Trump, with a second term would be unstoppable in his effort to lead America to new heights of prosperity and energy independence. These people could not allow America to achieve such a position in the world where the Democratic Communist Party of America could not undue. Trump IS NOT a politician and does not play the “Good Ole Boy” role like a good career politician must play. Plus he was an insider who knew the games these people play and for what stakes. Only way for their idealism to succeed was to destroy Trump at all costs. Make up lies, fabricate illegal activities, cheat, lie, kill, steal, whatever it takes. Remember those nice idiots from silicon valley standing before all their minions on their big stage and saying in November of 2016 after Trump won? What did they say? “We will do everything we can to insure Trump does not win!!!!” YouTube it, google it, that speech is there somewhere. The World Economic Forum was supposed to have already taken over with One World Government by now but Obama blew it and my o my did Hillary screw their plans up. But, you now seeing their plans in action. War on Energy, World wide pandemic, suppression of our rights via Covid, Unfair and dishonest elections, Cover ups of everything Obama and Biden (how many major scandals between these two?), Green energy now, war on food especially beef industry, war on private land ownership, Climate change (sorry I don’t buy this one), surrendering America to radical Islamist, Iran, Russia, and China, War on White People, War on Law and Order, on and on. These devils sew chaos. Chaos is their weapon of choice because it spreads fear and allows control. They are scared to death of Trump otherwise why would they continue to smear him at every turn? No other reason.

      • Ron Eagleman says:

        Thanks Michael for reminding us of some of the other players who were involved in making the 2020 presidential election a fait accompli. Additionally, this “insurrection” investigation and other political persecutions of Trump supporters are a continuation of the dedication to make sure he never darkens the doors to the oval office again. These coercive tactics are a message to anyone who would dare to openly support him: “this is what happens to you and your family”! If he does decide to run again, I hope he will be able to find enough people willing to manage his campaign. These Socialists play hard ball, not the Republican nerf ball!

      • Matthew E says:

        I have to give credit to you’re comments on this one ,hat off to you ! You said something that I feel is behind many Americans views and of course ” Trumpers” ; War against white people, you had guts to say it instead of deny or dance around it like so many. I personally feel it’s an illusion used as a tool like many things in last administration which has done so much damage but you are willing to say it, free speech!

      • Matthew E says:

        Was January 6th an example of war on law and order ? Trump loved the attention, couldn’t get enough, regardless of what kind of attention, he loves himself more than anything, and that includes the USA, despite all his goofy rhetoric and lies.

    • Matthew E says:

      Immorality and corruption = Trump, there’s plenty to go around, if you’re suggesting that previous president was none of what you described Biden being ,then that’s sure acceptance in a big way.

  11. Marilyn Barnes says:

    You are the first person I’ve heard that has voiced over the radio or TV the suggestion that Trump may have lost his 2020 election because of petty, shallow RHINOS and Independents who put more emphasis on personality than policies. When my daughter and I watched the first debate, my 40’s daughter said “Trump just lost the election”. We were both devastated by his behavior and rude interruptions when Biden spoke, and knew that his “offended” supporters would turn against him. Unfortunately many people on the fence didn’t watch the second debate where Trump did a much better performance. BUT, for 4 years Trump was lied about, and totally persecuted by the media, Democrats, wacko left, and the RHINOS in Congress! I greatly admire him for his strength, his ability to ignore the hatred and vitriol he endured every day, and in spite of it, he got up every day and worked harder than anyone for the good of America and its citizens. He did an amazing job as the President of the United States!! I voted for him both times, and shed a tear when the helicopter left the White House with him and the First Lady for the last time on 1/20/21. I do believe also that God is in control of all things and He overrides in the affairs of men… He, by His omnipotence, works His plans and purposes in the universe and especially in preserving His earthly people, Israel, for the future day when Israel will believe on and receive their Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ, who they rejected 2,000 years ago. Until then, the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is being preached around the world, and to “as many as receive Him, to them He gives the power to become the sons of God, even to them who believe on His Name” (Gospel of John, Ch. 1: vs 12). So in the midst of all the evil and uncertainty we face in this world and in our own Country, put your faith and trust in the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you will know real peace and security, because when we repent of our sin and receive the Lord Jesus as Savior, the Bible says that when we die, to be “absent from the body, is to be present with the Lord.” Psalm 118:8 says “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” Jesus said in Matthew 10:28 “Do not fear them who kill the body but are not able to kill the soul; but rather, fear Him (God) Who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Salvation is “Repentance toward God, and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.” Without repentance for our sins, there can be no forgiveness. Jesus is the only Way [to heaven], the only Truth, and the only Life [eternal]. (John 14:6). Believe on Him, receive Him as your Savior from your sin, and you will know real peace and real joy. Read the Bible, Gospel of John… it will tell you who Jesus is, and how you can know him personally!! You won’t regret it!!

