Things look bad but don’t lose heart.

In this photo released by The White House, President Joe Biden meets virtually with his national security team and senior officials for a briefing on Afghanistan, Sunday, Aug. 15, 2021, at Camp David, Md. (The White House via AP)

As we consider the events of the past eight months capped by the events of the past few days, it’s tempting to become despondent about the future of our country. Don’t give in to that temptation.

We still live in the greatest country in the world.

Yes, our problems, if not addressed, admittedly have the potential to ruin us. But our problems can be addressed.

I admit that it is hard as a proud American to watch the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan. That tens of thousands of American citizens remain behind enemy lines with no plan by the government to get them out runs against everything any patriotic American wants to believe about his country. The fact that the fate of our fellow citizens will be dictated to us by a bunch of terrorist thugs is humiliating. We’re the greatest power in the world and yet, because of the breathtaking fecklessness of the Biden administration, rather than us shaping events, events are shaping us.

It’s presidential incompetence on a tragic scale.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. Prior to Afghanistan dominating the headlines another catastrophe was playing out day by day and continues to do so. If President Biden – who at the moment just can’t wait to get to Camp David – had simply gone there the morning of January 21 of this year and stayed, the southern border would still be under control and we wouldn’t have tens of thousands of poor, illiterate, unskilled peasants piling up at our border before pouring into our country. That’s because President Donald Trump had the border under control. Now it’s a disaster.

So, too, with gasoline prices. After President Biden undid most of Donald Trump’s energy policy, our hard-won energy independence has now slipped from our grasp. We’re now treated to the sight of Joe Biden begging the petrotyrants of OPEC to ramp up production in the hope that it will help lower gasoline prices.

The bungling incompetence of the Biden administration is breathtaking. The fact that his far leftwing base seems to be calling the shots is maddening. The thought of the long-term implications of all of this can be disheartening.

But don’t be disheartened.

If we’ve learned nothing, we’ve learned that who we elect as president really matters. Even supporters of Donald Trump were astonished at how quickly a moribund economy was made to soar, how quickly our adversaries lowered the temperature, how quickly stagnant wages began to grow and how quickly pessimism about the future turned to optimism.

All of talk radio and conservative media is busy enumerating the failures of this terrible administration. It can seem relentless. It can seem as if conservative pundits have given up.

I haven’t.

Don’t let the appropriate fear and outrage blind you to the fact that we still live in the greatest country in the world.

The United States is a vast country filled with millions and millions of good people. We will turn this around.

We’ve done it before.

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Paul Gleiser

Paul L. Gleiser is president of ATW Media, LLC, licensee of radio stations KTBB 97.5 FM/AM600, 92.1 The TEAM FM in Tyler-Longview, Texas.

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32 Responses

  1. Chuck says:

    Thank you, Paul. It is indeed well worth remembering the good things about our country and our culture, our inherent strengths, and that we have seen things not only deteriorate due to ill conceived and faulty leadership, but we have seen them turn around and soar upward at turning points in our history. Some of the most dramatic changes I have experienced were in the transitions from the Carter to the Reagan administration in 1980, and again the change from Obama to Trump. Suddenly our adversaries respected us again, the economy soared, and optimism abounded. If we have not lost our ability to conduct a fair election the next change may not be far off.

  2. Matthew E says:

    You’re right again as to not loose heart . Conservative pundits are probably exhausted,despite the big paychecks it’s no doubt they’re ability to put any sort of spin that even the average American peasant could ignore that little voice that says ” What ?” It’s deafening these days,with all the outlandish comments coming from some. Who’s President matters , I disagree. The big story associated with recent events has been all but ignored. Do not loose heart that you’re nation’s leaders along with Wallstreet and the like , have no qualms whatsoever with using our youth,many with pure and noble ideals to do what their ordered , under the guise that they are protecting their country and its citizens freedom etc., some loosing their precious priceless lives,and many others injured , permanently physically and emotionally damaged, in order to keep the insanely profitable war machine running for 20 yrs, Woooooo!!!! That’s a lot of money, but apparently folks are more upset about wearing a mask during a pandemic. Yes don’t loose heart,despite it all. ” Give me Liberty or give me Death”.

