And the hypocrisy just keeps on comin’.

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Paul GleiserAnd the hypocrisy just keeps on comin'.

Were it not for the human suffering we might all enjoy a chuckle at the expense of Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, D.C. She’s been squealing like the proverbial stuck pig over the busloads of illegal migrants arriving in her city – buses that are courtesy of Gov. Gregg Abbott of Texas and Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona.

To make a point desperately in need of making, both governors have sent buses full of illegal migrants – who were apprehended at the southern border and then turned loose – packing off to D.C. Unlike the planeloads of the same sort of migrants that the Biden administration has been loading up and flying to cities all over the country, these migrants got on the buses voluntarily.

It’s hard not to smile when you watch liberalism boomerang on liberals. Mayor Bowser, like her counterparts in places like New York and San Francisco, is proud to proclaim that Washington, D.C. is a “sanctuary city” for illegal migrants. At least she so proclaimed until she was confronted with the reality of what that actually means in practical terms.

Mayor Bowser has no problem, of course, with hundreds of thousands of migrants illegally entering the country every month – so long as she doesn’t have to deal with the consequences. So long as the burden on social services like shelters, food banks, hospitals, law enforcement, etc., etc., etc. falls on the shoulders of the mayors of towns in Texas and Arizona, Ms. Bowser is all for letting anybody in who wants to come.

But let just 6,000 illegal migrants – out of an estimated 3.5 million let in so far since Biden took office – land in D.C. demanding food, housing, and health care – and suddenly, according to Mayor Bowser, it’s a humanitarian crisis.

The arrogance of northeast liberals is breathtaking. Had the illegal migrants that got on the buses bound for D.C. not done so, they’d be in Texas cities like Edinburg, Kingsville, McAllen and Brownsville. They’d be in Austin, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. They’d be burdening schools, hospitals, local charities and local social services agencies in those cities.

But none of that is Muriel Bowser’s problem. That’s Texas’s problem. And who cares about Texas? It’s a red state, for crying out loud. It’s full of Trump supporters. It’s somewhere out there in the way, far away west so far away from the sophistication of Washington and New York that it can’t possibly matter to anyone who matters.

Six thousand. Out of 3.5 million in less than two years. And now it’s a humanitarian crisis. Call out the National Guard, says Mayor Bowser. Congress must provide more money and resources, she says.

The hypocrisy is simply amazing.

So, your honor, if 6,000 illegal migrants has you in crisis there in D.C., with your population of 5.4 million, perhaps Mayor Al Arreola of Del Rio, Texas can be of help. His city has a population of 35,000 and he’s been dealing with this for a while.

Give him a ring, I’m sure he’ll take your call.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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7 Responses

  1. Mike Gauthier says:

    The idea of sending migrants to NY and DC is a good one. It gives the disconnected politicians a dose of reality and as we can already see it is extremely effective at getting their attention. Keep it up Texas and Arizona until they treat the border as the crisis it actually is.

  2. Mike says:

    First of all everyone of these people are ILLEGAL. Governor Abbott made the comment in relation to these bus trips the illegals on the bus are volunteers to their destinations. The Gov further said when asked about these “volunteers”, we (Texas Government) do not kidnap these people and force them on the buses.

    O.K. lets explore that. HOW DO illegals have rights? Please explain that one. As far as I know and in speaking to my relatives who served over decades in the military across the globe; illegals in other countries do not get ASKED if they would like to go to a destination. They DO exactly what the authorities in the respected country tell them to do. I completely understand Human Rights and giving them water, food, and medical help if needed. That is the humane and moral thing to do. But, for them to be able to pick and choose where they go, given phones, and who knows what else? NO!!!!! HELL NO!!!! They are ILLEGAL. I say pack them ALL up on these buses and send to all to Washington D.C. Tell Nancy here are your children you so fondly wished you had; by your own words.

  3. James Lee says:

    As always your comments are on point. This country is in dire straits, and it’s up to smart folks like you to keep us patriots well informed. Good work Paul. Glad to call you a friend. Stay safe buddy.

  4. Buddy Saunders says:

    For more reasons than one, I am very pleased that Gov. Abbott is sending bus loads of illegals to Washington, DC.

    Texas needs to be sending more buses – – a lot more – – to DC as well as to every other sanctuary city and woke destination. Providing illegals with transportation to destination outside of Texas entails an expense, but it is money well invested. The cost of busing is nothing compared to the welfare costs and the burden that will fall on our school system if Biden’s illegals remained in Texas.

    Every illegal that crosses the border should be a ward of the Democratic Party that brought them here. So, let the Democrat voters do the feeding and clothing and educating of this new underclas.

  5. Pete A Fasanello says:

    There is no need to have illegals taking up space and resources of the state get rid of them

  6. Richard Anderson says:

    When Republicans pick up a majority of seats in November of 2022 in The House and The Senate, a top priority must be to “button down the southern border tight” and stop the madness of the counterfeit Biden administration of just letting hundreds of thousands if not millions of illegal aliens just crash our border with no regard for our LAWS.

    No person has an inherent right to just violate our border to come to the United States without first going through the lawful process of getting in line, waiting their turn, and importantly, waiting OUTSIDE the country, not inside our border. The U.S.A. is a sovereign nation, and we are NOT required to allow just any and all comers into our country to become U.S. citizens. That is a privilege we decide, not foreigners.

    Biden –or perhaps I should say– his Marxist apparatchiks working in The White House to undermine our nation, must be OPPOSED and PUSHED BACK HARD against on EVERY FRONT as these individuals are enemies of “We The American People.” They are doing great damage to our Constitutional Republic as Founded in 1776.

    These socialist/communist dems are godless, unprincipled prevaricators unmatched in treachery toward everything our Declaration and Constitution stand for.

    Trump 2024, to bring about a renaissance of our AMERICAN Republic and LET FREEDOM RING.

  7. Mike says:

    What a shame the “Sanctuary City” crowds don’t embrace the masses when they invade their cities huh!
    Why designate your land if you are not going to stand by it????

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