  12. Darrell Durham says:

    I think the problem lies in the idea that we have to like our president as a person. Trump is perceived as rude, obnoxious, crass, vulgar, egotistical, racist, narcissistic, etc. During candid conversations, he is perceived as cunning, intelligent, witty, sly, inciteful, capable, etc. I don’t need to LIKE my president, but I do need to trust him to do his job. Trump wins that argument hands down. Biden has repeatedly failed for 50 years. Trump has had failures, of course! When has Biden WON? Joe had a conversation with Ghani that provides a look inside his head. He is all about perception, as is a large portion of the country. Too many are worried about what others think of them and live accordingly. Trump speaks his mind without regard to the listener. Some people don’t like that, especially when it concerns them, and more so if it’s true! He once told a roomful of generals they were losers. When did the U.S. last win a war? The lifetime politicians from all sides dislike Trump because he exposed the truth about our government to the world. It isn’t Trump’s fault the voters have elected and blindly followed such idiots. It is up to US to fight to defend the country, just as Ben Franklin warned.

    • Jim says:

      This camp has no issue about supporting a president I don’t like. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a president I really liked (Reagan). But I have a serious problem supporting a president I don’t respect…..and there’s a big difference. Trump’s personal failures are well know (just consider his views and actions regarding women). He made some catastrophic judgment errors regarding staff, particularly those closest to him. He ran up the deficit during peacetime prosperity. And he got his head handed to him by the FBI and Justice Dept. when he botched the management of public opinion and staff related to the various investigations.
      If the country somehow survives 4 years of Biden/Harris, we have to get past this infatuation with Trump. Yes, his policy positions are generally good. But I’m not sure there has ever been a conservative that has so galvenized the Left as Trump has…..and alienating large numbers of his constituency in the process. Frankly, he’s just not worth it. Time to move on folks!

      • Matthew E says:

        Finally a voice of logic and reason ,just when I thought it was close to extinction, yes there is hope,don’t loose heart ,you said it Jim , BRAVO !!!!

      • Michael Reagan says:

        Jim, not a “Forever Trumper” by any means; but what Trump brought to the table was hardball and truth against the Washington establishment of career politicians. Our Founding Father’s NEVER meant for a person to become a career politicians and grow fat and wealthy off of any American’s hard work. Career politicians are no different from England’s Barrons, Princes, and other “Noble Men and Women”. At least they think that way. What Trump brought was a Blue Collar, roll up your sleeves and work hard FOR everyone; especially the little guys and gals. Love him or hate him, Trump knows how to get the country rolling economically to make us INDEPENDENT OF FOREIGN RESOURCES. What happened to MADE IN AMERICA? We sold ourselves out somewhere along the way; no help from the career politicians who grew and grow fat off foreign nations feathering their nests. FINALLY WE, The People, had someone to stand up to the Washington Establishment and deep state. Reagan did this too. I do not want another Washington insider representing me. I want someone who knows business, growing America First, taking care of our Veterans, and looking out for me and my family. THAT is exactly what Trump did.

        • Matthew+E says:

          What happened to ” Made in America ” ?Greed is what happened ,and that has not changed . Wages started falling behind ( cost of living) a long time ago, the solution, ” Credit “. No president including the “Almighty Trump” changed that . He knew he wouldn’t change that, he’s part of that ! He bragged about how he participated in
          that with money (donations) when running for office ( President). Wallstreet runs this country regardless. Tariffs, other threats ,corporations still moved and continued business abroad ,it’s about money, always about money. It’s not about the “Star spangled Banner ” , Freedom, Liberty, Patriotism, Republic. Its business as usual then and now, just the rhetoric changes ,whatever seems to manipulate the most effective. Getting votes !!