  3. C M Solomon says:

    Paul, I hope you are right to be optimistic about the future since “We’ve done it before”. I have come to believe that a large part of the Nation is inhabited with citizens in high and low places with lots of influence that have NO decency, NO conscience, NO empathy, NO heart, NO soul, NO brains, NO common sense, and NO belief in the ETERNAL value of human LIVES, RESPONSIBILITIES, or ACCOUNTABILITY. There is no other way to explain the utterly detestable tyrannical behavior that has been tolerated, encouraged, and expanded by the Leftist Commiecrats that dominate the political, media, medical, academia, mega-business, and mega-tech scenes.

    The common thread (that these despotic demagogues share with the CCP) is their determination to DOMINATE and CONTROL the lesser human “steerage” (as if it were livestock). Their prime motivation is to satisfy their lust for POWER in order to be self-idolized as demigods. The havoc being wreaked on this Nation and its citizens here and abroad (15,000+ trapped in Afghanistan), illustrates their true belief in their self-appointed divinity by which they can ignore the death and destruction that they cause on the rest of humanity. It is not by accident, it is deliberate. Anyone with a conscience can see that they are guided by pure EVIL and by their unbridled HATRED of American values that were created 245 years ago.

    • Matthew E says:

      Yes only Comiecrats have waged war, not a single Republican ( conservative ) . Decision to invade Iraq and Afghanistan were both Comiecrats decisions for sure. I recall our last president stating he was the chosen one, speaking of self-appointed divinity. It sure isn’t hard to control the lesser ( peasants) ,we’ve seen more demonstrations of that since 2016 than ever in our nation’s history . All the conservative pundits have to do is suggest something and presto !! ,another problem or situation we didn’t know was one becomes one, and the money keeps pouring in. Speaking of accountability, is that what pardons are for, like Steve Bannon’s as example, I hear he is best buds with some wealthy Chinaman, that’s sorta curious in itself, wait he defected, so that doesn’t count.

    • C M Solomon says:

      Every syllable that spits out of the diseased mind of the apologist Marxist sock puppets continues to illustrate their inability to grasp the horror that this Nation is enduring due to the Communist tyranny being unfolded before us in plane sight every day. My description of the Evil Marxist mind set and their forced subjugation of our Freedoms with the accompanying risk to Life and Liberty as proven by history could not have been more accurate. I will submit in a later post how the Marxist plan works to lower the conscience of an entire Nation to accept this foreign dogma and reject their own better judgment and wisdom.

  4. Matthew E says:

    I wasn’t aware that 10s of thousands were stuck,they didn’t get the memo about plans ( signed agreement with Taliban for complete withdrawal )made and signed during last administration with a specific date,which I understand was overdue already by far. And that big border mess,what a mess it is but, there are patriotic Americans that can’t wait to hire many of those people, there just salivating I bet ,Cargill for one, all those food manufacturers etc ,although some still moving operations to Mexico ,it’s in the news recently anyone care to look,anyone that likes oriole cookies, yea folks that make those along with many other products we all know,not fake news,sorry. And that illusion of energy independence thing,yea as that got something to do with all the thousands of abandoned wells in West Texas we have, ask lady on 15,000 acre ranch out there about it, leaking wells,no one taking responsibility wonders what’s in her water when she takes a shower. Also if she can with a clear conscious sell her cattle for consumption not knowing what’s in them from exposure to chemicals.The Saudis have always been part of our energy independence, and unfortunately probably always will be, there’s a reason, MONEY, PROFITABILITY, and I bet their patriots as well. But don’t lose heart it’ll all work itself out.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      Yes Evans, those stuck in this very dangerous situation may have gotten the memo regarding withdrawal, but they were also getting assurances from the president and his advisors that it was not inevitable, and that it would take months, if ever. NOT 3 DAYS! If you cannot see the disconnect, I can better understand your concern about where Oreo cookies are made. Now if they are offshoring the manufacture of Oriole birds or Baltimore baseball players, we need to put a stop to that!

      • Matthew E says:

        Fake news, everything we’re hearing about that situation is fake news. Hey I like how that works, I’ll try that more often. Whenever I disagree or feel cornered I’ll just say fake news. Brilliant ! !

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          You are absolutely right Mr. Evans……fake news! Don’t forget your meds and a tall glass of milk dunked with oriole cookies.

          • Matthew E says:

            Grasping on to the cookie thing , silly me for expecting more, I do understand though believe me I do. It is kinda funny I’ll admit, sorta. Also I didn’t start the fake news thing,regardless of its destructive effects ,but it’s brilliant and has worked sooooo well with much of the nation. Oh the destructive effects ,maybe it’s actually the elusive Kraken.

  5. Linda T says:

    Thank you Paul -we needed that in these dark days

  6. Barbara Luce says:

    I always enjoy your show and your love of America. Thank you. I did take the first 2 vaccines for Covid-19. Since then I have read through a high stack of studies and I am concerned about taking the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or similar again. If interested in researching, I would refer you to several doctors: Dr. Peter McCullough, Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, Dr. Robert Malone, inventor of the mRNA and has been on the Tucker show, Dr. Michael Yeadon 20 yrs with Pfizer, Dr Martin Kulldorff who established the VSD for the CDC, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai with 4 degrees from MIT, Dr. Dan Stock, with a concise school board explanation, Dr. Vladimir Zelenko at, and They all are either MDs, PHDs, scientists, attys, etc. with degrees from top universities, Harvard, Oxford, etc. Thanks Again!

  7. Ron Eagleman says:

    Yes Paul, we really need encouragement, and you are right, we still have enough patriots to upright this ship. My greatest concern is that our melting pot, which is the bedrock of our constitutional republic, has become balkanized. The demographics are changing so rapidly, by design, that we have many who are here only to exploit the system, and do not truly love our way of life. In fact, due to the indoctrination from our educators, many hate the very system that allows them the freedom to prosper, and at the same time curse the hand that feeds them. This administration is allowing the wholesale invasion of our country with people who have no regard for our laws or sovereignty, as well as spreading diseases throughout the land. How many also have evil intentions of terrorism? Who knows? Who knows how many of the Afghani refugees will actually be interpreters or allies of ours? Who knows how many of those living here, who are relatives of those left behind to be slaughtered are now mortal enemies of our government, and anxious to assist in our demise? Who knows? I know that I am making myself depressed, so I think I will pop open a cold can of Fizzy Vit and re-read your optimistic commentary.

  8. Matthew E says:

    Well the balkinising of America and when it started will be easy for future historians to determine for sure, 2016. Things getting better,it’s a nice thought, the madness is out of control, it’s only getting worse , as always there’s to much money to be made throwing wood on the fire ,and to many people mesmerized by the idea their part of ” something ” some group ( Party) or movement that’s always right and are gonna save the country,from the Kraken, or who knows what. Just keep donating money to these folks , re- elect them , support in any way possible. They will save us all from whatever it is their saving us from. Also anything ( product ) that has words like freedom,Liberty, Patriot in their brand name , it has to be good, I think. Oh the the horror,the horror.

  9. Heath says:

    Thank you for this commentary. I heard it this morning on KTBB and it was much needed. The United States of America is still the greatest country in the world. It’s easy to look around us and be discouraged, to watch the news, to get on Facebook, or to listen to the radio and everything seems to be negative. I agree with most the talk show hosts on the radio station but it can be overwhelming at times.This is a great reminder than everything is going to be OK.