      • Greg R says:

        So,what you’re saying is that we need another rino (Bush). The veil was lifted from him after he left office. No thank you. Have a nice day.

        • Paul Gleiser says:

          No, I am not saying that at all. Trump’s policy positions are, in many cases, sharply different from those of George W. Bush, all to the credit of Donald Trump. Further to the credit of Trump is his willingness to unflinchingly prosecute those policy positions. Republicans have long been guilty of talking a good game but not following through. Trump enjoyed success because he actually did follow through.

          What I am saying is that when you start the fight with the media, academia and most of popular culture aligned against you, you need all the friends you can get. That argues for dialing down the gratuitous name calling and fight-picking in which Trump was too frequently engaged.

          In order for a Republican to win, he or she has to be palatable to a meaningful percentage of independents and squishy Republicans. Trump could have dialed it down a notch, particularly after winning in 2016, and yet continued to be just as effective.

          • C M Solomon says:

            “In order for a Republican to win . . . “
            Are you dismissing the stolen election in the middle of the night to OVERCOME the obvious Trump LANDSLIDE that argues against his so-called “loss” because of his “potty” mouth regarding his enemies in the Washington Swamp that was relentless, well beyond his “fight-picking” personality by at least 100 times? I agree, I didn’t like his verbal excesses either but I will take a mechanic to work on my car that doesn’t bathe often enough but is flawless in his ability to diagnose and fix a problem and is far better than the fast-talking mechanic that can’t do anything right that doesn’t stink!

          • C M Solomon says:

            Trump is just the “vessel” for the Hate America First crowd, a few of which comment here. This crowd actually HATES us, “the insurrectionists”, who number in the 80+ million that voted for him and support his policies as demonstrated by his concrete accomplishments over 4 years that set new records of prosperity and peace (in spite of earlier terrorism that had run amok.) As stated by so many Patriots on this current comment page, there is still a vast majority that greatly appreciate Trump’s determination to fight for us Patriots, the “salt of the Earth” that still believe in America First!

  13. Matthew E says:

    America First ? Regardless of any negative consequences to any other nation and it’s citizens ?That’s is quite a statement because that is how it works,foreign policy, business . Example : Chevron knows all to well with drilling operations
    once upon a time in South America ,made a huge mess and left it for the indigenous folks to live in, literally .What would Jesus do I wonder, maybe he would side with Chevron ? Maybe this is just another example of envy of those who work hard and make lots of money, yea that’s probably why this was reported on ,been in the courts. Just another ” Bleeding heart Liberal ” viewpoint, America hater maybe envious of others success, those indigenous people are probably just a bunch of liberals, making it all up.

  14. Tim Roden says:

    Ok, I listened to the Fox AM, you hosted last week. It was an interesting proposal. Was it Trump’s fault? No. Trump was Trump. Same Trump that got elected just had 4 years in office to defend his record. I think the media was so out to get him that they did. The biggest saint you know of could not have beat what the democrats had cooked up.

    To understand Trump was to understand the TV shows that he has appeared in as himself. 1) the Apprentice. He showed himself to be an astute businessman who can say what he needs to say to get sponsors and get the job done. Showed he was skilled behind the scenes.. 2) The WWE. Yep wrestling. He made many appearances on the WWE and his diplomacy style showed. it. By calling someone a name and then threatening him is just how a WWE wrestler would get everyone’s attention about the fight they were going to have next week. It is expected the opponent to do the same thing. His battle with Ted Cruz for the nomination of the party was a prime example. Ted Cruz became Trump’s strongest ally in the Senate after they had bitter words for each other in the primary. This style got many a foreign leaders like Kim Jung Un to come to the negotiating table. When he used it on people on the left, it just made them mad. They were not used to this kind of rhetoric. Could he have acted more presidential? Yes, and I think he did. You just never saw it in anything that the media showed. Obama perfected the art of creating a fight while acting as an innocent bystander. Trump was just the opposite. He would start a fight to create peace.

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