  10. Charles Taylor says:

    First off, great job hosting for Failla today. Especially enjoyed the interviews with Andy Barr and Miranda Devine. Your comments are spot on. We are still the greatest country on earth. I might add, in spite of Joe Biden and Barrack Obama. I was in Korea when Jimmy Carter became president and in my position, I got a first hand feel for how the South Koreans viewed him. I can only imagine how they and other countries who depend on us for defense must feeling now with this incompetent dimwit in the White House. I know it’s wishful thinking, but hopefully those who voted for him will remove the blinders and do a Hank Williams and see the light.

  11. C M Solomon says:

    Nobody in their right mind would abandon the gigantic Bagram AFB with all the strategic facilities, equipment, and runways available to EVACUATE SAFELY the remaining Americans in Afghanistan with our military forces BEFORE all of our citizens, NOW STRANDED, (civilians, contractors, and native Afghanistan partners), were evacuated as we exit the country infested with Taliban terrorists that will seize all the weaponry and military gear left behind.

    • Matthew E says:

      Exaggerated fake news once again . No one in their right mind would wage war for 20 yrs , ending and destroying young Americans lives for profit ,that’s far more insane that this evacuation debacle regardless how bad and poorly executed it may be. Last I heard many folks disagree with being the world’s police, we should take care of our own. But I realize it for some, is all about who’s calling the shots. I’m also perplexed by the sudden concern ( from some ) for folks other than Americans,especially middle Eastern folks.

  12. Ed says:

    And to your statement “Don’t let the appropriate fear and outrage blind you to the fact that we still live in the greatest country in the world.”, I might add, we live in a country with freedoms that exist no where else in the world. The Bible is filled with examples of God’s faithfulness, along with instruction to not lose hope, or faith. Thanks for reminding us to not lose heart.

  13. Darrell Durham says:

    I am now terrified at the obvious ineptitude possessed by the people in charge of our government. SOS Blinken admitted he only knew “what he was told” concerning a decision that was made. Biden has been caught in lie after lie. He said he saw no way to avoid the debacle that occurred. However, he was also consulted during the withdrawal from Vietnam, and that turned out much the same. If the country is to survive can we allow the days to pass until the next election?

    • C M Solomon says:

      Darrell, I am equally terrified at “the people in charge of our government”. I don’t believe it is ineptitude. I believe it is deliberate due to their belief that EVIL doesn’t exist; alternatively, it is a matter of misunderstanding between Nations that well-meaning negotiations by self-appointed EXPERTS that actually TRUST in their ability to deal with the opposition, since they can “properly” resolve any conflict if the RIGHT people are in charge. This is called “Fatal Conceit” (also title of book by Friedrich Hayek) or deadly pride or lethal hubris or swimming in a world of unrecognized deceit.

      • Matthew E says:

        All we have to fear is fear itself, I heard that some where. Fear is a powerful influence, it’s a great form of control not to mention money maker. Also fear is not as boring either,it can be quite entertaining for some ,they would probably feel empty and lost without it ,not that people would recognize that and certainly not admit it.

  14. C M Solomon says:

    The depths of twisted, incoherent, deceiving and disinformation language as well as outright lies from the Marxist sock puppets continues to find NO bottom as they pretend to dismiss ANY logical observations of World and National events that provide proof of the Evil that is fundamental to their totalitarian religion while it is destroying innocent lives and property right before our very eyes.

    There is a theory that Marxism spreads through a Nation by way of a Mass Psychosis. As I earlier promised, here is a video that illustrates how an entire population can become mentally ill through this process. Here are my search instructions to the video: At “” search for “MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL” and you will find the video.

    • Matthew E says:

      I agree with the Mass Sychosis idea ,absolutely. No better example than the last four years, especially from the ” Right ” ,it’s very disturbing to say the least. No limits in behavior for sure, anything goes, some real class acts, my how times have changed, and people wonder why.

    • C M Solomon says:

      The LAST people to know they suffer from MASS PSYCHOSIS due to the incessant “brain washing” by way of the deceptive Communist propaganda machines (that we have exposed many times) are the willing victims who continue to SEAL their minds from the TRUTH. Every idiotic response from the Marxist sock puppets illustrates this FACT every day!

      • Matthew E says:

        I wonder at what point did some of those folks in ” Jones Town ” realize the truth. Some have been making comparisons, the whole ” Cult ” thing and many folks behavior regarding their apparent allegiance to an individual or political ideology these days. Regardless of what is said or actions taken . Recent example Alabama guy and bomb threat at capital, just a small example,to some I guess it’s small,no big deal . I’m guessing he knows the truth.

        • Ron Eagleman says:

          Mr. Evans, We should all be very grateful to Paul and KTBB for this platform. It not only provides a forum for open dialogue and venting, but it also gives us an opportunity to better understand why we find ourselves in this situation. Karl Marx depended heavily on those he described as “useful idiots”, and they were very useful until his form of government was instituted. After the “useful idiots” were not useful, they just became idiots again….chasing after the same garbage trucks as everyone else. So what, a food truck is a food truck! Right?

  15. Brandon says:

    Brandon from Roanoke: You see, vaccine manufacturers are not like Exxon mobile. They literally have no risk, you can’t sue them(did the government pay for vaccine manufacturers R&D). You know this which makes it disgusting. How does the FDA approve a vaccine that is still in clinical trials, sir! I wish I had more time on the radio to expose you , so easy. You sir, are the problem with America and the distrust we have with the media. I don’t think you were able to connect the dots with what I was telling you about Greg Abbott. The point, stop calling the unvaccinated the super spreaders when you have no idea about the vaccinated spreading the Delta variant. You have no excuse for not being better informed. This is your job and responsibility, not mine. Another thing,I pray to God you don’t know how unreliable the PCR test is. If you know how unreliable that test is and still go on the radio saying what you are saying….God have mercy on your soul. You didn’t even know what the VAERS system was (really?). Now spend some time on the history of it. Why is VAERS not user friendly, sir? I hope I don’t have to connect the dots on this one for you. You are in my political camp but you are blind.

    • Ron Eagleman says:

      The FDA approves vaccines on an “Emergency Use Authorization” in emergency or pandemic situations without full approval, as the investigative process has reached a stage at which safety and effectiveness are deemed more beneficial by being available for voluntary use, rather than being withheld until all trials are complete. What test(s) would you recommend to be superior to the PCR genetic test? What are your credentials?

      • C M Solomon says:

        Forced (mandated) vaccinations and Vaccination Passports are where we are going with an EXPERIMENTAL, non-real, “vaccine-in-name-only” genetic modifier of human DNA (with the patient assuming ALL liability) as dictated by government and many corporations to ALL of their employees and/or customers. Is this OK since 99.99% of normally healthy people that become infected do not even get hospitalized as long as multiple and very successful THERAPEUTICS are administered in the early stages of the disease BEFORE it gets to the lungs while gaining robust natural immunity as a bonus while they recover from the disease? Have you heard of the genetically modified “spike protein” that is being injected that alters our natural immunity mechanisms makings us MORE susceptible to the COVID variants than would otherwise be the case? Have we EVER been this authoritarian with previous diseases including the nasty flu epidemics of the past?

        My totalitarian sniffer smells a “rat” given all the progress the Marxists have gained by using the “pandemic” as an excuse to advance their Evil plans that we all have seen for the last 20 months! It is time to question EVERYTHING that the bureaucrats feed us while suppressing the outcry of real EXPERTS in the medical community that treat these diseases every day. I will always trust my doctor of 30 years who has saved my life several times with his true dedication to real, not premature or junk, medical science.

      • C M Solomon says:

        Ron, there is another outstanding interview (below) with Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on the Bioethics of Experimental Vaccines and the ‘Ultimate Gaslighting’. It is titled: “Vaccine Taboos” that should answer most questions regarding the safety and risks of the experimental vaccine and those who should and should not be getting the vaccine based on very recent information being discovered given the level and durability of immunity that results therefrom, or with application of therapeutics at first sign of the disease or as a preventative thereof.

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